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I entered the grand library of what was once our nation's greatest magical academy, prior to the decline of magic. I stepped in and looked around. The place was filled with countless books, but none of them were what I was looking for. Rather it was a person I was searching out.

"Dan!" I yelled out. There was no response.

I sighed. He had to be here, at least that was what I was told. Surely the guy had to be enamored with a new book. He really was a bookworm.

I looked up at the green carpeted stairs with wooden rails with a nice orange-red tinge, giving them an earthly feel. Dan always said it reminded him of something, likely his home. The guy was found by my mom and dad during one of their walks on the beach. He had washed up on the yellow sands, encased within a crystal. He couldn't remember who he was nor where he had come from, but there were certain things which felt 'familiar' to him. This library being one of those.

"Hey, brother!" I yelled. "Dad made your favorite curry! If you don't hurry up then I'll eat it!"

"Cu-curry?" Dan said as he emerged from behind a shelf near the top of the stairs.

I grinned. "Ahhh, there you are, Danmall! Come on, we've got to get going!"

I stared at his eyes. They were a nice golden color, but were barely visible beyond his long bangs.

"Is something wrong?" I asked as I shifted my gaze the book. He had been looking at it as if recalling a memory. It was a book on Zionia, the realm of angels. "Zionia, eh? Do you have some connection to it?"

Dan put the book back on the shelf. "I... don't recall. But, it seems fa-familiar."

Dan, ever since I met him he had always been one who spoke little, and when he did he would usually stutter. It might've had something to do with him remaining stuck in the crystal for who knew how long.

I turned around and put my hands behind my head. "I see. Ya know, I actually went there."

"Yo-you did?" Dan asked, startled.

I gave him a smug grin. "Yeah. It was nice. We visited Kuroriku and--"

Danmall took a step back and touched his head. "Kuro...riku..." He fell to one knee and grunted.

"Hey! Are you alright, big bro?" I asked.

"Why does that place, ring a bell?" he asked, wincing. He pushed himself up and shook his head.

"You know, I'm starting to think that you are from Zionia, " I said, putting a hand on my hips. I summoned a card and threw it to him. "Later on you should check that out. It has some info I gathered while at the place in addition to some sights. Maybe some of them will further jog that memory of yours."

Dan smiled. "Th-thanks, little bro."

I grinned and patted his shoulder. "No need to thank me! What else are brothers for?"

He might not have been my real brother, but just like Vermeil loved Haroun, I too loved Danmall. Maybe that was why I understood her relationship with her foster brother the best. Haroun... he suffered a lot with his real family. I hoped that the same wasn't for Danmall. That whoever his family was, that they were looking for him, if they stil

these streets when several of them were brand new.

"This place sure is familiar, " Adela said, glancing around.

"Is it now?" my mom asked as made her way toward us. Accompanying her were father and Shadian. They had gone on ahead of us, not that I'm complaining. It was for the best considering what had happened on our boat, especially for my little brother.

"Yeah!" i responded.

Mom chuckled. "Well, it is for me too. Then again, I was born here... though some of my memories of this place still have yet to return." She chuckled drily. "Funny, huh? For one who has the power to view into the memories of others to not remember her own..."

Dad placed his hands on her shoulders and squeezed them. "Don't worry, they'll come back eventually, dear."

Mom leaned her head against Dad's chest. "I sure hope so, I sure do, " she said with her eyes closed. It seemed that being here made her fatigued.

I lowered my gaze. My mom hadn't been able to remember how her life was like before her kidnapping. It was actually only eight years ago that she reunited with her family and that was thanks to Eri being engaged to who turned out to be my aunt Ocarina.

Thought that only went to show that the Goddess had her own way of doing things. We might not be together yet, but in the end we will come together. These invisible strings are what draw us close to one another.

I gasped. Why did those words seem familiar? Invisible strings which bind us, the stings of Destiny...

I looked down and found my hand over my chest. I couldn't see it, but I felt the crystal of the abyssmal within me glowing.

*Character Section*

Danmall- Age: Unknown. Speculated to be 17 but apparently is older than 21... Sex: Male Origin: Unknown but might be Kuroriku in Zionia (aka The Realm of Angels) Powers: Wind and others.

**Solar Note: What do you think of Danmall? Who is he? Please note down your theories on this or anything else in the comments. Oh and don't forget to click on that star if you enjoyed the chapter! ^_^!**

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