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"Forget... I just want to Forget... the pain of losing you. Of being unable to protect."


Ever since I returned from Lei's trial, I had been looking up at the colorful fox mosaic glass ceiling over my dorm room. I couldn't get it out of my head, that Lucette was no more, that she'd been devoured by the filthy darkness. With my remaining teammates returning home in preparation for the Mahoulympics I was all alone, both figuratively and literally.

I was about to close my eyes when I heard the sound of footsteps approaching. "Who could that be? Eien and everyone else should be getting ready for the games." I stood up and peaked outside my door, no one was there. I peered down the hallway, no one was there either.

Am I imagining things? I should really get some rest, I'm starting to hear none existent things.

I jumped back upon turning around. Sitting on my bed was a woman in a white cloak with golden embroidery. "Who are you?" I asked, forming a blue fireball in each hand.

The woman summoned a silver wand made out of wood. "I'm the light that will light the darkness, I'm Ashynna Babette."

"How did you get here? Magic?"

"You could say I did, " she said in a soothing tone. She removed her hood, causing blond hair to fall over the white fox mask she had on. "Now Boukyaku. Can I ask you something?"

"I'll like to know how you know my name but sure, what would you like to know?" I summoned a small knife and hide it behind my back.

She laughed in a familiar way. "Of course I know your name, prince. Hmmm, I sense you hate the darkness as much as I. Tell me, why do you hate it?"

I gripped a red necklace. It was an angel tool, a weapon from Zionia. Lucette had helped me pick it out. "It stole my most precious person."

"Do you desire power?" she said. "If so what for? For revenge?"

"To protect those I hold dear. I want to make sure they don't get captured by the darkness. I also want to defeat that mysterious man who claimed he was just like me."

"That man...who was he, did you ever find out?"

"No, he allowed the darkness to swallow him as well. He may be dead as could my loved one."

"No. You got to believe in this person. You got to believe that she or he can be saved. I can help you do so." She got off my bed, and pointed a white and golden wand at me. It looked just like Kun's wand. Her cloak was also like his... there had to have been a connection.

I took a step back and summoned my wand behind my back along with the knife in case she attacked. "Why would you want to help me?"

"You were very close to...someone, to your friend. I appreciate that kind of attitude. I also detest the darkness for stealing my own friends. A few days ago I woke up in the fields in which your friend vanished. I couldn't remember much, but I did remember that feeling of hatred.

A group of seven dressed up similar to how I am now appeared to me. They told me that they had saved me from the same fate in the darkness but couldn't save my friends. Together the eight of us are only eight-thirteenths of a group of thirteen bearers of light. We came here in search of the other five. While you may not be one of the five we are searching for you are an interesting character."

"So you are only after me because I'm 'interesting'? You want me to be some kind of jester for you and your unknown group of misfits? Is that it?" I asked, elevating my tone.

"Not at all. I was referring to your willpower, your emotions, and your wisdom. All those things allowed you to survive being absorbed into the Abyss like your friend was. During that battle you were stabbed by a being of darkness weren't you? Somehow you managed to survive that through will alone it was-"

"How do you know all this?" I asked.

"I don't know, I just do. I'm guessing I'm correct, right?"

"You are, " I said. I placed my free hand over my heart. "I was stabbed here, yet I didn't die. My friends also survived. None of us became like Lei who had a similar experience. Though his experience differed from ours."

"Lei?" she asked.

I couldn't help but smile. For once there was something this enigmatic girl didn't know about. "He's a first-year here. He was bitten repeatedly according to prince Wanikiya's account of the events. He was even devoured by the darkn

caught up. "Sorry, I tried to stop him."

"It's fine, " he said, lifting up his kid.

"You have a son?" I asked, shocked.

Same chuckled as he walked over to us. "Yup, his name is Shiro." He waved his kid's hand. "Shiro say hi to our future King."

Shiro giggled and slapped my face playfully. I calmly removed his hand from my face, and laughed. "That's some way to greet the future king."

The father laughed nervously. "Sorry about that, he loves to slap strangers' faces."

"Wait, you're twenty one right? And this kid must be either four or five, " Eien said. He glanced over at Shiro's mother. "Well she is beautiful. However, you should've waited, you were too young. Boukyaku, girl in the cloak see what happens when you don't wait for these things? You get a kid!"

"Why are you talking to us like that?" Ashynna said, midly annoyed.

"Shut it, you're going to create rumors, " I said, blushing.

"Shiro is a planned baby, " Same said, tickling his son. "We ended up marrying young and decided to have our first kid early."

"Why?" Eien said.

"We like kids, " Same's wife said, taking out a bottle with juice. "Sure we were young but we were ready."

"I guess it's true what they say about adults and kids, everyone has their own time to be ready, " I said, chuckling. "Some come late, while others come early, then there are those who aren't good parents at any age."

"Shiro will enter the tournament one day, " Same said, waving the little kid's hand. "Right kiddo? You better keep up papa's legacy!"

"Yup, " he said, grabbing his bottle from his mother.

"You're babying the kid too much, " Eien said, snickering. "Let him stand up on his own, he'll never be strong like that."

Same glanced down at his kid. "Shiro, do you want to walk on your own?"

He nodded. Same put the boy down. Shiro instantly bolted, running back and forth rapidly that to some he might have appeared as a blue blur.

"That's some kid, " Eien said, chuckling. "I'm looking forward to seeing him in these games. He can help us win gold in the running piece of the race."

"Shiro stop running, " Same's wife said, touching her forehead. "You're making me dizzy."

Same snickered. "Want me to get him?"

"No, I'll do it, " Shiro's mother said, smiling at him. "Yout sit down and rest."


I glanced over at the lively child. I needed to fight the darkness, not only for the sake of my revenge, but also for their sake. For the sake of the future generations, I needed to be strong. My sadness still lingered... no even to this very day, it still does. Yet despite that sadness, I knew since then that I need to persevered, for their sake, as well as mine.

**Solar Note: What do you think of how Boukyaku is dealing with the loss of Lucette? What about the mysterious girl, Ashynna? What do you think she, Kun, and the others are up to?**

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