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I awoke in a dark, damp, cold room. My wrists were shackled to the brick wall. Thankfully the shackles were long, allowing me to move my arms with relative ease.

Footsteps could be heard coming from down the hall. I pulled my upper body up. The room was a jail cell.

"Hello, " said Eien as he turn his icy eyes toward me.

"Eien, where are we? Why am I being kept here?" I said. "What happened?" My turquoise eyes hit the floor. "Actually, how is it that I'm even alive?"

"You turned into a monster of the Abyss. They need to make sure you're not a threat to us. Don't worry you'll be facing trial soon."


"Yeah, the Seven Grand Judges will be deciding your fate." He held an apple toward me and threw it. I managed to catch it in time.

The Seven Grand Judges? As in the Supreme Magic Council? Why are they involved?

"Enjoy that apple. That's all you'll be getting until the trial is over, " Eien said, putting his hands into the pockets of his jeans. He snickered and took out a green notebook from his pants pocket and threw it. "There's that too. I wrote a little in there, hope you don't mind. Honestly, you're more analytic than I expected."

I glanced down at the notebook and then looked up to see Eien walk away. "Wait! Tell me, how are the others?" I asked.

The prince stopped and tilted his head toward me. "They're preparing for your trial. If they must defend you they will be ready to do so." He paused. "There were a lot of deaths in that battle."

I punched the mattress under me. "I couldn't... I couldn't save them."

He whispered something that almost sounded like "Neither could I." Eien started to walk away. "Get some rest, you only have eight hours until your trial."

"What time is it?"

"It's already night, as for the day, it's already been a week since the battle, " he said. "The dead are still currently being identified and brought back home for burial rites. We are fortunate that we managed to hold down the enemy in Kyuu Seishin."

Eien left me alone in that dark underground... there were no animals but the place was still as daunting as if there were rats all around me.

I couldn't sleep, all night I thought of my classmates, those dead in the attack. Were my friend alive? Had we managed to close that portal?

Sighing, I opened my notebook. No idea how that guy got it, but having it with me was nice. A gasp escapes my lips as I stare at what was written in red ink on the back of the front cover.


The silence was finally broken by more footsteps. This time my visitor was a raven haired, dark skinned woman.

"Lei Lan, your trial will be beginning, " she said, staring right into my yes. She had extremely beautiful onyx eyes that seemed to absorb all light into them.

I smiled. "Finally, I've been waiting all night anxiously."

She laughed as she opened the cell. "Funny, you're the first person whom seems to be anxious for a trial in which he may be executed."

I jumped back. "Executed..." I let out a nervous chuckle and stared at my notebook as the chains unlocked on their own. "Why am I not surprised?"

So that's what that guy meant with 'high stakes'.

"You mean you weren't told? That boy, Eien, was allowed to speak to you in exchange for telling you." She walked over to me and removed the handcuffs that held me chained to the wall. However, she quickly put on me a new pair. "You seem like a good boy, nothing like what I imagined a 'monster' to look like."

I chuckled, this time genuinely. "You know, looks can be deceiving."

She nodded. "Yeah, I know."

She escorted me upstairs. The natural light hurt my eyes, having not seen it for a day, though it felt comforting.

"This way, " the woman ordered.

I gazed around the place. The surface looked like a palace with its colorful marble statues of cloaked wizards, there had to be like one for every element of magic, even the obscure kinds.

Another thing that made it look like a palace beyond the crystal chandeliers, and red curtains were the hand drawn portraits of the seven Magus Maximi. Each one had a golden and silver frame and were arranged in reverse chronological order starting with Takehaya.

"Takehaya no Mikoto, " the woman said, gazing at a man who greatly resembled Eri and Serein. "One of the three deities that governed this world, one of the three heavenly rulers. Also the first Emperor of the first United Xelerian Empire."

"ōhirume and Tsukumu are the other two, " I said, gripping my notebook.


o help Lei."

"Adela, calm down, " he says.

"Calm down?" she snapped. "How am I supposed to calm down when our friend is being beaten up before our very eyes?"


Eien moved in front of me, blocking Adela from view and punched me square in the jaw. "Come on monster, fight back!"

I clenched my teeth and my fists, a thin aura of darkness enveloped me. I wished that I could hit him back. No, that would've looked bad.

"Adela, " Eien said, shaking his head at her. "Why do you defend him? If he's a monster?"

"He's not a monster. Would a monster save his comrades?"

"Didn't he almost choke you?" Eien said, grinning.

"What?" I asked, as my mouth fell open despite the pain it caused.

Eien stepped out of the way, allowing me to see Adela's furious face.

"You tried to kill her, " the prince continued. "Had it not been for Wanikiya stopping you, you would've become a murderer. Zelde who was at the scene confessed this information to me, so I have little reason to doubt its authenticity."

"Damn her, " Adela yelled. "To think that I trusted her..."

"Is that true?" the fourth judge says. This one wore a yellow veil.

Adela gazed at me with distressed eyes. Eien is right... I did try to, didn't I? I almost killed Adela... He was right... I truly have become... a monster.

Wanikiya touched her shoulder, snapping her out of it.

Adela nodded. "Yes that's true."

Eien kicked me over the head with the back of his foot.

"Stop it!" Adela yelled as flames erupted from her hands.

Why did she keep defending me? I tried to kill her! Eien was right, I have become a monster.

"The monster is going to come out, " Mr. Obi said, stepping back. "Everyone prepare to flee or fight."

"No, restrain yourself Lei, " Adela cried. She shrugged off Wanikiya and ran over to me, jumping over the barricade to aid me.

"Stand back Adela, " I yelled. Looking down at the floor, I took in a deep breath. "I won't become a demon! I won't become a monster!"

"Lei, " Wanikiya cried, staring at the two of us. "Adela it'll be best if you return."

I gazed up at Adela and Eien, and at the judges whose faces I couldn't see behind those veils. "I won't allow the darkness to control me like that again."

"What assurances do we have?" Mr. Obi snapped.

I smiled. "Well I haven't been taken over have I?"

Eien turned around and put his left hand on my shoulders. "The boy has a point. As you can all see, he managed to survive all that without turning."

"I believe that we've seen enough, " the fifth judge said. She wore a white veil. She turned toward her colleagues. "Don't you all agree?"

The yellow veiled man nodded and vanished from view. One by the one the other five followed until on the white veiled woman was left.

"We will now make our decision, " the white veiled woman said, vanishing from view.

**Solar Note: Hope that you enjoyed having a longer chapter to read for a change xD. I hope to publish the conclusion to the trial tomorrow :3**

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