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"Hello, is anyone home?" I said, knocking on the door.

"Master!" a girl with black hair said. She was one of the students who had left Kyuu-Hana thanks to the intimidation of Mayu's group the previous year.

I smiled at her. "Nice to see you, Changying."

"Almost feared that this place had become a ghost town, " Iah said as he walked in.

"Yeah, it was so quiet, " Ms. Key said as she removed her shoes by the front door, trading them for some slippers for guests.

Changying studied Iah and me. "Lady, this young man is your former fiancée, isn't he? Did you renew your marriage contract? Or did you two fall in love on your own terms?" Her eyes glowed. "Ah, sorry young master. I'm Changying. I'm one of the young Lady's caretakers."

Nyima's eyes widened and her jaw dropped. "Wait, you two were engaged?"

Iah's face turned bright red. "Yes. And no, we're not in love. Nor are we engaged anew. I'm her classmate at Nine Petal Academy."

Changying's face became pale as soon as he mentioned the academy. "Oh... Pplease follow me. Lady Grace should be here." She opened the screen door only to let a little black blur run out of the room.

"Adela, you're back, " said my cousin, Celeste.

I ruffled her straight black hair, messing it up in the process. "You've gotten bigger!"

Celeste grinned. "Have I? Yay, I can be as big as my cus one day." She glanced at the others, especially Iah. "Who are you?"

"You don't remember me? We saw each other several months ago. I'm Iah no Mikoto, next in line for the throne of Mina."

"Oh right! You're the cousin of Azuazu."

I snickered. "Azuazu? Do you mean Azure?"

"Azure?" Celeste said, tiling her head. "His real name is Tian lan se, but I call him Azuazu for short."

Iah ruffled her hair. "What a cute little girl you are. You kind of remind me of Azuazu himself."

"I'm not like him, I don't worship my cousin!"

Iah covered a smile. "No, I'm pretty sure that you do, right Adela?"

Smiling, I glanced at my cousin. "Yeah, you do. You're always clinging onto me."

Celeste puffed her cheeks. "I do not. Ah, are you two dating?"

Iah shook his head. "Nope, not at all. What about Azuazu and you?" he said, giving her a wink.

Celeste glared at him. "I'm five!"

He held his hands up and backed away. "Right, right. Don't look at me like that." He shifted his golden eyes at me. "This girl is a lot like her cousin."

I covered up my mouth and continued on my way. Now wasn't the time for idle chat and joking around. There was a mission to fulfill.

Celeste turned her back to us and ran back into the house. "Anyway, Mom said to meet her in the main room. Follow me!"

We followed Celeste into a room with a red screen door. I opened the door and walked in with Celeste. The place was filled with priestesses and their young male helpers who were dressed as woman.

"You're finally here, " Grace said. She sat on a gold and silver throne with a sun-moon motif. She rose from her seat and walked over to me. She prostrated herself before me. "Welcome back High Priestess of our Divine Goddess. We're humbled by your presence." She raised her head, her brow furrowed with concern. "I have divined dire news. The darkness foretold in our holy book has appeared. We must put this to a end, at least delay it until our Goddess has had a chance to take a bodily form."

I nodded. "I'll try my best to push the darkness back but the day of the prophecy nears. Twelve years from now, we shall wage the final war against the forces of Darkness, as foretold in our Holy book, " I said closing my eyes.

"Only Fourteen years?" Iah said, entering the room.

Grace glared at him. "Child, what

the time being. We must act like it, allowing these emotions to take over will only result in more deaths."

"You just said more, you think Lei's gone too don't you?"

I covered my face. I formed a fist and punched the closest tree. "No, he's alive. He just has to be."

"Adela, " Zelde said, embracing me. "It's fine to let it out, all the demons are gone now."

I tried to hold them back but I couldn't. Tears rolled down my eyes before I could even stop them. "Lei."

"Come on, " Lei said. He grabbed my hand as we fled into the forest.

I felt his hand, it was sticky from the blood of the woman and man he had just stabbed with a jian. " killed them, " I said.

He kept his eyes ahead. "I had to. They were going to take your life."

"Why, why did you save me?"

"Father told me that if I ever see anyone in trouble to help them however I can. Stabbing them was the simplest way to defend you. It's possible they're still alive, hopefully not as we're miles from civilization. I gave them what I thought would be the quickest death, so let's just hope that it was the most effective."

"That's still horrible, " I said. "How will you-" We came to a stop when a gunshot shook the peacefulness of the forest anew. Birds flew over us, flying for their lives.

"Crap, the third one must be on our trail. He probably found his colleagues and is out for us. Come we have to take another path."

I looked at his back. He was the same age as me, and his back was so similar to mine, yet it looked stronger. His hands also felt tougher. I found myself asking if this boy really was ten years old like me. Maybe he was a child soldier?

We finally stopped in front of a cavern. "We'll hide here. Don't worry too much, I'll make sure that we get out to this alive."

Tears had fallen from my eyes. "My parents are both dead...what am I living for?"

The boy wiped away my tears and tried to smile. "Your parents died to save you. You can't die now. Don't allow their deaths to be in vain."

"Lei is definitely alive, " I re-affirm, wiping away my tears. I glanced up at the forest in front of us, it was the same forest Lei had taken me to all those years ago. "Wait for us Lei, we're coming."

I was responded by a mighty roar deeper in the forest.

What was that?

"Should we continue going deeper?" Zelde asked.


**Solar Note: What do you think of Lei and Adela's past? Any theories as to what the sound is?**

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