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   Chapter 24 NO.24

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"We're here, " An said as he closed his eyes. He must've been exhausted after everything that happened.

"We'll take the injured to a hospital where they can be better attended to, " Arima said.

"If you want to rest you can come to the Chief's tower, " Wanikiya suggested. His eyes had become devoid of tears on the way to Wahkan. "I'll be looking after Lei and Adela."

I looked down, recalling everything that had just occurred. "I'll ask my mother if she knows anything about Lei's bestial form. Please take this time to rest. We might have an even bigger battle ahead."

"I'll go with you, " Iah said as he adverted my gaze. "I haven't been very useful thus far."

"Alright, you are my only conscious teammate at this point anyways."

"What about me?" Ayawamat asked.

I chuckled. "Oh right. You can come too."

He leapt down and landed between Iah and me. "Honestly. It's sad to be forgotten."

"Brother?" a voice called.

Ayawamat turned and saw a rust-haired young man carrying a bag.

"What are you doing here at this hour, Houta?" Ayawamat asked. "Actually, what are you doing in Caelum?"

"I came to visit our family. Father sent me out to get some milk." He pointed to the bag in his hands. He glanced at the unconscious Lei. "I heard the news, the western part of our continent has seen the appearance of an unknown enemy. Everyone is so afraid, some leaders in other regions have even suggested bombing the entire western part of the continent."

"That's insane, " Iah said, shaking his head. "They can't just bomb us into oblivion!"

"It's a radical idea, but I can see why there's fear, " I said. "Especially if the leaders calling for such an event know of the prophecy."

"The one that Xianian ministers speak of?" Hou

ur-sided star within a triangle and with a cross overlaid upon them was on floor. "I'll leave the rest to you."

"Huh?" I glanced back and saw mother sway back and forth like a tree about to tumble down.

"Mom!" I yelled as she fell back.

"I told you not to push yourself too far, " a blue haired man said as he caught her.

"Sweetheart, " Mother said, smiling. "You should go help out those boys. They'll need your help more than me."

Father nodded. "Alright." His gaze shifted toward me and smiled. "Nyima, take care of yourself too. The fate of the world depends on you and your friends here."

"We know, " Nahimana responded for me as she stepped forward. "Let's begin while the darkness is still in one area. We also have to rush against the idiot leaders who want this place destroyed. Such a plan would only unleash more darkness upon the world and not to mention the assured death of our families and friends."

I took a deep breath and tried to keep myself from shaking as I walked forward. Goddess, please help me.

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