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All of us ran out of the red room and headed to the end of the hall. Yeung opened another black oak door. "What's wrong?" Yeung asked, searching for her crying son.

"Come on!" Vermillion yelled as she reached under a tiny bed. "Come on, I won't hurt you!" She flashed the kid a smile. "You can trust me."

He finally reached his hand out. I could see that Vermillion wanted to yank him out of there as her hand was twitching. Yet somehow she managed to keep herself from doing so, allowing Keanu to trust her.

"There you go, " she said.

Keanu smiled a little. He pushed himself from under the bed. One could finally get a good look at him now that he wasn't partially hidden. The kid was 3' 8 foot tall with caramel brown hair and light brown skin. His red eyes seemed to hold the power of the core of a small planet.

Those eyes, do they reflect the depth of his power?

"I'm sorry for fleeing, " he said.

Vermillion hugged him. "Ah he's so cute. Can we take him home with us?"

"No, " I said. "Now let go of the poor boy he looks claustrophobic."

She noticed the color of Keanu's face had become pale. She let's go of him. "Sorry."

"I'll save you big brother!" A blond haired girl ran into the room wielding a stick. "It may have taken me a while but I found the perfect weapon! Now, who dares mess with Keanu?"

"Calm down, " Hei said. "And slow down!" She slammed Hei into the wall with her stick. "Oww."

"Sorry, " she said. "I lost control over my swing there." She smiled at him. "It's nice to meet you I'm Solean."

"Yeah it's very nice. Now would you mind getting that stick off me? You're pressing it against my lungs, " he said.

Keanu and Vermillion helped their siblings get up.

"Those are some children you have, " I said, snickering.

"Yeah, they can be quite a handful, " Yeung said, sighing. She embraced her kids. "Should've thought twice before having two kids one year apart."

"Keanu!" a boy yelled.

"Another one, " Azure said, spinning around.

"Who are you?" the new boy asked. He had short red hair, and blue eyes. He wore a red cape and held a golden toy wand. He stepped back. "Are you here to kidnap us?"

Azure narrowed his eyes at him much like his father would do whenever one would ask something he deemed stupid. "Would a kid your age really seek to kidnap you? Sure one may suspect of Iah but to ask me that? You've been having too many role plays."

The boy's face turned red. "So who are you then?"

"I'm Tiānlán sè Wudi, but everyone calls me Azure. The two oldest kids here are my siblings Zhuhong or Vermillion as she likes to go by, and Hei. The teenager and the twins my age are my cousins Iah, Akatsuki, and Aoitsuki."

The red-haired kid's eyes glowed as soon as he heard the word 'twins'. "Twins? So I'm not the only one?"

"You have a twin too?" Aoitsuki said.

"Nekua!" the boy yelled.

A blue haired girl in a cute blue and white dress poked her head into the room. "What is it Koal, can't you see we have visitors? Hello guests, sorry for my siblings' misbehavior. I'm Nekua Huo. I hope you can forgive my siblings for their childish behavior."

"You're a kid too you know, " Solean said, crossing her arms over her chest. "Act your age."

"You're older, so act more mature than me then we'll talk, " she said.

"Better yet I shouldn't have had six so close together."

"Six?" I said.

"The other two are asleep." Loud cries filled the house. "Or at least they were. You four shouldn't have made such a ruckus."

"We're sorry, " Keanu, Solean, and Koal said.

"I did nothing, " Nekua said, crossing her arms.

"Well I'm going to go quite them down. You four behave while I'm gone."

"Wait, " Nekua said. "When will my tutor arrive?"

"She'll arrive shortly."

"You also have a tutor?" I said. "What element are you learning?"

"Water!" she said.

"Water?" everyone in my family and me said.

"You have fire though, " Vermillion said. "While Earth may be strong against Fire they aren't as polarizing as Water and Fire are. Fire is an element that drains the user's prana rapidly while water is one which flows more gently and smoothly."

"They're like North and South, " Hei said. "Poles. Trust us we should know about this."

"And wood's opposite is metal, " Aoitsuki said.

"That was random, " Akatsuki said.

She gazes at her hands. "Sorry but you were talking about North and South...I felt West and East were being left out."

I patted my sister's head. "Well that was a nice little lesson. Now the Center also feels that way. Earth is the point in which the others move around. However all five elements; Wood, Metal, Fire, Water, and Earth are affected by, and affect each other. Without one the other wouldn't exist so a balance must be maintained between the five. However this is all just philosophy of our clan, you clan probably has something else."

"The elemental balance, " Keanu said. He

great clan to take on. The thirteen wielded not just Light magic but various kinds as well, ranging from Lightning to Fire."

"What happened to the lights?" I said.

"They vanished after the end of the seventh year. They faded from the world in a great explosion of light, taking a great deal of knowledge with them. Recently there have been accounts of them reappearing, such rumors say they still look as young as they did during their attack, some of them fourteen and some in their twenties."

"Fourteen to twenties?" Lei said. "Some were our age, while others were older or even could they have defeated a clan..."

"I have a theory, would you like to hear a quick summary of it before you go?"

"Yes please, " Nyima said.

"I believe those fourteen have yet to regroup. The rumors talk only of a small group of seven, five of them teens, and two kids no older than eight. They are dressed in white robes with golden trim, holding wands made out of silver wood. Each time only those same seven are said to be spotted, roaming, as if looking for some people. I believe they are searching for the remaining seven members. Why would they be searching for them? The answer I came up with is that the Clan's final spell wasn't a normal teleportation spell, nor a suicidal attack. The spell was a reincarnation spell, in other words thirteen of the fourteen who vanished have been reborn into this world. As to why they would go ahead and go to the trouble of being reborn? I really don't know."

That description... Kun and the others... could they be...

"Where were they last spotted?" I asked.

"They were heading on route to Kyuu Seishin. My friends said they heard from some merchants that they were spotted heading towards your school. It appears they were attracted by the hole that mysteriously appeared there."

"The portal to the Abyss, " Lei said, his face contorting with concern. He too must have thought the same as I. "What could be their connection to it be?"

"Who knows, " Mrs. Huo said. She gulped. "Maybe the last seven are in your school. If so the seven will search for them. They may even pretend they're students."

Like Kun and Nahimana...

"So, how did these books end up in the hands of the man who sold them to your father?" Nyima asked.

"As I said I'm don't even know if father did get them that way. I still haven't been able to figure that out. Nor do I know the homeland of the fourteen."

"Come on, " Nekua yelled. "We've been waiting for a long time now."

"We're coming, " Nyima said.

I glanced over at Lei who was sweating.

"You also think that Kun is connected, don't you?" I asked.

Lei glanced up from the wood floor. "I... I don't know what to think. On the way here, Kun said that he'll be heading to Kyuu Seishin to check up on the condition of the hole as well as to hold a meeting with Nahimana, Ry, and some others."

"Lei, " Adela said, placing a hand on his shoulder.

"Hmm, so despite all these months, we still don't know what Kun is up to... nor who he truly is..."

**Solar Note: Happy 2018, everyone :D! Hope that you'll look forward to reading more of Immortal Sun Mist Emperor in the upcoming year :3.

What do you think Kun and the other white-cloak wearers are hiding, if anything?**

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