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Kadriya stopped and drew out a reddish-pink crystal from the left pocket of his jeans. "Hello? May I be of assistance? What?" he snapped. His face became drained of color.

"Is something the matter?" I asked as my other teammates joined Adela and I on the field.

The King of Miha spun around. "I'm sorry kids, it appears that I won't be able to battle you today. There's something which I have to look into. Yeung, take the kids someplace safe and don't come out until I've contacted you that all is clear.

"Wait, what's going on?" Eien said, alarmed by Kadriya's words.

The red-haired man lowered his head. "Abyssmal beings have been spotted on the border with Sera as well as other suspicious activity."

"Abyssmal beings?" Adela said. She curled her hands into fists. "No..."

"Seems that the scouts failed to eradicate all of them, " Iah said, sighing. "Let us accompany you."

"Yeah, " Nyima said. "As heir of the Taiyang Clan, it is my duty to combat these dark invaders."

Kadriya shook his head. "We are not sure as to how strong these beings can be. One of your own already got consumed by one, and several students from your school died in the attempt to eradicate them from these lands. I do not wish to put you children in any more danger than you have already faced."

I grimaced, recalling my ineptitude in killing the big cat abysmal which had swallowed me. "Those things are back?"

Nyima rubbed her chin in contemplation. "Wonder if that man with the fox mask is involved in this."

"Man with a fox mask?" I asked. I recalled the man who caused all of this mess by destroying the ruins at Nine Petal Academy. If it hadn't been for him then not only would our start at Nine Petal have been better, several of our fellow peers would still be alive! That man had too much blood on his hands, I had at least taken solace with the fact he was dead..

Nyima sighed, averting her eyes. "I planned to tell you this afterwards, but yes, it's the same man who began all this. 'Kitsune'. Ayawamat's cousin, Tahoma, told your older brother, the others, and me about how he encountered that man after Lucette had been pulled into the Abyss. We believe that the destruction of the ruins was not an error, that man is tied to those creatures one way or another. It's possible that it was all a ploy to get Lucette..."

"Lucette?" Iah snapped. "Why her? What does she possess that those being would go into all of this trouble to absorb her into their world?"

"So this was all caused for a teenage girl. There's something deeper here. I'll go see if I can gather anything from those spotted being, " Kadriya said, rushing off in a ball of flame.

"Take care, dad!" Koal shouted.

I sighed. "What's going on anymore?"

Eien chuckled as he walked away.

"Where are you going?" Lady Yeung shouted.

The young prince smiled at her. "I am going to go check up on something. Take care!"

"You're staying right here! Kadriya told me to care for all of you."

Eien shot her a dead

haps we should consider updating those who did survive."

"What if we lose them?" the yellow cloaked woman to Uracil's right asked.

"Worry not, we have their genetic sample. Should we lose them then we'll simply recreate more, " the blue cloaked woman responded, grinning.

Uracil rose from his seat. "I see. Then I shall take my leave. There are matters I need to attend to."

"Wait, before you depart, " the green cloaked man said. "How are you handling the princess?"

"Sarah? What of her? Currently she is no obstacle, no matter how much she wishes."

"Still, " said the blue cloaked woman, crossing her long fingers together. "It's best that we hedge our bets by shutting that gadfly of a royal Shuian. Her older brother's time is also drawing closer."

"There's something else I wish for you to look into, " the yellow cloaked woman spoke up.

"What would that be?"

"As governor of Sera, you are the closest one to the rumored boy. The one who is said to have been devoured by one of those umber beings yet miraculously survived. We wish for you to figure out who it is for us to study closely at the upcoming Mahoulympics."

The green cloaked man snickered. "I hope that we can capture him. The idea of dissecting such a being is sumptuous. I desire to see what allowed him to survive. Such a person must truly be incredible."

"Get a hold of yourself, Guanine, " the blue cloaked woman said, sighing. "You will be the one leading our delegation at this year's games, so you best prepare the best team you can. We need to show the entire realm of Xeleria what we High Evolutionary Hierarchians can do."

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