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"Boukyaku!" aunt Koukyuu yelled, running toward us. "Eien just informed us, Lei is in Wahkan. Nyima and the others have closed the gates between the universes firmly and destroyed most the creatures. However, some still linger."

"Not for long, " Tahoma said as he emerged from the forest, several red cores on hand."

I stood up, glancing at him. "You said that your job was to close the hole to the abyss when we first met back in capital."

Tahoma nodded. "That's correct. It's for that reason that I need you to get away from here. This area still contains a great deal of darkness."

"Do you know of any abyssal creature with white hair and resembles a person?"

His eyes widened. "A creature that takes on the shape of a person? I've heard that there were beings that resembled angels.

I recalled the crescent bow the man wielded against us. The weapon wasn't a normal tool form our world. "The guy had a weapon that was reminiscent of an angel too and a wand."

Aunt crossed her arms as if perturbed. "A weapon that is like those of Zionia and our own?" She closed her eyes and furrowed her brow. "In all my life I've only seen a few fitting that description. Our own Magus Maximus has one. Most who do are extremely dangerous individuals, though the ones I've met didn't come from the abyss. Well, except for one..."

"You never met a white haired man with a bow shaped weapon?" I queried further.

At this my aunt opened her eyes and her mouth. "A bow?"

"Yeah, a black one with a crescent moon on it."

"I once met a person with such a weapon. But the individual who wielded it had black hair, not white. Though... it's possible that whoever this is somehow recovered it after the last war..."

Shivers ran up my spine. "Wait, you're making it sound like you've been to the Abyss before. Have you? If so, how may we get there?"

Aunt nodded. "Felt like I've answered this so many times already. Yes, I have. One of those portals was the one which caused this whole mess. But like I said, Nyima and the others closed all of them up. Why do you ask?"

I curled my hands into tight fists. "Lucette... she fell into that world. Tell me, do you think that she might still be alive?"

"That world is a harsh one, " Ms. Key said as she floated down into the meadow. "Lucette is strong, but the chances of her surviving on her own are hard. We barely managed to survive in groups."

I closed my eyes as a faint memory returned. It was of a black winged angel with a shield. They had mentioned something about it. Back then, shadows similar to those that attacked us desc

. You're a persistent bunch, aren't ya? I already said that I got no time for you!" I unleashed a roar, sending the annoying duo flying into the forest.

I turned tail and ran. There was no time to waste, I had to retrieve the abysmal monster whose aura came from the other side. The beast's core was filled with incredible energy.

"I told you to stop!" Aria yelled, pursuing me with incredible speed.

I should've expected this from the daughter of one of the seven judges. A ring of red spherical flame danced around me. "Take this!" The nine fireballs flew out in all directions, lighting the forest on fire.

"Damn it, " Aria said as a large plume of smoke filled the air.

That took care of one, but where was the boy?

"Looking for me, " Tahoma called out. He stood in the center of the meadow where Boukyaku had met my white-haired acquaintance.

Nine red fox tails emerged from my back, slicing the air around me.

"You're in league with that man, aren't you?" he asked. "The one who took Lucette."

I scoffed. "And what if I am?"

"What are your intentions? What do you desire from her?"

I shook my head in disbelief. The guy sure loved to play dumb. "You should know by now."

He narrowed his radiant red eyes at me. "So, you desire to use her to destroy us. In that case... I'll destroy you first! Come on and fight! Here and now we shall determine the fate of all creation!"

Not being able to help but laugh, I stepped forward and unleashed another round of fire spheres. "So be it. In the end I'll be the one on top of the world!"

**Solar Note: I hope that you enjoyed this chapter. I'm glad to finally be back to where I was prior to unpublishing back in the end of April of this year (2017) :)**

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