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I spun around and attacked the twin knights with as much force as I could. Both of them dodged but in different ways. Dai ducked while Fai jumped.

"Not bad Princess, " Fai said, grinning as she looked down at me with a smug grin. "You almost had us there."

I tightened my grip on my rapier and gathered the droplets in the air and turned them into needles. The twin knights gasped as the needles struck their armor.

"Got you now, " I said, grinning. I sighed and allowed the droplets to fall to the white tiled floor.

"Wow, impressive, " a voice called out. I turned toward the door and saw my brother walk through the silver and navy blue doors. Alongside his was my nephew, Ecelaph.

My brother had on his royal garments rather than his usual casual style. Though for these past three weeks I had grown accustomed to seeing him in his fencing garments. He had actually taken the time to train me.

Much to my surprise he hadn't grown rusty despite having stopped practicing back when he was a third year in high school. That was when he became king...

I suspected he practiced in secret, likely to avoid raising our occupier's concerns. Though why would he have taken it upon himself to grow stronger but denied me that opportunity? Had he truly been looking out for me all this time as he claimed? Perhaps I should've given him more credit.

"Get changed you three. Team Sera heads out in an hour. We will be accompanying the Kyuu Seishinian delegation to Rios."

"Kyuu Seishinian?" I said, eyes wide.

Brother smiled. "Why the surprise? They're our allies. In these times of rising anxiety due to those creatures, we must stick close together.

"But what about H.E.H.?"

Brother snickered as he turned his back to me. "What about them? They aren't the rulers of this nation, I am. Even if they may think themselves as my puppet masters, they are but fools."

I always wanted my brother to speak up for himself and the kingdom but a sense of dread stuck me as he said those words. While I often said them, little was done against me. However, I was but a princess. My brother on the other hand was the ruler. If he started to pull on the strings H.E.H. put on him then there was no telling would could happen. He could very well die as gruesome a death as my parents.

I knew I faced that risk, but I had little to lose. However, my brother had Ecelaph and his wife to think about. They could get hurt or worse if they wished to inflict a p

er. How was it that we couldn't detect such a build up of force?

Big brother winced as the attack bent the spherical barrier. Blood trickled down the side of his mouth. He knew as well as I did that we couldn't stay in the defensive forever. But who could we possibly take down an enemy who can't be seen?

"Give up now and die honorably rather than struggle."

"That is your idea of an honorable death? How laughable!" I shouted. "To die with honor usually means to die in combat. But then again an assassin like you would have little idea of what honor is!"

"You little wretch!" the man said as he appeared before us and struck the barrier with his sword. Drops of water sprinkled throughout the room, showing the outline of half a dozen people surrounding us in a circle. "Today the royal family of Sera will be no more!"

"We'll see about that!" I said as the twins and I attacked the outlines in the rain with all we had. Meanwhile my sister-in-law formed a barrier around her husband, parrying a kunai attack on my brother.

"We won't die here, at least not without taking some of you to the other side with us!" my brother yelled at the top of his lungs as water danced all around us like the waves of the high seas.

**Solar Note: Published this chapter to mark 25 months since I first joined Wattpad and published the first part of Novus Magus. In those 25 months alone Novus Magus has ballooned to nearly 100K reads! I hope that this sequel will be able to soon follow :3. So, do you think that Sera and co. will be able to escape with their lives? Or will they fall victim to the mechanizations of whoever is behind these assassins?**

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