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- The ocean is like space, vast and profound, hiding mysteries in its dark depths.

"Do your best, Ny!" Lei yelled as he put his hands behind his head. He flashed me his signature grin.

My face felt warm and it wasn't because of the lingering heat of Zelde and Eien's battle.

"Ny?" asked.

"Yeah, don't like the nickname?"

I turned away and took a deep breath. "No, it's fine." I made my way toward the stairs and began my descent to the arena.

Ny... I once knew a boy who used to call me that. I wish that I could remember his name. But ever since a certain accident, I hadn't been able to remember it. Wasn't even sure if he actually existed...

"Hmm?" I looked up and saw Zelde's golden bird fade into the air after putting down its caster.

"Zelde!" Wanikiya yelled, running past me. He picked her up into his arms. "Zelde, are you okay?"

She opened one eye. "I won us our first win. Now please get two more victories."

"We will, " I said as I stepped onto the battlefield which was slowly repairing itself. I stared at the white haired man making his way down to us. "I'll be the one representing us for our second match."

The white haired man grinned, revealing shark like teeth at each end of his mouth.

I backed away. "You're one of those who can turn into a shark aren't you?"

The man laughed. "Correct." He stared at Wanikiya who ran past him.

Boukayou came down and grabbed Eien. "It's up to you, Same. You got to turn the tables in our favor."

"Don't worry lord Boukayou. I won't toy around with my opponent like lord Eien did, " Same said, nodding.

By the time Boukayou left the arena was done fixing itself.

"Two water users?" the announcer said as a barrier formed around us. He snapped his figures and water filled up half of the space within the spherical barrier. Same and I though were left standing on a couple of large lily pads. "Now begin!"

"Abysso Maris, " Same chanted as he clapped his hands together.

The water below the lily pad waved wildly. The water pulled away from me rapidly. I tried to hold steady. "Aqua Draco!" I chanted. A water dragon slashed through my lily pad, sending me straight into a wall of water.

What had happened? Why had I been attacked by own spell?

I tried to swim back over to one of the other pads but found the water pulling at my feet.

Same chuckled and dove after me. His teeth were now fully like those of a shark. His legs and back had shark fins coming out of them. His eyes were hungry with the desire for victory. "You're Nyima right?"

I nodded angrily as I tried to yank my feet away from the invisible force pulling on them.

"Eien told me that you were among the semi-finalists from the the exchange student tournament of this year. It appears that your generation is nothing compared to the one I met. The only impressive one I've heard about is Zelde who has as much control over flame as Kadria Hou did."

Kadria? So Kadria was part of the generation of foreigners he's talking about. This man is amongst the eldest in the group. I recalled Hikaru's words...age meant nothing. Talent did.

It angered me to think of it this way but if that's the case I had more talent than this shark guy! No, that was not it, instead I worked harder to gain the power I had.

"Light Dragon!" I chanted. My spell evaporated the invisible force pulling on me and slammed Same into the white tiled floor below. I raced towards the surface as fast as I could.

As soon a

porated away. "You know, you should admit your feelings to that boy instead of denying them."

"Who asked you?" I snapped before turning away.

"Nyima!" Lei yelled, running toward me at his super speed. "You did it! You won!"

I lowered my gaze and smiled. "Yeah, I did. Now it's up to either Yuzuki, Wanikiya, or you to win this with the next match."

He grinned. "I would love to cap things off, but Wani seems to want to have a match."

"Don't call me 'Wani', " Wanikiya said as he walked up to him. He glared at his best friend.

Lei grinned. "You'll always be Wani to me."

The next grand chief of Wahkan grumbled.

"So, who will you be facing?" I asked. I looked over Wanikiya's shoulder and saw the crown prince of Kyuu Seishin himself.

"That would be me!"

Lei whistled. "So a battle between crown princes? This is going to be quite the match!" He punched his friend's shoulder. "Wani, you gotta win this for sure! By defeating Boukyaku you'll make Eien regret those comments he made about you!"

Wanikiya lowered his gaze and smiled awkwardly. "I... I will!"

The prince was shaking. He was clearly unsure about himself.

I sighed and grabbed Lei by his right arm and yanked him away from the battlefield.

"Hey!" the hyperactive 'child' yelled.

"Be quiet and know how to read the atmosphere, " I whispered.

"Huh?" Lei glanced over at Wanikiya and noticed he was shaking. He smiled. "Wani, no need to be afraid! You got this! Give him a battle he'll remember for a long time!"

I grumbled and shook my head in dismay. This kid doesn't know how to cheer someone on. He's only going to make things worse. Wanikiya is shaking under the weight of his expectations for crying out loud!

**Character Section**

Same- Sex: Male Age: 21 Powers: Water and the ability to transform into a shark. He is skillful at using swords. Nicknames/Titles: 'Great White Shark', Greatest swimmer of his generation

**Solar Note: Hope that you enjoyed this chapter :3. I pray it turned out well, especially as I typed it while having a headache :/. Also, you might've noticed, I put a banner to signal the PoV this time. I plan to make one for the other characters as well (and will likely go back and put them in the older chapters at some point) ^_^. So what were you thoughts on this chapter?**

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