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My katana clashed against one of his tails while the rest of them extend outward. They turned, moving slowly at first before suddenly closing in from behind me. Snickering, I spun my sword, slashing down the tails.

The beast let out a deafening shriek and stepped back.

"You brats... it's all your fault that my plans aren't going according to order!"

I smiled. "Talking about Kun and Nahimana? Those two did a pretty good job at stopping you."

"Did they? At the end they only created this awful mess. If they hadn't intervened then none of this would've happened!"

"Is that so?" Aria said as she stood up. She was unharmed. She shot a kunai at his. The monster swung at it with his bleeding nine tails but the weapon avoided them like a tracking missile.

The beast gasped as the kunai struck its chest. He took a step back and touched his chest. He let out a low gurgle and stared at the exposed red core on his chest.

I raised my katana in front of me and charged at him as he continued to stare at the wound in bewilderment. "Die!"

"No, you die!" he screamed as his body let out intense heat. All around the two of us were red flames which seemed to go on forever.

"That jerk, " Aria said, gazing up at the flames above us.

I turned around and saw an older in a white cloak. "Thanks for saving us, Zhi."

Zhi simply nodded as she struggled to keep the heat of the flames as well as the actual fire from burning us alive.

Aria stared at the light colored barrier. "Come on, you can do it!"

Suddenly the flames died down as a heavy downpour came down on the burnt forest. No plant, animal, or other living being remained alive within a 2 mile radius. Well, none other than us.

"Here I thought that we had defeated that guy months ago, " said a familiar voice. Calmly walking over to us was navy blue haired man accompanied by n

ere mentioned."

I nodded and said, "I am not all that sure. Those three back there would know. So, what was mentioned in those notes? And why barely bring them up?"

Aria pushed her silver bangs back as she looked for the burnt husk of at least one tree. Yet ash was all there was for feet and feet. "It mentioned how they were hoping to rebuild their relationship with Sera's Shui to combat the growing influence H.E.H is having. It appears that Sera is but a puppet for H.E.H."

I closed my eyes as we neared some scorched trees. "Well, it appears that the king of Sera finally grew a backbone."

"Qing has to be careful, " Aria said, closing her eyes. "Mother says that H.E.H. isn't kind to those weak ones whom they see no use for. Though In my opinion Qing-Yuan has grown stronger in terms of character."

"Think that we should monitor them?" Zhi asked, giving me her usual stoic look. "Those folks were the ones responsible for Ry after all."

Aria gasped. "What, Ry? What do you mean?"

I sighed and continued on my way. "I'll tell you later. For now we got to see the other three. We need to tell them what happened here."

**Solar Note: Thanks for continuing to read the ISME Saga. I hope that you enjoyed this chapter :3.**

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