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   Chapter 25 NO.25

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On our search for Lei, a raging pillar of darkness shot out of the mountain side. A white haired man stepped out of the darkness and flashed a pearly white smile at us. "Hello, " he said, stepping toward us as shadowy wisps flew out of his body. He held a hand out and pointed toward Lucette. "I'm here for her."

Haroun and I step in front of her and summon our wands. "Like we'll let you take her, " Haroun said, glaring at him.

"Right. First you'll need to kill us if you want her!" I yelled, running at him, transforming my wand into its katana form.

The man summons a black wand with a lunar crescent, blocking me and sending me rolling. "I didn't ask you for your permission. Girl, come with me if you desire to live."

Lucette stepped back as she manifested her wand and transformed it into a pink rapier. "I won't be going with you! I don't even know who you are or what you want with me."

The man snickered. "I was hoping that you'd be a meeker person. Alas, seems that is not the case." The man's wand transformed into a black and silver bow. "Now you leave me no choice." Shadowy bird-like creatures emerged from the portal under his feet and ran toward us.

"Fulgur Draco!" Vita yelled, gathering white electrical energy in the palm of his her hands. A white dragon flew out of her cupped hands and destroys the creature, including its core, with ease.

Mayu charges in with vines dancing around her. "Arbl Draco." The trees around us gathered together into a ten-foot-tall draconic beast with ten foot tall branches as wings. The beast sent creatures flying back, the man however jumped on top of it and shot it in the head with multiple rounds of arrows, sending it crashing into the forest floor a few feet away from us.

"Seems that this battle might take longer than expected, " the man said, laughing as he leapt out of the dragon and into the air. While in mid-air he shot three arrows at once toward Lucette, Haroun, and I.

Mayu tackled Haroun and me to the ground while Lucette casted a barrier out of light.

"Dodge!" I yelled as the arrows started to spin rapidly, creating powerful gales behind them. Lucette jumped back but the arrows turned upward and continued on their path. "Damn!" I got up and ran toward her. "Fox of Flames!"

A fiery fox emerged from my mouth and covered the arrows but they come out of the flames unharmed. Lucette glanced back as she ran toward the untouched forest.

Several of the shadowy birds jumped out of the fol

, Lucette, " I said, glancing up at the sky.

A hand grabbed mine. "What are you doing?"

It was Mayu, why hadn't she left? "Why are you here?" I snapped.

She snatched the wood away and threw it as far off as she could. "I know that I've sinned, but I can't watch you destroy yourself like this. I promise that I'll leave, so long as you promise me that you won't ever try to give up on your life again."

I gave up? She was right, I had, hadn't I? I didn't want to live anymore after having lost Lucette.

I looked down at the wooden stake. "No."

She hugged me tighter. "I won't let you take your life."

I hugged her back and didn't say another word as tears streamed down my eyes uncontrollably.

"What's that?" I heard Vita say as she and Haroun made their way toward us. Both of them had tears rolling down their eyes too.

I lifted my head toward the sky, over us were beams of light. Several of those beams struck the forest.

"I recognize this, " Yuuta's voice rang from a couple of feet away. Accompanying him was his brother and the white cloaked people who were with them when I met them in the capital. He reached a hand out towards the sky and grinned. "This magic, it's Nyima's doing. This war it's...over."

Over? Finally, it's over...

I put my head back down.

If only the light had come sooner, then maybe Lucette and the others who perished could've been saved. Though, one question lingered, who was that white haired man? He didn't resemble the other creatures at all.

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