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"Bye, good luck, " Iah said, waving farewell as we stood in a red room with golden phoenix statues. In the center of the room was a large floating crystal.

Nyima smiled. "No need. I'll make it to those games with my own skills and defeat that girlfriend of yours in my own way."

Iah sighed. "Ex. She isn't my girlfriend anymore, and to be honest, I regret ever making her that."

"I feel sorry for you to be honest, " Nyima said, punching him lightly in the chest. "Even a flirt like you deserves someone better."

The prince looked away. "T-thanks, I think."

Nyima chuckled as she walked toward the glowing crystal. "Lei, come, let's go home."

I ran ahead only to be surprised by her grabbing my hand. I felt my face heat up slightly. Though I also felt as if daggers were coming at me from the direction of Iah.

Nyima and I stepped into the crystal and were surrounding by a vortex of color which rushed past us almost in an instant. Before we knew it, we found ourselves in a black room with a dull brown crystal. Standing around us were my siblings and our other fellow Wahkanians.

"Lei!" Yen and Kun yelled, running over to hug me.

"We missed you, little bro!" Kun said, messing up my hair.

"Let go you two, you're embarrassing me!" I yelled.

"About time you arrived, " Ayawamat said, glaring at us. Kun and Yen let go of me and stared my old bully down.

"Were you worried about us?" Nyima asked with a teasing smile.

Ayawamat scoffed. "As if. Like I would ever worry about a pair of losers."

Yuzuki glared at Ayawamat. "I hope that we get to face off, " she said with a large grin.

"I'll like to be the one who faces him, " Nyima said.

Houta chuckled. "Wow, Aya. Since when were you so popular with the ladies?"

Ayawamat shrugged his shoulders. "Not sure, but I'm not surprised."

Sowk giggled. "So full of yourself, aren't you?" the goth girl asked as she nudged Ayawamat on the side.

"Hey!" a voice called out. We all turned to look at the door and saw Orion walk in alongside a lanky young man wearing glasses and a young woman with long red hair.

"Orion, you made it!" his roomates, the twins yelled.

"Sorry I'm late, there were issues with our train, " Orion said, laughing nervously.

Ayawamat scoffed. "Yet another loser." His cool blue eyes gazed around the place. "Say, where is the prince?"

I looked around. He was right, there was no sign of Wanikiya nor was there any for Nahimana and Zelde.

"He's here, " Nahimana said as Zelde and her held the doors open. In walked Wanikiya dressed in deerskin robes and with a crown of feathers. Alongside him was his father, Grand Chief Makya. He had on a red cape and wore all of his necklaces.

"Welcome everyone, nice to see all of you present. I have some special news to share with you all about the games."

That got all of our attention.

"Magus Maximus Daisuke just made an important announcement. Seems the rules for this year will be somewhat different in regard to how many members each country can have. Instead of each nation having to depend on the same handful of people for multiple games, instead the ceiling has been raised to twenty per country."

"Twenty?" I blurted out.

The chief chuckled. "Yeah. Though each game will heavily limit the number of participants. So in order to help us determine who will participate in which games, we will be asking what games each of you would like to be a part of as well. If there's more than the limit for that even then we will take you physicals to account."

"Eh? But mine's outdate, " I said.

Chief Makya shook his head. "We were provided with a copy of the physical that the Magic Court conducted on you." He furrowed his brow. "Which reminds me, there was another rule in place. While you're in Rios, you are to always be with a teammate at all times."

Yuzuki gasped. "Wait, why such a rule?"

"Hmm, sounds like the rule we had at school when we were afraid of the eight, " Orion said, tilting his head.

Yuzuki's eyes widened as she turned to look back at Grand Chief Makya. "Wait, what's going on? Is there something we should be worried about?"

The chief took a deep breath. "I haven't been told anything, but I suspect it's connected to Lei."

I gulped. Connected to me? What could possibly be going on? Wait, could it be related to what King Kadriya said on our way back?

The chief gave me a reassuring smile. "Worry not, boy, we will protect you against whoever or whatever could be after you

one of whom was Ayawamat's brother while the other two were Orion's sister and her husband. Orion's sister held a little red haired girl in her arms.

"Uncle!" the little girl yelled, jumping out of her mother's arms and hugging Orion, knocking him to the ground.

"Hey, Astra. How have you been?" Orion asked as he patted her head.

"Good! Mama and Papa are awesome!" the little girl yelled.

Orion nodded. "I bet they are."

"Hey, what's with all the ruckus?" Yen called out as she and her brothers approached.

Lei waved at us. "Seems over half of the group is here."

Yuzuki nodded. "Yeah. Only my roommates and Sokw are missing."

"Hey, sorry for being late!" Tahoma yelled as he waved. Along with him were all of the others.

"And you call me tardy!" Kun yelled, sticking his tongue out.

Tahoma's eye twitched. "What are you trying to say?"

Kun chuckled. "Do I need to spell it out for you? Oh wait, I forgot how dumb you can be."

Tahoma summoned his wand and transformed it into a katana. "What was that idiot?"

"You heard me, " Kun said, summoning his own wand.

"Seems everyone is so eager to fight, " Chief Makya said with a loud belly laugh. "Though we won't be turning our wands on one another but on the other national teams. So revert your wands back to normal, boys."

Tahoma and Kun grumbled but did as he asked.

Ayawamat sighed. "And you say I can be childish, cousin."

Tahoma grumbled. "I don't need any sass from you."

Yen sighed. "Such a childish family."

"You shut up!" the two cousins and Houta said in unison.

"Wow, even the older one joined in, " Kun said, chuckling.

"Now I can see why you dislike them, " Houta said, narrowing his eyes at Yen and Kun.

"Come on, we're the most likable trio ever!" Lei said, pulling his siblings closer together.

"We sure are!" Kun and Yen said in unison.

"Pests, " Ayawamat and Tahoma said as if they themselves were siblings.

"They sure can be, " Nyima said, nodding in agreement.

"Hey! Who asked you?" Lei said, pouting.

She giggled.

Yuzuki jumped over the cliff. "The big day is here. Feels like right now we're just killing the little time we got." She placed a hand hand on Lei's shoulders. "You're all nervous, aren't you?"

Lei took a deep breath. "Y...yeah."

Ayawamat scoffed. "Like I would be nervous. Nerves are for wimps."

"Enough taunting one another, " Nahimana said, taking a deep breath. "I think it'll be better if we wait at the harbor. At this point what little extra training we do will have no noticeable effect."

"You got a point there, " Orion's sister said, stretching her arms toward the sky. "Better to set sail now actually rather than wait."

Father nodded. "I see. In that case, we should get this show on the road."

"Yeah!" everyone yelled in unison.

**Solar Note: How do you think Team Wahkan will do at the games? Were you surprised by the change in the rules? What threats (if any) do you think Lei might encounter at the games?**

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