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"The child of light shall guide their way even in the depths of darkness"

Previously on Descent of Darkness: As she was finishing her last minute training for the Mahoulympics, Sarah learned from her brother that the forces of the Higher Evolutionary Higharchy might be targeting Lei after he survived being devoured by an abyssmal. Sarah aimed to contact Grand Chief Makya so that Lei can be protected but suddenly invisible enemies wielding kunai and swords attacked her family and her. She hopes that she'll be able to warn the Wahkan team in time or that they'll at least be able to fend off the attackers if she fails to do so in time. **


I came out of my cabin after a nice nap and shower only to find Serein peering out at the sea with interest.

"Something the matter kiddo?" I asked, standing beside him.

Serein glanced over at Astra who was talking to her parents and smiled. "Nope. Everything is fine."

"Huh?" Well, that was odd. Then again, Serein has always been rather strange. It was almost as if he wasn't of this world.

The kid suddenly stopped walking. He turned around, eyes wide. "Lei, go go!" he yelled.

"What?" I asked, taking a step forward. Just then something flung by where I stood. I turned around and saw a kunai on the floor. Where in the world did that come from? Better yet, how did Serein managed to sense it but not me?

"Everyone, go go!" Serein yelled, curling up into a ball. He gripped his hair in a state of panic.

Astra's mother stood up and waved a hand over the ship. A torrent of kunai flew into a starry black sheet in the sky. "Amazing, you managed to sense that, " she said, glancing down at my cousin.

Serein shivered. "Not over. Something coming below, " he said, stumbling forward as if in a hurry to escape.

Just on cue, a giant sea serpent teared through the haul of the ship, sending all of us flying in opposite direction. Astra's mother thankfully grabbed both her daughter and Serein. Though I fell toward the sea before I even could figure what had happened.

"Lei!" Serein yelled. He held a hand out. A wave of water from around me and caught me.

I pushed myself up and called the winds to toward Stella and the kids before surrounding myself in winds of my own. I flew out toward them and surveyed what had happened.

"Yen! Kun!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. I drew closer even as Stella warned me not to. "I have to find them and the others."

"We're fine, " Kun and Yen yelled. I shifted my gaze toward the left and saw them emerging from the debris with Raul in tow. Thankfully they had only sustained light wounds.

"Who did that?" Ayawamat asked as his brother, Sowk, and he rode on top of a giant spider with long legs which glided through the water like a speed boat.

"Serein, are you okay?" Raul shouted from the floating debris my s

g at his tiny fists. "Me usually called weak."

"By those bullies? Well, they're wrong, " I said. I gazed at Ayawamat who was frozen in time.

"That's right, don't listen to them, " Yuzuki said. She smiled widely at her nephew. "You saw what Lei, your uncle, and Orion did, didn't you? All three have been called weak yet are capable of amazing feats."

I felt my face flush. What I did didn't feel like much, but I was glad that it was at least something. Though I still wished to know what those people wanted. Why had they ambushed us?

The guy who had captured me said that he would spare them if I went with them. So what they wanted was me, but why? Were they connected to the man Kadriya warned? Or were there more parties out there who wished for the same thing.

Serein's giggling snapped me out of my thoughts. The biggest mystery of all though had to be him. How had he detected all of those dozens of invisible submarines and ninjas? Even I couldn't detect them disturbing the flow of the air. Nor could Nyima who should've felt their presence underwater. I had a feeling that even the Grand Chief himself couldn't either. Serein had a gift, one that would better be kept secret, or else he might have others after him just like me.

**Character Section**

Serein no Mikoto Rios- Sex: Male Age: 5 Birthday: July 15th Zodiac: Cancer Powers: Water

**Solar Note: Sorry for the long wait. Like last month, I have been focused on writing Rise of a Guardian Angel ^^. Either way, I hope that you enjoyed the chapter :3. Though I must say, it's kinda funny how what could be my last update for this month is one focused on Serein considering I first began typing my first story ten years ago from this month. What does Serein have to do with it? Well, let's just say that Serein is a protagonist of another story xD. So, tell me, what do you think of Serein's strange ability?**

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