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The next thing I knew I was inside the school infirmary. All three beds in the room were occupied by injured or unconscious students. Surprisingly one of them was Ulissis. How had he survived considering his apparent lack of magic? I had assumed that he and the others were attacked by another group of shadow creatures. The other two beds meanwhile were occupied by Lei and I. Wanikiya however was nowhere to be seen. Was his wound more severe than I had expected?

"Good, you are awake, " Wanikiya said, opening the curtain. He faced his childhood friend and laughed bitterly. "I couldn't protect him, I allowed the shadows to consume him. How did he survive though?"

"I have no idea. When I found him, he was in the shape of a strange creature, a cat like creature."

"A cat-like creature? That's... Lei was being devoured by a creature that resembled a big cat before I... ran away."

I nodded, recalling what he had told me before I had ran off. "Perhaps that creature I saw possessed Lei, or perhaps it was the opposite. Either way, Lei is fine."

The door slammed open as if timed. Eien walked in dressed in a blue military uniform. "Has the impure one awakened just yet?"

Wanikiya stood up. "Who are you calling impure?"

"Your friend. He's been contaminated by the shadows of the Dimension of Darkness. The Supreme Imperial Magic Court has already received word of this, they are seeking to try your friend."

"Why?" I said, rising from my bed. "He's done nothing wrong. Whatever happened to him isn't his fault. What is the Magic Court trying to achieve with this?"

Eien turned around. "I don't know. All I know is that they are being cautious. Your friend in their eyes has changed, his magic has shifted into something unseen before. In other words your friend has become something that isn't a Xelerian. He may present a threat to the order of the Xelerian Empire."

"Again, that makes no sense, " I said. My nails dig into my blankets. "We need to find someone who can defend him in court."

Eien's mouth curled up into a smug grin. "Look no further, I have already been appointed to the job."

"You will defend Lei?" I said.

"Yes. Do you lack confidence in me?"

"You're not a professional judge, " Wanikiya said.

Eien's eyes seemed to peer deeply into my mind like when we were on the boat. I quickly adverted his glance.

He snickered. "The Kyuu Seishinian Magic Council wanted someone at the vicinity of the events to serve as his defendant. The rest of your friends and I discussed which of us would represent Lei and in the end I was chosen by over half of the people. The one who came closest was Zelde. She only needed two votes to be his representative."

"You didn't choose Wanikiya?"

"I wasn't aware of this at all. Why didn't Zelde tell me anything?"

"It was a rushed vote, we couldn't

ere pretty tough."

"Perhaps that was it. Anyways, enough about me." I side eye Lei. "Do you think that he will be fine? The trial will start as soon as he awakens. I wish I could... but that would be unethical."

"What would?" Nyima asked, narrowing her eyes.

I shook my head and walked over to the door. "Forget what I said. Nyima, do you think you could watch over Lei, there's something I'll like to go do."

Nyima crossed her arms and sat down in Adela's former seat. "Fine. Just know that I won't feed him if he wakes up early."

"He's not an infant, " Adela snapped, raising up from her bed.

I paused, and spread my arms out in front of the girls and Lei. The door slammed open, the exit was blocked by several mages in dark grey cloaks. "We've come for the boy who was overcome by the shadows, " one of them, a woman, said.

Damn, too late, they were already here.

Adela staggered closer to Lei. "Who are you?"

"We are the Imperial Police. We have an arrest warrant for the boy you're guarding."

Adela put a hand around Lei's and narrowed her eyes at them.

One of the officer stepped over and removed her hand from Lei.

"Lei!" she yelled as another carried him away like a sack of potatoes. She stumbled forward, she would've fallen face flat if it weren't for me.

"Adela, sit down and rest, " I said. I glanced up at the officer who had removed her hand from Lei.

The officer sighed turned his back to us. "Do not worry, he will be well taken care of. His fate will be determined at court, not here, " he said before opening the door. Adela, Nyima, and I watched as they took away Lei as if he were someone accused of having committed a high crime against the Third Xelerian Empire. Worst of all was the three of us were useless in defending him. It was our fault...

**Solar Note: Hope that you enjoyed this chapter :). What do you think Lei's fate will be?**

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