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After retrieving Lei, we had Vermeil make a metal cage for him in case he woke up and turned bestial again.

I stared at him as his body remained as still as a doll's. His siblings and Adela also remained unconscious even after An and Iah gave them potions. Seemed that even Xianian elixir making had its limits.

None of this would've happened if I had been stronger. If only I had more control over my spirit, I would've been able to stop Lei without everyone else getting hurt. I was an awful friend...


[A decade ago]

"Why do I have to go to school here?" I asked as I puffed my cheeks. I didn't want to go to school with the commoners. I was a prince for crying out loud!

Father patted me with one of his large hands which could crush my tiny skull if he wanted to. "This is a learning experience. You're the heir of our confederate kingdom of tribes. Wahkan is made up of various kinds of people. If you seek to keep the country as one then you'll need to familiarize yourselves with various people. Starting with the lower classes of the city of Caelum is the first step."

I sighed and walked toward the badly painted building. I glared at the cracks on the cement stairs and sidewalk. The road on the way here was rather bumpy. This place was in dire need of repairs. If Father cared so much about these people then why didn't he have their school repaired? Or maybe this was his way of torturing me for taking a certain book that I shouldn't have.

"Alright, Dad. I'll go but you better hire a better ice tutor!" Why did I, prince of a tropical nation, have to be born with powers that better fit people of the mountains and poles?

"Be sure to behave, " mother said, staring me down with her hazel green eyes.

I nodded. "I will... try."

She squatted down to my height and ruffled my hair. "You little rascal."

"Stop it! You're embarrassing me, " I yelled.

Mother chuckled as if I had made a joke. Oh how she

Nahimana added as she snuck a glance at Kun. "Wonder how he'll react once he awakens."

"It's not his fault, " I said.

Nahimana sighed. "No. It's mine. I shouldn't have ran off to help you out. Nor should I have allowed Kun to do so. Sure you're my master and dear to me, but what I did was still irresponsible toward what is supposed to be my primary loyalty."

I ran a hand through her long, silky, purple hair. "I'm glad that you did come to help us."

Her face flushed as she leaned against my shoulder. "Part of me is too."

"You two are awfully close, " Zelde snapped as she shot us daggers all the way from the bird's right wing.

I felt my face heat up so I pulled away from Nahimana. "It's not what you're thinking."

Nahimana chuckled. "She's just jealous."

"I'm not!" Zelde yelled. She looked over at the sapphire blue ocean below. "Anyway, we're about to arrive soon."

Hahimana moved away from me. "Right, and I feel that we might encounter more difficult things here than we did in Xian."

**Solar Note: This Chapter was named after my original title I had planned for this book ^_^! I hope that you enjoyed the chapter :3. Tomorrow (12/7/17) I plan to update with several more to celebrate the one year anniversary of my original publication of this book on this site :)**

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