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   Chapter 35 NO.35

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Lady Yeung returned with Azure, Xuán, Aoitsuki, Lei, Nyima, and her three children. Lei looked awful, his clothes had become charcoal colored and his hair was standing up oddly.

"What happened to you?" I asked.

Lei tried flattening his hair with his hands. "I don't want to talk about it."

"Why did you call us here?" Nyima said.

"How would you feel about battling us?" Lady Yeung said.

"Huh?" I said.

"You didn't hear her?" Kadriya said, returning from wherever he had gone off to. "We want to battle the four of you."

"One on one?" Azure asked.

"Well there's four kids on our side and five on your side so more like four versus five."

"Six, " Hei corrected, switching back and forth between herself and her brother.

"Five, six, we can beat you, " Solean said, grinning.

Vermillion scoffed. "Bring it. I'll take down that cry baby first."

"Zhuhong, " I said.

Vermillion covered her mouth.

"Now, how about us?" I said. "Two on one?"

"You four will battle the two of us."

Lei's eyes sparkled. "Like Zhuhong said, bring it!"

"This is a good chance to see some light spells in action, " Nyima said, grinning.

Adela grimaced. "Perhaps it would be better to sit this one out."

"Can't you fight with your eyes closed?" Lei asked.

"Yes, but it's like fighting with your hands tied behind your back. I won't be much help."

"Don't say that, " I said, walking over to her. "I can guide you with my earth powers."

Adela took in a deep breath. "Fine, I'll join in too."

"Two woods, two fires, and two waters against four fires seems unfair, at least for two of us, " Aoitsuki said.

"Not really, " Xuán said. "Hei and I balance out your disadvantage."

"Not really, " Solean said. "I have lightning on my side. Spa-"

"Don't!" Lei shouted, wringing his hands in the air. "Uh, you're not ready yet Solean."

Solean groaned. "Fine, but if things get tough I won't hold back!"

"We have to wait for Keanu and Koal to wake up though, " Lady Yeung said, staring at her unconcious sons. Lei sat Koal down next to the latter's older brother. The mother touched her child's forehead. "Light renewal!"

Nyima's eyes were concentrated on Lady Yeung's spell. Was she trying to see if she could learn it on her own? If she did then we would end up having problems in the Mahoulympics.

"Mommy? Teacher?" Keanu said, opening his eyes. "What is going on? Why is everyone here?" His eyes widened. "Don't tell me I nearly died."

"Nah, you're fine, " I said. "You simply fainted after exhausting yourself."

"Same goes for you, Koal, " Lei said, snickering.

"These kids remind me of a certain someone, " Nyima said, rolling her eyes at Lei.

"Is there really a need for a misdirect when it's so obvious who you speak of?" Adela asked, giggling.

Nyima chuckled. "True."

Lei narrowed his eyes at his female teammates and grumbled.

"I see, " Keanu said. "Then why are you all here?"

"We're going to battle these kids, " Nekua said. "Also our parents are going to fight our tutors."

Lord Kadriya lifted his hands into the air without warning. "Flaming Warp!" Flames enveloped all of us. My body felt a burst

t months ago."

Lei grimaced. "My student is going to have a hard time breaking through this."

Keanu ran through the crack of in the wall of wind and spread his arms outward. "Flaming Wings!" He snapped his fingers, igniting my brother's winds into humongous flames.

Lei gasped. "These kids are insane."

"Wait until you fight their parents, " Kadriya said, grinning.

Lei returned a grin of his own. "I'll try my best, even though the chances of victory are thin."

"Same here, " Nyima said, pumping a fist in the air.

I snickered. "Seems Lei's eagerness is rubbing off on someone." I turned my eye back at the battlefield. Vermeil and Keanu's attacks clashed, creating hollow semi-circles of orange and red on both sides.

Keanu and Vermillion stepped back from one another as the flames pettered out. Vermillion smiled at the boy. "Perhaps you are more than just a coward."

Keanu's face reddened. He collapsed on the ground. "And you're more than talk."

Vermillion laughed. "Expected me to be like you sister?"

Solean glared at her and zapped her with a bolt of lightning, sending her flying back. She stared at her sparking hand in awe. "I did it!"

"Sis!" Hei yelled. She glanced up and narrowed her eyes at Solean. She gave way to Xuan who attacked her with a water serpent.

Solean leaped back and sent sparks outward. "It's like color. I need to separate red and yellow, " she murmured to herself as she moved at an incredible speed. She appeared behind Xuan and tapped his neck.

He reverted to Hei who took the hit directly. She grimaced but kept her ground. "That's a nice little spark you got there."

Solean jumped away from her. "Tsk. Almost had you."

"Take her out now!" Koal said, struggling to stay conscious after his earlier spell.

Solean dove down as Hei went in for a punch. She spun her foot, knocking my cousin to the floor.

"Hei!" I yelled, leaning forward. There was a real chance that my family could lose in all of this...

**Solar Note: What do you think will happen next? Think that Iah's siblings and cousins will lose to the Hou siblings?**

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