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I stared at the soaring mountains all around me. A thin mist descended from them, covering the city in a white blanket. Even the multi-story palace which laid beyond a polished three-meter tall jasper wall at the center of town. Or at least a material which resembled jasper. It by far had more strength than the usual stone did.

Taking a deep breath, I pushed open a pair of golden gates. Only members of the royal family were allowed to enter and leave the place at will without requiring the guards to open them.

Beyond the wall rested a complex made up of five buildings. The first one I came across was vermilion and had a reddish-golden bird perched on top of a red tiled rooftop. Around it was a garden of flowers. They say that the building was the original building in the town and even that it served as the original palace. If so then the old center part of the building far surpassed the age of the Wudi clan itself. It was a Xianian constructed building.

"Prince Iah, " several servants said as I walked through the porch of the vermilion building. They were all girls wearing identical red robes fastened by pink sashes around their tiny frames. The three instantly dropped what they were doing and bowed. "Welcome back o honorable future sovereign."

Future sovereign...

I wasn't even sure about accepting the throne yet...

I raised my right hand up and down to indicate to them to rise.

The two maiden instant walked over to me and summoned some golden robes which they draped over me. I took the sash from them and fasted the robes over my casual clothes. Meanwhile, I did that, a third maiden untied my samurai bun and combed my hair back before placing a tiny golden crown on top of my head. The prince's crown they called it.

I sighed. It felt weird to be treated this way after so long.

"Thanks, " I said, smiling at the three girls.

"No need, Prince Iah, " the three said, bowing once more. "The three of us are but your humble servants. We are to serve the royal family until our dying breathes, that is our fate."

I sighed and glanced up at the red-gold bird high above where I stood.

"I understand that you're thankful for what my family has done for you, but don't you have any dreams?" I asked, reaching a hand out for the heavens.

"No, sire, " said one of the three. She had short red hair which reached up to her neck. "Well, none either than to serve His Higheness and all of his family. You are the reason we still draw breath."

That's not what I wanted to hear...

"It's as Ling says, " said a second. This one had the same red hair but hers reached as far as the bottom of her spine.

The third one simply nodded.

"I... I see, " I said, smiling. "Well, I'll be on my way now."

I ran off.

Those three were so royal to the crown. It was kind of eerie. At the same time, it was kind of soothing; knowing that there were people who depended on my family and trusted on them with all their hearts. That they trusted us meant that we were doing a good job as sovereigns of the land given to us by our gods.

I stopped running as I came across a bridge which cut through a pond filled with lily pads. There was even a tiny lily floating in the water. Squatting, I put my arm between gold and red bars and reached for the pink and blue flower. I stopped and stood up.

No, I should let the others have a chance to witness this beauty. Pink and blue, reminds me of those two girls.

I stood up and made my way to the building to the north. It was a yellow and gold one, the current main palace with two statues that resembled my dragon form. They served as guardians of the palace.

If I were to become Emperor of the Wudi then it will continue to occupy such a position into the foreseeable future. It would be awhile before any of the other palaces occupied the throne.

I glanced over to my right and saw an azure pagoda which raised high into the heavens. Coiled around the green rod on top of the building was a greenish-blue dragon whose body seemed to be made out of plants. It's said that building once housed a man who ruled all of Xeleria.

Shifting my glance to my left, I saw a building as white as snow. It was the second oldest building of the entire complex. The path between the central and western buildings was made up of white-flower plum trees. Their petals dyed the northern shore of the pond as well as parts of the golden building itself.

I smiled at the sight and continued on my way. I passed the twin statues.

Perhaps I should say hello to uncle... no, he's probably busy. He already took enough time off to attend my entrance ceremony and the festival at Kyuu Seishin several months ago. Losing that precious time likely swamped him with stuff to do.

I shook my head, getting the image of me doing all that work one day out. I turned toward the right and went a

re just being modest aren't you? My sister and you are welcome to come if you want, well if your parents give you permission."

"Okay, " he said, smiling. This time it was a sincere one.


Early in the morning my cousins, siblings, and I had gathered in the central room of the southernmost building. Despite being over ten-thousand years old, the red room still looked as good in shape as always. Then again, my grandmother had made sure to renovate it several centuries back. Though just like in the main lobby of my house, there was nothing in it. Well, nothing except for a giant light blue crystal which took up a ninth of the total space. The thing oozed out a powerful aura.

This was my first time using the crystal in a long time. Wahkan didn't allow me to use the teleportation crystal, so I had to travel the rest of the way like the others. And Kyuu Seishin and Mina's crystals were blocked from teleporting others to and from. That was because of our long and bloodied history.

Miha, the home of the Huo clan, and Mina, on the other hand enjoyed relatively good relations. The Huo clan had such a sad recent history, having been nearly wiped out before I was born. No one, at least no one outside of their clan, knew who caused it.

"Touch the crystal, " I told the kids as I myself did that. The children followed my lead and touched it. Soon we felt our bodies dissolve into light.

When we came to we were in a room identical to the one we were just in.

"It didn't work, " Azure said, staring at the place. He gasped as his emerald eyes fell upon the golden flame insignia over the door way. "Wait, that's not..."

"This room must be a replica of the one back home, " Vermillion said as she made her way to the black oak doors. Suddenly the doors opened.

"Welcome, " a woman said as she smiled at us. She had long blond hair and wore a white dress and simple golden bracelets. "I'm Yeung Huo. I'm overjoyed that you accepted my husband's invitation to train our son." She touched something or rather someone hiding behind her legs. "Come out Keanu don't be shy."

"I don't want to, " said a brown haired seven-year-old, hugging his mother's leg.

Yeung sighed. "I'm so sorry, he doesn't go out much so he tends to be a little shy around strangers." The queen of Miha turned around and beckoned her son forward. "Come on, this nice young man came here to be your tutor in Earth magic."

He poked his head out a little, his red eyes glittered with curiosity. "Earth magic?" he said.

"That's right, didn't you want to learn more about that magic you saw on television?"

"I-" He let go of his mother and ran off into the long hallway on the other side of the doors.

"Come back here!" Yeung said, twisting around. "Keanu!"

"I'll get him, " Vermillion said. She stride through the wooden floored hall.

"Wait for us, " Akatsuki yelled, running after her.

"Sorry, " I said. "I should've asked you before bringing my cousins and siblings."

"That's fine, " she said, smiling. "Keanu could use the company of people other than his family."

"Mommy! Help!" Keanu yelled.

**Solar Note: I hope that you enjoyed this chapter :3! I hope to finish 2017 off with Episode 30, so look forward to that :3**

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