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   Chapter 21 NO.21

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I slowly made my way toward the direction of the sound. A thick dark miasma covered the forest the deeper I got to the source. "Lei!" I shouted, moving at full speed.

A roar shook the mountain and this time it was followed by rampaging footsteps that sounded like a cavalry was upon us. The beast that had produced the sounds was coming directly toward me.

A jaguar-like creature made out of shadows appeared before me. It exposed its sharp ruby fangs and glared at me with its golden rimmed emerald green eyes. At one point its eyes seemed to have shifted to a turquoise color like Lei's.

"You're the beast that devoured Lei aren't you?" I question as if the beast could understand me.

The shadowy being encircled me. It growled once more and this time deep sapphire blue spots appeared in the deep black shadows. Its roars sounded somewhat painful as if it had been horribly wounded.

I raise my wand towards it. "Don't move, or I'll blast you!"

The big cat purred like a house cat. I looked up at the dark sky, sun rise was still a couple minutes away. Yeah, an entire day had passed since the darkness had been unleashed upon this world. Who knew how many had died?

The dark creature continued to repeat the same odd behavior as before.

I lowered my wand to approach it. "Are you fine?" It showed off its canines, warning me to stay away. "I'll leave you alone if you do the same for me. I have no time to play with you I need to find my friend."

The creature stopped moving and sat down like a dog before its master.

I felt a strange pain in my chest. I stretched out a hand towards the creature and touched its head. I saw images of what seemed like a child running around with young Yutika and Kun, back when his hair was brown. The next image was of the child starring at a baby and hugging it, yelling that he was finally a big brother. There were also painful images, such as feeling like a fish out of water as Ayawamat taunted him about his inability to breathe correctly.

"Lei?" I said, letting go of its head.

The creature turned tail and ran into the forest. I chased after it while clearing my path of any roots and vines. I redirected some of the roots towards the creature to try to capture it, but it jumped through all of them as if th

e. I dropped Lei without meaning to. The darkness was coming from him.

Lei opened his eyes and stood up quickly as if all of his energy had returned. His eyes were dull. He blasted a hole into Iah's earth barrier with a dark purple laser. In moments, he had taken down a fourth of the dark beasts that were outside. He spun around rapidly, blasting the remaining enemies as the rest of us hit the ground.

Iah rapidly reinforced his barrier but this time with an opening for Lei to attack. Lei blasted entire thing to dust, and gave Iah a cold glance as if telling him to not get in his way.

"What's wrong with you?" Iah snapped. "You want to bury us alive? Not to mention, you nearly hit us with that strange new spell of yours!"

Lei blasted the remaining beast with one final black sphere. He transformed his hands into a pair of claws covered in pitch black shadows. He shifted his attention towards Iah, and charged at him with all his strength. I quickly shielded Iah by blocking Lei's claws with an armored arm, while grabbing his arm with my free hand. "Stop this."

Lei turned his hands back to normal and slipped them out of my grasp by moving forward. With little warning he grabbed me by the neck and lifted me up. His eyes were duller than before. They were even colder than when he killed those mercenaries all those years ago.

**Solar Questions: What do you think will happen to Lei? Think that his friends will be able to save him? Is the actual Lei even still alive? Please share your thoughts :3**

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