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"We should be arriving in Xian soon, " Iah said as he continued to move aside debris. They had been at it for who knows how long. It felt like days when it reality it had only been hours.

"I am exhausted, " Nyima said, waving her now limp arms around. "Did anyone bring some food with them?"

"I got some honey, " Lei said, summoning a bottle of honey. "But there's not much to share..."

Nyima narrowed her cyan eyes. "I'm fine. I am not into eating honey by itself."

Iah summoned a bag of potato chips from his yellow hyper ring. "Here, have these."

Nyima snatched the bag and greedily devoured the plain chips.

Iah and Lei snickered as they watched her eat.

"What? I'm starving here!"

"I'll make you something more filling once we arrive in Xian, " Lei said, giggling.

I stared at Lei and Nyima. Ever since I met Lei again at Mahpiya I had wondered what kind of relationship those two had. I recalled them telling Iah they had just met when he asked but something told me that wasn't true.

"Are you hungry too?" Iah asked, summoning another bag of chips.

I shook my head as I hugged my waist. "No, I'm fine, just a little cold, " I responded.

"A fire mage who is cold?" a voice echoed from behind. We spun around only to see the vampire girl from before. Who did she catch up so rapidly?

"Water Angel!" Nyima yelled, forming a sphere of water. The sphere soon expanded until it was six feet tall. "Spear of Archeus, equip!" A golden spear with a tip divided in the middle into two manifested in the angel's hand.

"A new spell?" Lei said, awestruck.

Nyima smiled proudly. "It's still imperfect, however. I have been hard at work learning, though! Attack, my guardian!" The angel lurched forward, breaking the stone floor with the spear and raising a wall of light in its place.

"Really? Light now?" the girl asked as she raised her hand. Several of her fellow bats swarmed toward her hand. They swirled around until they dissolved into darkness. A blood red scythe sprung forth in her hand. "You underestimate me, children!"

Iah blocked the sprung forward, shielding Ntima as the wall of light shattered. He grunted as the blade of the scythe collided with his hand. Blooded dripped down the scythe, giving it a red glow.

"This blood, " the vampire girl said, pulling her weapon away. She watched as Iah's wound rapidly recovered. Drawing the blade toward her lips she ran her tongue through it. "Divine blood. You're a god?"

Iah looked up and grinned. "Yeah, well a demi-god to be exact. My father is your god, Tsukuyu no Mikoto."

The vampire narrowed her eyes at him. "I have no such thing! But your words ring true. You are his child..." The lowered her scythe and closed her eyes as if contemplating her next action.

"Iah, " Nyima said, staring at his arm. "You alright?"

Iah winced. "I'm fine. Let's get out of here while we c

I'm fine?" Lei said between coughs. "Is my asthma gone?"

"I hope so, " I said, smiling. "Though what would the cause me? The abyssmal within?"

He chuckled. "What? Honestly? If so then maybe being possessed by that thing wasn't so bad after all! Though I still want to get rid of it."

"Let's get to Mina, the others are waiting for us, " Nyima said. She glanced up at the radiant sky as the sun went below the horizon. "Seems the trip through the tunnel system took longer than expected."

"Stay here and rest, " I said. "You three can head to Mina tomorrow morning."

Lei nodded. "Sounds good, I'm starving."

Nyima sighed and rubbed her stomach. "Alright, we can stay over tonight, but we should contact our families to let them know."

Iah stared at the collapsed forest for a moment.

"What are you thinking about?" I asked.

"I was thinking about how the Huo's teleportation crystal only had enough power to transport my siblings and cousins back."

I recalled how Lady Yeung had taken the children back upstairs prior to Kadriya showing us to the tunnel. "You think that was true?"

"I have no reason to doubt his intentions, but the Huo crystal's death means that our own crystal is likely not far from its own, seeing how they are two halves of the same."

"Wait, does that mean that we might have to take a boat to Wahkan?" Nyima asked.

"Possibly. Once we return to Mina I need to check on its condition for future reference."

"I see, " Lei said, putting his hands behind his back. "Well, no use thinking about that now, we should go get us some food!"

"Yeah!" Nyima said in an unusually upbeat tone. It seemed that Lei's personality had started to rub off on her.

**Solar Note: Hope that you enjoyed this chapter :3. So Lei and co. are out of the tunnels, now only a matter of time until Lei and Nyima make it back to Wahkan to determine the ones representing Wahkan in the games ^_^/!**

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