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   Chapter 33 NO.33

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Keanu stood at the corner of a once empty room as I covered the floor in stones and dirt.

"You're good at this, " he said in his small voice.

"You will soon be too, " I said, grinning. I threw him a pebble and rose to my full height. "Close your eyes and focus on that stone like this..." I closed my eyes. "Concentrate on the stone, and chant Terra."

The tiny stone in my hand glowed light yellow as it grew and grew until it was the size of a one ton boulder. Gently, I put down my rock and glanced over at my student. Keanu's pebble was still just a pebble.

The young heir closed his eyes again and chanted 'Terra'. Nothing happened. He repeated the process over and over until the pebble was finally double its old size. He smiled and dropped the pebble. He faltered unto the floor.

"Keanu!" I yelled, running over to him. I picked him up into my arms and pressed the back of my left hand against his head. He was burning up, he had over exerted himself.

I didn't think he was transmitting any prana unto the stone at all. In reality he had been adding little by little during his un-manifested spells.

"I'm fine, " he said, jumping out of my arms. He glanced at the ground. His red eyes searched the floor around us carefully. He picked up pebbles the size of the one he had dropped.

"You're looking for your pebble?" I said, kneeling down to help him.

He nodded. "It's my first earth spell." He said with a smile.

I picked up a stone similar to the one he dropped. "Is this it?"

He grabbed the stone. "Seems like it."

I couldn't help but laugh. "They all look the same, so how can you tell."

Keanu closed his eyes and chanted "Terra." The stone grew twice as large as before. It had traces of his magic left in it. He didn't seem tired despite having casted another spell.

Did this eight year-old boy call upon the energy left behind in the stone previously? Or was he perhaps piling up his Prana into the stone? Piling up one's energy into an object is a very earth mage thing to do. Did he do it on purpose though? Or was it an accident?

"Hey Keanu, " I said, staring at the smiling kid. "When did you cast your first earth spell? Your mother mentioned how you and your siblings just started using your new elements, so how did you know, or awakened your earth magic?"

"I didn't, " he said, raising his eyes from his stone. "This is my first spell. Mother told me I could learn earth magic as she taught me how to use fire magic. Not sure how she figured that out from that alone. Also, I saw an earth user on TV, he was awesome. He was all blam! Throwing rocks everywhere! Though this guy was an angel."

"An angel?"

He nodded. "It was an old recording from around the time when I was but an infant. Of course, I didn't see it until I was Koal and Nekua's age. He was awesome! He wielded a shield!"

"A shield...?"

Why does that seem familiar? But more importantly, Lady Yeung saw ability to use earth when he was using fire magic? How did his earth magic materialize while using fire? "Can you cast a fire spell you are well versed in?"

He closed his eyes and raised a hand in the air. "Mr. Wudi, move out of the way."

I didn't know why a child, especially one like Keanu would tell me to mo

You are a Huo, aren't you?"

"What?" Lady Yeung said, covering her mouth.

"Is that story really true?" I said, scratching the back of my head. "Then am I a Huo?"

"It may be, " Kadriya said. "It's difficult to tell as the legend goes far back. In all likelihood your Huo blood is barely there anymore, as this legend goes back thousands of years, so technically you aren't a Huo. I will say this, the ones who show off their Huo blood the best are the birds. In the last Mahoulympics I participated in there was a boy with flames that reminded me of my own when I was his age" He grabbed the two red haired kids hiding behind the door. I caught these two snooping around the house."

"Akatsuki, Zhuhong!" I yelled, stomping toward the door. "What were you doing? You're guests here!"

"We got bored of watching the kids use other elements so we decided to leave and explore the house for some fire spells, " Vermillion said. "Sorry. You must be very mad... calling me Zhuhong."

I crossed my arms and took in a deep breath. "You should have waited and asked to be shown some spells after we finished training the Huo. You two could learn a lot from those kids."

"Really?" Vermillion said, giving me a skeptical look. "That girl who hit my brother ended up using fire instead of lightning a moment ago. It makes me wonder how much they know, especially since they are younger than me. Akatsuki is also more talented than those kids his age."

"So you wish to learn strong fire spells, is that correct?" Kadriya asked, rubbing his chin. His eyes danced around and a half smile covered his face. "Will you two be patient enough for Keanu to awaken?"

"Sure, " Akatsuki said, nodding.

"What are you planning?" I said, narrowing my eyes.

Kadriya's half smile became a full smile. "Yeung can you call the kids back here? In the meantime I'll prepare the largest training room we have."

Yeung nodded with as much excitement as her husband. She left me alone with Keanu, Kadriya, and the vermilion birds.

**Solar Note: What do you think of the history of the Huo and Wudi? Any thoughts about Keanu's power? What do you except Kadriya is plotting?**

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