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Adela and Lei levitated their teammates and themselves higher and higher into the heavens.

"It feels weird even after doing this a second time, " Nyima said as the wind pushed her hair back.

"It does, " Iah said.

Lei chuckled. "It's been awhile since I've last stepped into the capital."

"Not since my parent's funeral, " Adela said with a somber look.

Lei's smile vanished. He felt like putting a hand around her shoulder, but he knew that wouldn't help much. That day still haunted her, just like it still haunted him. It was a moment he preferred to recall, one whose full events he's pushed to the edges of his mind, to be left undisturbed unless touched upon as they were now.

Iah reached his hand up and touched Adela's hand, causing her to look down at her former fiance. "Cheer up. Being melancholy after all these years is something they wouldn't have wished upon you."

Adela pulled her hand away from him. She stopped. "What do you know?" she said underneath her breath. "What do any of you know? You all still have yours." She stared at all three who seemed shocked by her outburst. "Sorry, I should not have yelled at you like that." She shook her head and sped up, leaving Lei having to handle raising himself and the other two toward the island directly above.

The Tian-kun Island it was called, that land where the capital of the Xian was built upon untold ages ago. From below and at a distance, the island looked like the side of a meteor. Yet the closer one got to it the more it looked like a highly fortified citadel. Once one reached the other side, one was greeted by a marvelous sight. All kinds of flowering trees were spread throughout the city which was built at the based of a tall mountain at the center of the island. Overlooking the entire building was the highest elevated building, a jasper castle whose architecture was not unlike those of the Wudi.

"To think that I'll be laying foot on this ancestral land once again in so little time, " Iah said, taking in a deep breath. The air was surprisingly fresh.

Lei did the same as him. "It's been so long, I had forgotten how strange this place's air was. Being here explains as to why my mom wanted me to attend school here instead of Kyuu Seishin."

Nyima stared at Iah and asked, "Come to think of it, why did Adela and you not attend school in your homelands? Unlike Wahkan you got the population of mages."

Iah glanced at Lei. "I'm pretty sure we all know as to why Adela signed up for Nine Petal Academy. As for me, well..." He chuckled. "I'll tell you another time."

The blue-haired teenager gave him a curious look. "Was it because of someone you like too?"

Iah chuckled and shook his head. "No, not at all. In fact, I sort of had to break up with someone prior to departing Mina to take the test."

"You sure are dedicated to your craft, " Nyima said as they walked down the gray cobblestone streets. "Or wanted an excuse to run away. Wait, that was it, wasn't it? You were trying to get away from your girlfriend!"

The Minan prince smiled. "Maybe, or maybe...." He gazed up at the mountain top which was glazed with a cap of snow. "I simply wanted to find myself."

"Find yourself?" Nyima asked as she saw Lei walk ahead of them. He looked around the place like a fascinated child. It was nice to see him acting more like his usual self. She smiled. "While I didn't set out to Nine Petal Academy for that reason, I sort of want to find myself too..."

Iah narrowed his eyes. "So, I know Lei's reason for attending so no use asking him, but what's yours?"

e vice versa.

"As will I, " Ayawamat said, giving his father a scornful look.

His father chuckled. "Well, you certainly have come a long way since you left Wahkan from what I've seen. You should easily be able to defeat that asthmatic loser and his wimpy friends."

He nodded. "Right, Lei, Hikaru, and Wanikiya are no threat." A snicker escaped his lips as he turned his blue eyes toward the sky. "In fact, none of those my age are."

"Oh, really?" a pair of voices called out. Ayawamat turned his head so fast that he winced from the pain. Standing at the edge of the rooftop were Yen and Kun.

Ayawamat grinned as ants started to gather around him. "Wish to try me? I can take both of you on at the same time."

Kun chuckled. "Really now?"

Ayawamat's father eyed his oldest son. "This white haired boy, who is he?"

"Nice to meet you! The name is Kun, we met before. I am a good buddy of your nephew, Tahoma."

Ayawamat rolled his eyes. "Yeah, 'good buddy', as much as Lei and I are."

Yen snickered. "Yeah, those can fight as much as Lei and you do." She tilted her head. "I however don't seem to have such a rival."

"Why would you want one?" Kun asked, giving his sister an odd look. "They only ridicule you. Besides, Ayawamat and Tahoma look down on all three of us!"

Ayawamat's father chuckled. "Well, I am surprised that the boy who died is apparently not dead, whatever brought you back to life won't save you from the pain the pain that is to come from losing to my sons and nephew."

"Father, please, " Hota said, embarrassed.

Yen narrowed her eyes at the adult male. "I forgot that Ayawamat gets his jerkish personality from you." She gave him a smug grin. "You know, it's kind of surprising that you're so smug, considering you aren't even a mage."

The smile on Ayawamat's father's face faded. He turned around. "Anyway, I came to tell you two that lunch is ready."

Ayawamat gazed at Yen who had a victorious grin on her face. He smiled back too. If only he had been brave enough to shut up his father like that. He looked forward to facing off against her as soon as Lei and Nyima returned from Miha.

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