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The ceremony went by rather quickly. It was beautiful though with water dancers and water made to look like animals. My water magic using relatives and friends really seemed to enjoy it. Serein especially. The little kid nearly jumped off the balcony to try to ride a passing by dolphin. It seemed that they were some of his favorite animals.

But now, the games were about to begin, starting with the first rounds of the national team tournament. For that one, the entrants on our side were Zelde, Nyima, Yuzuki, Wanikiya, and me. In fact, we were the very first ones to go. And our opponents were also familiar... Kyuu Seishin!

Zelde had decided to start things off on our side while my 'guardian' decided to face her.

Zelde wasted no time and unleashed a torrent from her mouth. She shaped them into a spiral with her hands, treating them as if they were ribbons instead of dangerous magic. She then stepped forward and sent the flames spinning towards Eien.

Eien smiled and took a step toward the flames. He touched the flames with one of his hands and held them, concentrating them until they formed a spherical torch. He flung the orb back to Zelde who drew the flames towards and her and redirected them back to Eien.

"Impressive, " Eien said. He blew hot blue flames in front of himself, shielding him from Zelde's attack. The red flames however, cut through the wall and exploded as they got close to him. He leaped back and held both hands out as if they were casting a shield. Black smoke shrouded the two.

Zelde emerged from her side of the smoke and attacked Eien with a round of red arrows. Eien snapped his fingers and summoned a sniper gun. He shot the arrow down with one flame bullet.

"The gun beats the bow. Any more tricks Zelde?" he asked, grinning.

She grinned as her eyes shone with a wild spirit. "You're not weak at all, young second prince of Kyuu Seishin. Draco Ignis Maxima!"

"Maxima?" he said, gasping. He drew his gun close to him. He shot several finely pointed bullets at Zelde's hands.

The bullets were consumed before they could even get close. "You're afraid?" she said. A golden blazing dragon hung around her. "This will be the first time you see one of our class cast a Maxima spell, isn't it? It would've been your second had Lei managed to form his. Alas I am the only one amongst our group who can!"

I grumbled. I was pretty sure that I could complete mine now... I wasn't the same kid I was half a year ago...

I returned my attention to the battle. Zelde's fire dragon slammed head first into the stone arena, melting the stone before it even touched it. Hot magma boiled around it as it dug deeper into the ground.

"You're only fifteen. How can you draw out the full potential of a spell like this?" Eien asked as he jumped into the air and waited for the attack to jump out.

Zelde eyes sparkled as a thin layer of liquid cloaked them. "With the kind of training I've had to endure this is barely the beginning."

"Amazing, " Nyima said, chuckling. "I doubt I'll be able to beat her even now." He sighed. "Seems I still have a lot of catching up to do to overcome that one."

Wanikiya grinned. "That's why Zelde is probably our strongest member. She's our ace in this thing, " Wanikiya said.

Eien's eyes sparkled with the same vigor as Zelde's. "I knew you would be a challenge since I first saw you on that boat!" He shot the ground with multiple flaming bullets, but none burned through to the fire dragon. "Seems it's not enough." His hands glowed bright blue. Another bullet shots through the ground and exploded the concrete below. He flew higher in time as the fire dragon emerged from below. He headed back down, head first, holding his hands out, towards the dragon.

"Is he insane?" Hikaru said as his eyes widened. "Even if he's a fire mage, that kind of heat will burn him!"

"That Eien really a nut case, " I said as I shook my head.

Yuzuki tilted her head. "True. He does have a few screws loose, but Eien is also part angel. They have stronger bodies than typical mages. I'm sure he'll survive this."

"Right, he is, " I said. I wished that I were an angel too. Sure my dad bared the title of 'Azure' angel but that was only cause he could form angelic-like wings during battle.

Eien gra

spiked ice fence around her. The spikes touched one another and enveloped one another, forming an oddly shaped coffin which reminded me of an iron maiden.

"No!" I said.

"Zelde!" Yen yelled. My sister closed her eyes. "I can't watch!"

"I'm not so sure it's over, " Nyima and Wanikiya said.

Yen opened her eyes just in time to see the ice turn golden. "What's going on?" she asked.

Nahimana chuckled as she leaned back on her seat. "I knew that Zelde wouldn't be so easily defeated."

"Ignis Draco Maxima!" Zelde shouted. The ice clashed in waves of water, filling half of the space inside of the barrier with the liquid. The golden flames slammed into Eien who still floated over the top of the dome shaped barrier. Eien held out his staff before him and sent flames and ice downwards.

"You're more than I had fathomed. Tell me Zelde, where did you get all this renewed energy from?"

"I brought it out, " she said. Her claws grew longer and turned crimson red. Fangs emerged from her mouth. A pair of blood red horns emerged from her forehead. Her eyes had turned purple. "Activate, level two of my hme gy, in other words, my 'curse'. Peta!" The flames transformed into a golden bird. It let out a loud crowing sound and swept down on Eien. Its giant wings wrapped around him. The flames of its wings pulsated. Eien was trying his best to escape his feathered cocoon.

Wanikiya and Nahimana gasped. "No way! How did she manage to awaken more of her spirit's power? Better yet, how did she achieve control of its first stage to begin with?" Nahimana asked, biting her nail.

My big brother chuckled. "Are you envious?"

Nahima reminded quiet.

"I am..." Wanikiya admited, lowering his eyes.

Zelde smiled at the audience as if she knew what those two were talking about. She dipped her head down as if bowing and allowed herself to fall towards the clear water below. Her golden bird flew past her and smashed into the clear water, evaporating the water and catching her it its burning back.

"Where's Eien?" Boukayou asked, standing up.

The golden bird landed gently and opened its wings. An unconscious Eien, now back to his usual form fell to the ashen floor.

"The winner is Zelde! Wahkan has won their first match against Kyuu Seishin!" the announcer roared.

"So much for Eien giving us our first win, " a white haired man said. He smiled at the women next to him and the young boy she was holding. "Just watch, I'll win our first victory for our country, son." He stood up. "I, Same, will be the representative of Kyuu Seishin for the second match!"

Nyima rose from her seat. "Zelde did her part, now it's my turn!" my teammate said, smiling.

I grinned and put my hands behind my head. "Do your best, Ny!"

**Solar Note: Hope that you enjoyed this first update of 2019 for DoD :3. Thoughts on Zelde's performance?**

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