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I grimaced as one of the ninja's kunai flew past me. Even though they were somewhat visible in the downpour, they weren't easy opponents. To make matters worse, the water stopped falling.

"Hey, have you noticed how they seem to appear whenever they use their magic?" my sister in law as as my brother punched on of the ninja's down. The guy had tried using a wood spell on my brother.

My brother and I gasped. "You're right!" I said as I turned, and just in time too. I raised my rapier over my head and blocked a kunai.

"And the weapons seem to be detectable too at close proximity, " I said, parrying yet another kunai.

"So you've seen through our tricks, princess, " whispers rang behind me. I gasped as cold iron dug into my back.

"Aunty, Sarah!" Ecelaph cried, drawing his father's attention.

My brother growled.

I groaned and flipped my rapier around in my hand and stabbed the now visible ninja in the chest with it. "I'm... taking... you down... with me..., " I said as blood dripped down my mouth.

My sister-in-law summoned a scepted and raised it toward me. I kicked the ninja aside and fell to the ground.

"Healing Waters!" my sister-in-law chanted as soon as I had gotten the katana off of my back. An ocean blue prana cloak covered my body. My wounds began to close and the pain relieved.

"Thanks, dear, " brother said, smiling at his wife.

She sighed. "It's the least I can do. I am not much of a fighter."

"Well, a healer mage of your caliber in this case is as helpful as any fighter, " he said as he took down yet another enemy.

The queen blushed as she picked up their little boy.

"He is correct, " I said as I stepped back. We had spread ourselves rather far from one another.

"Princess, " the twins said as she held down the guy who had tried to kill me.

"I'm fine, Let's hurry up and get out of here. These people simply keep on coming."

"Right, " brother said as he unleashed a wave of water in front of him. The wave became died red with the blood of our fallen enemies, both before and after its formation.

I stared at the ruined ballroom in dismay. I had fond memories of it. This was where my brother had taught me how to dance when we were kids. I recalled how my parents would smile at us from on top the balcony. Oh those moments, they were joyous indeed. I knew it was foolish to long for such bygone days, but it was still my hope that similar days might arise in their place.

Though first, I had to destroy those who stole said days from me. Those who sowed the seeds of destruction into this land, those who believed that by simply having power, they had a right to tear down others.

"We said that you won't be going anywhere, princess, " a voice called. A kunai came at us from on top of the balcony. It's aim wasn't me, but Ecelaph.

I turned around and prepared to cast a barrier but just then a bullet of wind flew through the air, sending the kunai flying into the ceiling.

Just then a rain of bullets

"You sure are a ticklish little one, aren't you?"

Hideo grinned. "Yeah, he got that from his mom."

My face redded. "Who is ticklish?" I asked, pinching Hideo this time.

"Zefi's mom, " he said, chuckling. He knew I couldn't say more or else I would end up giving myself away. The jerk! Honestly, what was I thinking when I got together with him?

"A kid? You got a kid?" my old friend, the Queen of Shui, asked.

"Huh?" I asked, turning to look at her.

"That child, he's yours, isn't he?" she asked, grinning. "And do not deny it, he has a fox tail and ears like yours!"

Hideo grimaced. "Actually, his mommy is dead, " he said, patting the kid.

Zefi's tail and ears drooped down along with his eyes. The little one nodded.

Were the heavens conspiring against me for being a bad mother?

"Oh, but he does look at lot like Koukyuu, " she said, tilting her head at me.

"He does, " Koukyuu said.

I was glad that I never told Sonata or Yu about my kids with Hideo. Yeah, kids... Zefi wasn't our only one.

"Let's go see your brother, Zefi, " Hideo said, patting his child's head.

Zefi looked up at his papa and nodded solemnly. "O-okay!"

Seeing Hideo being so caring with Zefi made me wonder, how would my life had been if I had decided to settle down with Hideo. Would I be happier? Well, Zefi and his brother likely would've at least. Ha, I really was a bad parent... if I could even call myself that. Which I certainly didn't believe I deserved to.

*Character Section*

Zefi Makkuroyama- Sex: Male Age: Unknown (but older than 3)

**Solar Note: Hope that you enjoyed chapter :). Pardon the long delay! This past month and weeks I have been focusing on my Legend of the Five Knights series (which Hideo is part of for those wishing to learn about him). I managed to finish 'Rise of a Guardian Angel' and am currently writing its sequel, 'The Shadow of Justice' :).

So, what did you think? Were you surprised to learn that Koukyuu hid such a secret as this?**

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