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   Chapter 36 NO.36

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Hei growled as she jumped back on to her feet but not for long as Solean came up from behind and sent her flying.

That girl is strong but she's using up too much of her prana. All Hei needs to do is endure and wait out Solean's attacks. Though that's easier said than done give their strength and the elemental disadvantage.

I felt Solean gather lightning in her right hand and flames in her left. She delivered a spinning kick to the stomach of Hei, sending her flying into an unconscious Vermillion.

"Hei!" Iah yelled.

Hei suddenly transformed into Xuan and stood up. He glanced back at his older sister and grimaced. He glared at Solean.

Solean took deep breaths, her prana was low.

"Stand back, " Nekua said, putting a hand in front of her sister. "I'll deal with him and the two azure dragons of the east."

"Stop!" Koal said, grunting. I could feel his prana wavering, the kid could barely keep himself from losing conscious, less alone fight. "You can't deal with them by yourself..."

Nekua glanced at the tired Koal and Solean. "I have to! You two should rest. I'll at least buy you time!"

"Time, huh?" Azure said, rushing at her. "Won't let you! Bloom: Flower of the Heavens!"

Nekua leaped away as a vines rose from the ground.

"Hey, isn't this the same child who was learning how to use his powers a few months ago?" Nyima asked.

Iah smiled and nodded. "Azure is talented, more so than even I."

Nekua hugged herself, unleashing a spiral of flames in all directions, burning away the vines.

"Tsk. These are only vines, now where is the titular flower of the spell?" Her gaze fell to her feet. She jumped as far away as she could as a tiny blue flower rose up from the ground, spinning gently as its vines healed themselves.

Azure grinned. "You're smarter than you siblings it seems."

"How rude!" Solean said, sending flames at him.

Xuan shielded his little brother and unleashed a torrent at Solean, knocking her to the ground.

"Darn, I..."

"Nekua, it's up to you now, " Koal said as he closed his eyes.

"Allow me!" Aoitsuki yelled, moving Azure's floating flower, crashing toward Nekua.

Nekua gasped as she attempted to dodge but it was too late, the vines of the flower had wrapped around her arms and legs.

Aoitsuki snickered. "We won!"

"It's not over yet!" a voice called out from behind Iah's sister.

Azure turned around. "Move!" he screamed at the top of his lungs.

The figure that had been hiding all this time without making even a sound had finally moved, striking Aoitsuki in the back.

Aoitsuki grunted and collapsed to the floor.

"Aoitsuki!" Xuan yelled, rushing over to her. He narrowed his eyes at the spot where his cousin once stood. He couldn't see anyone. "Who is there?"

Azure turned toward his brother. The five year old put a hand over his right eye as he staggered back.

"Hey, are you alright?"

The little brother gasped. "Brother! Behind you!"

Xuan spu

Azure turned over to look at him and smiled, causing Koal to clench his teeth.

"You're mocking us?"

Azure gave him a confused look. "No..."

"Koal, calm down, " his mother said, patting his head.

Nyima sighed. "Seems your student is a lot like you, " she said, glancing at Lei.

Lei put his hands behind his head as he rose from his seat. "And what's that supposed to mean?"

Iah chuckled. "Yes. It is reminiscent of our battle on the ship."

Lei frowned. "Must you keep brining up my loss to you? How about we have a rematch? We haven't fought since then, I have grown pretty strong since then! Bet I can beat you know."

Iah gasped and averted his eyes. "Maybe that's true..."


Kadriya glanced over at us. "You five, come on down."

"Five?" Lei said, looking over at Eien. "You're participating?"

Eien shrugged. "I wasn't planning to, but seems the good king has volunteered me to aid you four losers. Guess I have to help now."

Lei's left eye twitched. He walked over to the Kyuu Seishinian prince, his turquoise eyes narrowed. "I have yet to have a fight with you. I seriously need to repay you for what you did in the courtroom."

Eien chuckled. "No thanks, I don't need you to repay me. Besides, you are far from my league. Only with your abyssmal powers can you hope to defeat me."

My childhood friend lowered his head. He was right, the only way he could defeat him was by borrowing that dark power...

Lei shook his head and leaped over the rails. I followed after him.

"Did I do something wrong?" Azure muttered to himself as he made his way toward us. He glanced up, my crimson eyes meeting his emerald ones.

Staring at his eyes reminded me of something, but I couldn't put together the shattered memory. Then there was that vision I had on the boat months ago in Eien's flames. In it I saw a teenage Celeste, but also a teenage Azure... This kid, he would need to be protected for he will play an important role one day...

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