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"The next match will be amongst the fifteen year olds, " Father announced.

"What about the fourteen-year-olds?" I asked, turning to look at him.

"Seems none decided to participate this year, not sure why, " Same said as he took a seat next to me. He crossed his arms and closed his eyes. "It's very rare for an entire age group to skip out like this. Though the vast size of seventeen-year-olds compared to other years makes up for it."

"Well it's my turn, " Eien said. "Wish me luck."

"Good luck!" Shiro said as he returned before his mother even had a chance to go after him.

My brother snickered. "Thanks kid." He jumped into the battlefield and took a look at his various opponents. He was meet with ten rivals. "Well let's begin this thing." Flames covered his arms. "I skipped past the strongest freshman tournament in the boat as I didn't want to overshadow the foreign students but this is made up of fellow natives. Those foreigners though will also face my true power at the games. Pyro Draco." A flaming dragon emerged from his arms and decimated the enemy in a matter of seconds. He scoffed. "Seriously? You got be kidding me! I have such week classmates..."

"Well that was lovely and quick. Eien is the third member of Kyuu Seishin's team! Next up are the twenty year olds."

The twenty year old battle just like Same and Eien's battle went by fast. A masked girl from the Hebi clan won. I had never seen her prior to the games, she must've decided to barely participate in the tournament this year, her last possible tournament as she'll be past twenty one by the next games. Though her movements in battle were just like those of Mayu, she moved swiftly and decisively, not wasting any chance to take down her opponent.

"Seems we either have amazing talent this year or we have grown weaker, " Father said, tilting his head at the battle field. "The fourth member will be Orochi. Now for the sixteen year olds."

"Why are we jumping back between youngest and oldest?" Ashynna asked.

"It's because the largest age group is the seventeen year olds. The closer you are to seventeen the more challengers there are. So we're actually going from least participants to the most."

"I see, " she said, nodding.

A young man with brown hair stepped up. As soon as Father began the match, he clashed with Zion Rikimaru, Nobuyuki's sister. The boy was Iwao Enkaku, Yuta and Yuto's cousin, and the one who replaced Nobuyuki on the council. He had almost made it on the team last time but had lost against Zion.

"Terra Draco, " he chanted, causing a dragon made up of rocks to rise from the ground to guard him. "Ventus Draco." Another dragon formed around him, this time made out of wind.

"Wind and earth, Lei and Iah, " Eien said, smiling. "I wonder if either one of them is better than that guy at wind or earth magic."

"Iah's the winner of the foreigners isn't he?" Orochi asked, shifted her purple eyes toward us.

"That's correct." Eien smiled. "I didn't expect you'll be the talkative type."

She crossed her arms. "Why, because I'm of the Snake clan? The stereotype of all of us being stoics is false. So this Iah kid, where is he from?"

"Our arch enemy, Mina, " he said. "However, like usual they'll only be drafting five people for these games. If so Mina might not be much of a challenge. Now Wahkan has more of a chance to push us having several powerful mages on their team. I would say four powerful ones. All acquaintances of her."

"Mine?" Ashynna asked, pointing at herself. "Ahh, I know who you mean."

"Are those all their numbers?" Same asked.

"As far as I know. Well they do have a fourth mage, their prince, Wanikiya. Don't be alarmed though, he's not an issue as he doesn't seem to be able to use his magic, whatever that may be, " Eien responded. "Oh and there is a fifth, a boy called Hikaru Mikado. He has time powers so he's one of their wild cards alongside with Lei, Nyima, and Yen. Ohhh, and they also got Orion and Yuzuki. To be honest, their options are various, that they might actually host a tournament like this one to determine who participates."

"Hikaru?" Ashynna said, her voice full of curiosity. "So he's in Wahkan with Nuk and the others..."

"Do you know him?" I asked.

She shook her head. "No. However...I would like to meet him."

"You can at the games. Even if he loses he'll likely go to support his friends, " Eien said.


My attention shifted back to the match on hand. Zion was struggling against Iwao's attacks. She made done a good job at turning the sand to glass but the glass was starting to collapse in on her. She closed her eyes as the giant fingers of a sandy hand chipped off.

Iwao stepped forward and turned the glass by into sand by grinding it with a mix of wind and sand. "You alright?" he asked, looking back at her.

Zion held her hand to her chest. "T-thanks, but why did you do it?" she asked, giving him a perplexed look.

Iwao scratched his right cheek slightly. There was a small smile on his face. "Because you're my friend, why else?"

ou'll end up spreading the rumors yourself, bro, " Eien said, trying to not laugh.

"I meant before she came to get me to come down, " I said. "Don't think wrong now. Especially you Illiah, you're only thirteen."

"What?" she said. "Is there something wrong about playing games with your friend in your room?"

"Uh no, " I said.

"Unless if it's those kinds of games, " Eien said, grinning.

I punched him but he blocked just like he did with Ashynna. "Watch it pervert, " I said.

"Don't kill him now, " Ashynna said.

"Why thanks, " Eien said. "I didn't think you'll ever defend me."

She looked away. "I don't particularly care for you, I just don't want you to die before the games."

"That's cold!" Eien said, sighing.

"Like you aren't, " I said, chuckling.

Ashynna stepped up to the arena. "Wish me luck." She was faced with a total of thirty rivals.

"Why are you masked?" a boy asked.

"That's none of your concern, " she said. She leapt to the air and kicked the boy away. She warped in the blink of an eye behind a group and knocked them all down with a single chop to the neck. Before I knew it she had defeated the whole group faster than anyone else did. "How sad. Seems the only mildly interesting battle was the one between Iwao and Zion."

"She's amazing, " I said, mouth agape.

"You're falling for her aren't you bro?" Eien snickered.

I punched him in the shoulder. "I'm going to go congratulate her." I stood up but Ashynna had already returned before I realized it. I turned around and grinned at the group. "Everyone this year Kyuu Seishin will dominate the Mahoulympics!"

"I've never heard a simpler rally speech before, " Ashynna said. "How did I do?"

"You were incredible. How did you warp like that?" I asked.

"It's light magic, " she said, running a hand through her golden hair. "No spell is needed though, it just comes easy to me."

"Well I can't wait to see you use some serious Light magic."

"Boukayou, do you want to learn light magic?" she asked, tilting her head at me.

"Yeah, I want to be able to do what you just did, " I said.

She chuckled. "It may not require words but it's not an easy spell to learn. One's body and mind must be strong in order to use it. though I'm certain you will do well."

"You flatter me."

Eien made a disgusted face. "You two are awfully corny with each other."

I placed a hand upon his shoulder and grinned. "You want to fight me brother?"

Eien laughed and removed my hand away. "You know I don't fear you brother."

I slap him hand away. "You're a tough one little brother, nothing intimidates you."

"I know, " he said. He averted his eyes.

I knew my words were wrong. Eien did have his fears. He might not have lost someone, but he did have someone important to him get hurt during all that mess. That was why she wasn't here, the only one who could remotely give him a challenge part from Ren, Miwa. My little brother has always tried to be tough, but at the end of the day he knew he had his limits. The sooner he faced up their existence them, the better.

**Solar Note: Sorry for the longer wait for this chapter. I hope to write and release Ep. 44 later this week to make up for it ^_^. So, what do you think of Team Kyuu Seishin thus far? What are your thoughts on Orochi? What about on Ashynna? What do you think the masked girls are up to?**

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