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[A few moments earlier]

The children escorted me to a room with only a few chains. Otherwise, it was completely devoid of any furniture.

"Alright, both of you show me what you got!" I said, sitting down next to Adela on the metallic floor.

"What we got?" Koal asked, tilting his head at me.

I snickered and nodded. "Yeah, show me your magic. It can be your secondary elements or fire. I just want to get a feel of your power."

Koal grinned. "Got it!"

I glanced over at Adela. "Will you be fine? These kids will be using fire."

Adela leaned back against the wall which appeared to be made out of a wood of some sort. Her lips curved slightly. "I'll be fine, I'll simply close my eyes. Sensing their heat should be enough for me to gauge their strength."

I nodded and directed my gaze at the two children. "Go ahead, show us your magic."

Koal stretched both hands out and grinned. "Stand back, sis. You might get hurt."

Solean sighed. "Brother, I've seen your magic. It's not that strong, but whatever." She shrugged and marched over to join Adela and me.

Once she was seat, Koal formed flames. Two marble sized spheres formed in his palms. The orbs rotated at breathtaking speeds, spitting out flames like some sort of firework. He raised his right leg and stepped forward.

The flames formed rings and spun around his arms like hoops.

"Woah! Nice trick!" I said, clapping and laughing.

Koal giggled. "Thanks."

Solean, narrowing her eyes at her brother, stood up and stomped the ground. "Koal, be serious!"

The boy grinned as the thin ring of flames went from red to blue and flared up to the size of tractor tires.

"These are coming from a five-year-old?" Adela asked, keeping her eyes closed. "They're intense."

I nodded as sweat began to secrete from my forehead. The boy had poured his wind prana into the flames, giving them their intensity and size. "Yeah. Hey, Koal, dial down the flames."

The kid let out a sigh of relief and fell down to one leg. His breathing was heavy. The flames around his arms died out completely.

"Koal, " Solean said, rushing to attend her brother. "You okay?"

Koal raised a thumb up.

"You were awesome out there, " I said, grinning. "To think that a little kid could make flames that intense."

Adela grumbled. "You know, my flames were as strong as his when I was his age... though, to see someone match my skill is a rarity."

"Right, your wood prana feeds into your flames too! Hmm, if only one of mine complimented the other like yours."

Adela smiled. "There are ways in which wind and lightning mix. Hey, how about after this, you come with me back home? To Xian. You have the ability to use darkness now, which means you can start learning our clan's techniques."

A giant grin covered my face. "That's right! Darkness makes three elements!" My smile gradually faded as I recalled the holy text. "But would I really be allowed? I mean, my darkness is from an abysmal being, the enemies of the Goddess of Light."

at as he can now use dark prana."

I put my hands behind my head once more. "Yup."

Solean touched her head. "I'm not sure if I understand."

Lei grinned. "Ah, seems we confused you with all of this babble. Anyway, what we meant to say is that your prana is like two colors which are hard to tell apart. You must segregate them in order to use them on their own. Using my color example, I will say that your lightning prana, represented by yellow for the sake of this example, and your fire prana, red, are closely connected, forming orange."

Solean pouted. "But Lei mixes his wind with his flames, why can't I do that?"

"They compliment each other well, though fire and lightning do too. The issue is that your prana is unbalance, resulting in an orange-red rather than a solid orange."

Solean closed her eyes. "Wish I was more into colors like Nekua is, but I think I'm starting to get it. It's like when one mixes colors for fingerpainting, right?"

I chuckled. "Exactly!"

She giggled. "Yay!"

"Sorry to interrupt, " Lady Yeung said, standing by the open door. "My husband wishes to see all of you." She gazed at Koal. "Did he faint too?"

"Yeah, he exhausted himself, " Solean said, walking over to her kid brother.

Lady Yeung sighed as she made her way toward Koal. "These boys sure go all out."

"Solean would've too, if I didn't stop her, " I said, nodding.

She smiled. "I am assuming she's the reason why you look like that?"

I touched my face which was covered in a charcoal-like substance. "Yes... So, what is it that Mr. Huo wants?"

"I'm not all that sure, he didn't elaborate on it." She lifted Koal into her arms.

I grinned. "I see. Well I get the feeling that it's something awesome!"

**Solar Note: Sorry for the slightly over two month delay, I got caught up doing other stuff. I'm hoping to get the next chapter done for this Friday, but there is a chance that I may not as I got an interview for Grad School. Anyway, I hope that you enjoyed this chapter :3.**

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