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It had been hours since we last heard any word from Sir Kadriya. Lady Yeung kept reassuring the children that their father was alright, though her eyes showed signs of worry. Not necessarily that he might've gotten hurt or worse, but a concern that something was affecting him at that very moment.

Watching her, I couldn't help but wonder if Yuzuki and the others were filled with that same concern when I went missing. No, even beyond that. My slumber and fate must've led to plenty of sleepless nights for them. I was too weak to fend for myself, and made those whom I desired the power to protect worry.

Nyima tilted her head at her me as I finished sparring with Solean in the small arena in the underground room Lady Yeung had taken us to.The place was all chrome and gave off the feeling of a bomb shelter. The room was connected to several other rooms by narrow hallways big enough for two kids standing side by side to walk through. One of those rooms was a kitchen and others were bed rooms. We had spent the night in one of those bed room.

"Is something the matter?" I asked, walking over to where Nyima stood by. Her single student was taking a break, happily sipping on a box of juice.

She nodded. "Yes. There's something about you that seems different. It almost feels like you are constantly doing so. Changing I mean."

"Huh?" I said, furrowing my brows together. I put my hands behind my head and grinned. "What do you mean? I'm the same old Lei. Ya know, that annoying guy who bumped into you on the way to Mahpiya High?"

She put a hand on her hips and narrowed her eyes at me. "No. You aren't that same goofball."

I grumbled. "I was never a goofball! I am simply lively!"

"You remind me of your brother, " Nyima said, leaning against the wall. "He puts on a smile but it doesn't take long for one to notice there's something deeper there, hidden from view."

I lowered my eyes to the metallic floor, seeing a blurry reflection. I stared at my eyes and recalled the look in Kun's the two times I reunited with him. The first when Shandian removed his mask, and the second when we met after Nahimana had tried to erase the first reunion from our memories. I still didn't fully understand as to why she found that necessary...

"Hey, may I ask you something?" I said, looking up.

She nodded. "Go ahead. No need to start acting all polite around me."

I averted my gaze once more. "You weren't at the jury. Nor was Yuzuki and the others. Adela and Wanikiya were the only ones there. So, I was wondering... what you thought of my current status."


Does she not know?

"Lei!" Koal yelled, running over to me. "If you are feeling better now, let's spar!"

Nyima smiled at the child and turned over to look at his twin sister. "Nekua, feeling refreshed?"

"Yup!" the little girl said, putting down her now empty carton of juice. She jumped to her feet and grinned at the older blue-haired girl.

I turned toward Koal. "Alright, let's spar."

Koal grinned widely. "Just so you know, I won't go easy on you. You better be ready to take all of my attacks!"

I scoffed. "Come on kiddo. I know you're strong, BUT not that strong! I mean, you are talking to the next Magus Maximus here."

Koal covered his mouth with both hands, stifling a g

my fist out to him. "Even once I'm gone you better continue to work hard, you hear? I'll be waiting for the time when we can fight on more even ground."

Koal stared at my first and then at his right hand. He laughed and curled his hand into a fist. "Yeah!" he said, bumping his tiny fist against mine.

"Seems you're all doing fine without me." Making his way toward us was the children's father.

"Papa!" Nekua yelled, running to great her dad. She jumped and tackle-hugged him. "I knew you were fine!"

Kadriya hugged her back. "Yeah, I'm fine." He looked at me and grimaced. "Lei. I am afraid that we're going to have to delay my challenge to you for another time. Things came up on the surface that I don't think it's safe for you to stay here."

My teammates exchanged worried looks.

"Did something happen with the abyssmal creatures?" Nyima asked.

Kadriya nodded. "They were taken away by... by some strange man. I am not sure what he wants with them, but it's possible that he might come after him." He pointed at me.


"Yes, you do house an abyssmal being within you, don't you? The rumors of that have spread across the region. It's possible that man might come after you like he did with the remnants of that species here."

I looked down. "I, I see." I felt a tight grasp on my left hand.

Nyima gave me an encouraging face. "So that's what you wanted to say earlier. You don't need to worry. I know. You are still Lei to me, regardless of whether or not you harbor a monster inside of you."

Another hand grips my right hand. "Same, " Adela said, smiling. "We'll always be by your side, through thick or thin."

"Girls, " I said, growing teary-eyed.

Iah ruffled my head from behind. "Likewise. You are you, Lei. As long as you continue with that never give up attitude, you'll get past this and many more challenges."

I couldn't help but smile. Goddess, thank you, for giving me the opportunity to make friends like these.

**Solar Note: Hope that you've enjoyed this chapter :). Sorry for the 20 day gap between my last update and this one. I already got a decent chunk of 37 typed and plan to publish it by Wednesday of next week (4/30/18-4/6/18).**

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