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   Chapter 40 NO.40

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Wanikiya opened his eyes and saw that he was descending into darkness. The only light he could make it came from above, cyan light, the same color as the Great Gracier's prana as well as his own.

Am I dead? Is this how it ends? I never had a chance to make much of myself... though perhaps this is what I deserve, for allowing my best friend to get swallowed into darkness. No, this isn't death. Instead I'm being swallowed. Lei, soon we won't be too different. I hope that you won't fall to darkness again.

The Wahkanian prince closed his eyes again.

Sorry little brother, seems like we won't be able to play like I had promised. Sorry Zelde, Nahimana, for failing to control my spirit.

"Wanikiya!" a voice called out.

The prince's eyes shot wide open. The voice kept calling out to him in despair. He reached out toward the increasingly distant light. It pulsated, dimming then brightening before repeating the cycle.

"Fight it!" the voice cried. "Don't give in!"

He let out a grunt and used all of his will power to propel his body across the thick, watery substance. His arms cut through the gelatin-like liquid, pushing him higher and higher, causing the light to come closer too, as if it were but a reflection of him.

Suddenly he felt something warm behind him and the strange sea dissolved. He found himself staring at the start of the first trail up the mountain.

"Calm down, Wanikiya, " a voice called out. He turned around and saw Nahimana embracing him tightly. Shadows danced around her.

"Nahimana. Why are you here? Weren't you going with Tahoma someplace?" he asked, startled. He gasped as he noticed the chunks of ice around her arms and legs.

Nahimana winced. "I was on my way there, but then I felt a powerful aura radiating from here so I came as fast as I could." Her shadows danced around the two. "Let's get out of here, before this aura devours both of us."

The shadows completely cocooned them. Once they faded, they were no longer at the base of the mountain, rather they were in the beach.

"Nahimana? Wanikiya?" Hikaru said, gazing back. The brunette was kneeled on a white as snow sand dune, his clothes completely drenched in sweat. "You're covered in ice."

Dark tendrils broke through the ice around Nahimana's hands and feet. "I'll be fine. Do not worry."

Yen who was coming at him with an invisible sword stopped her attack at the last moment. "What happened to the meeting and the hike?" she questioned.

Nahimana took a deep breath, the air was so much crisper than at the mountain. "I simply came to help Master Wanikiya. You two didn't feel it?"

Hikaru put a hand against his chin and tilted his head at her. "Hmm. Ahh!" He nodded. "Yeah, actually. For a brief moment there was a spike of energy radiating from Mt. Ankatu. So, the cause was connected to you, Wani?"

The Wahkanian prince averted his

must not think that way. I have to gain power though my own hard work, else it won't truly be my own strength but that of Grand Glacier.

Nahimana patted him on the back before glancing up at Tahoma and Kun. "What about our meeting?" she asked, wincing between words due to the lingering ice burns.

"We have no choice but to delay it again. Plus the other three have already taken care of their special task, " Kun said, grinning.

"Special task?" Hikaru asked.

"You big mouths!" Nahimana yelled at Kun and Tahoma. She rose from the white sand and pushed herself up. "Well, guess we wait for the others to arrive."

Ayawamat sighed once more. "I guess I got no choice but to wait."

"Pretty much, " Sokw said, leaning on his right shoulder. He moved away, causing her to almost fall. "Hey!"

"You're too close."

Sokw's face reddened. "Why the sudden change in attitude? You didn't usually mind, at least not earlier."

Ayawamat glanced over at Yen. "That was because I was too lazy to say anything."

Wanikiya smiled slightly. Seems like we're in for an interesting few weeks. Hopefully I will be strong enough to join the national team... He placed his hand against his chest. The spirit had yet to fully recede back to its usual place.

**Solar Note: Hope you've enjoyed the chapter :3. I ended up finishing this several hours later than I wanted, but I still got it out for the 22nd month anniversary of when I joined this site and first published book one of this series ;). I plan to do something special for the 23rd and the 2nd year anniversaries so look forward to it :3 ;).

For those who might have forgotten who Sokw is, she first made her debut all the way back in 'Episode 29: Results' of NM during the exam arc xD.

So, what do you think will become of Wanikiya? Think that Great Glacier will consume him yet? Also, who do you think will be part of the line up for the games?**

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