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"The Path the future holds for one is unknown, but trust in the one who created you to guide you"

*Magus Maximus Daisuke*

I was rummaging through the two-foot tall pile of papers in my desk when suddenly there was a knock on the door.

"I can't right now, I am busy, " I said, setting aside file of papers. They were records of a certain Mahoulympics of old.

"Your Highness is going to be late for the council meeting, " the woman on the other side said.

Darn, I had forgotten all about it.

I rose from my desk and strided toward the door. I was met with a pencil thin smile from my dear wife, Edith. She was clearly mad at me for 'almost forgetting'.

"I, I remembered, " I said, crossing my arms over my chest and leaning against the frame of the doorway.

She sighed as she turned her back to me. "I honestly doubt that. Now let us not delay further. This meeting is urgent after all."

I grumbled. "No need to tell me that."

After the trial of the boy called Lei, I had given the magic council the task of deciding whether the Mahoulympics are to continue or be suspended until further notice. We didn't wish for a repeat of the Kyuu Seishinian Mahoulympics years ago, those games only a select few such as myself recalled vividly.

Edith walked on ahead of me with her hands behind her back. "Though I'll say we have little to worry about. My brother is fully prepared for everything that could go wrong, and you know how meticulous that man can be. He is also doing it to defend his grandson."

I stared at my wife who was walking with her head lowered. "You thought the same thing I did when you saw that boy, didn't you?"

Edith smiled. "Yeah. Not only him though, but that girl he was with, the current High Priestess of Xian." She glanced up at the ceiling which contained paintings in the Xianian style, art her father had added in order to make her mother feel at home. "Both remind me of my parents."

"Well, both of them are their great-grandkids, " I said.

My wife shook her head. "No, it's not only that." She chuckled. "Maybe I'm overthinking things."

"Master Daisuke, Lady Edith!" a voice called out. Both Edith and I came to a halt and turned around. Running toward us with a tablet on hand was a young man who was struggling not to trip as he ran.

"Easy now, don't trip, " I said, trying not to laugh.

The young man came to a halt and took a deep breath. "Right, sir, " he said, putting a hand on his chest as he caught his breath.

"What's the matter?" Edith asked, frowning.

"Hou King Kadriya has informed us that the other day a strange figure in red was spotted gathering crystals from abysmals. He believes the man might be working with others. He also fears that they might pursue the boy who was devoured but survived the darkness in order to extract the powers he absorbed. Sir Kadriya recently had Lei and his friends leave Miha through an old underground tunnel built during the creation of the second Xelerian Empire in order to avoid detection."

"Why didn't he have him teleport with their crystal?" Daisuke asked.

"Miha's transportation crystal had grown weaker for an unexplained reason. Sir Kadriya believes the man had something to do with it in order to lure Lei into the open. Luckily that wasn't the case as Lei arrived in Xian last night and should be enroute to Mina from which he will take their teleportation crystal to Wahkan."

Edith gasped. "Lei." She clenched her hands together. "My brother was right in his prediction." She turned toward me. "We need to protect that

h's back. Her eyes were dark. "You have a death wish? Because if so then I will happily oblige"

Iah glared at his ex. "Lei, take Nyima toward the place complex. I need to jave a talk with my ex."

Nyima smile. "Thanks, but I can fight my own battles. Fighting them for me will only make things worse."

Iah nodded and turned around and moved as fast as he could. Nyima almost feel down if I hadn't caught her.

"What are you doing?" Nyima screamed as she sat back down.

"Listen, you're no match for her. Not elemental wise."

"I got light magic too as well as my martial arts!" Nyima protested.

"That's true, " I said. "She can take down that bi- uh ex of yours."

Iah snickered as we neared the palace. "Perhaps, but Cìjī's fighting style isn't one you can defeat with physical attacks."

"Her fighting style?" Nyima asked, curious.

"You'll see what I mean at the Mahoulypics. That should be where you should aim to face her, not here."

"You're really afraid that I'll lose to her?" she asked, a hint of sadness in her voice.

"Not if you improve between now and the games, " he responded as he descended before the palace walls.

I turned around and glanced up at the sky. "Odd that she didn't follow."

"She knows it's foolish to come to these grounds. I had the guards put her on a blacklist, knowing how clingy she can be."

"That's smart of you, " Nyima said, grinning as both of us got off of Iah's back.

Iah reverted back to normal and smiled. "Two compliments from you in a day? I must be testing my luck."

She grumbled. "Seems I broke my compliment ban for you already. I'll be sure not to slip in another anytime soon."

The prince chuckled as he pushed the palace gates open. "Let's go, Wahkan awaits you two."

Nyima and I nodded. Our way back home laid in this castle. As soon as we stepped foot back on Wahkan, our battle for a spot in the Mahoulympics was to begin. In a way, Nyima would be my rival alongside the rest of my friends. But I wasn't going to let sentiment get in the way of achieving my dreams. Everything was a stepping stone to that dream, to become the next Magus Maximus.

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