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We shouldn't have left Lei behind on his own, though Wanikiya did go back to help out his friend. Still, I should've volunteered to have helped him too.

"What's wrong?" Iah asked, glancing over as we crossed the border into Xian.

I slowed down and turned around. "I'm going to go back up Lei and Wanikiya. Once I reunite with them, we'll return to our country to get my mother's help"

"Please do so, " Adela said. I could tell that she wanted to help Lei too, but it was her duty as priestess to return to the capital of Xian.

I covered my legs and arms in water. Lei did something similar to this when we first met. Lei...I wanted to save you.

I used the water to propel me into the air like a jet pack.

"Wait, " Yen yelled. She and her remaining two teammates raced after me. "I want to help out my brother too." She grasped the collar of her shirt. "I feel a bad omen. Last time this happened was before he got stabbed."

No... Lei nearly died when that happened. I allowed him to protect me that one time. Now it was my turn to protect him, even if I had to risk my life to do so. I would repay him for having saved me!

"If you want, I can go too, " Ayawamat volunteered. "Nyima, continue your journey to the islands with Ms. Key."

"You?" I said.

He nodded. "That idiot might get on my nerves from time to time but he is my teammate. The test is still going on, isn't it?"

Ms. Key grinned. "That's right."

He snickered. "Good. This should earn me plenty of points. Come you three, we're going to go save Lei!"

I sighed. This guy was only thinking about the stupid test, but at least it would save us time. I returned to the ground, feeling wobbly.

Iah caught me before I fell face first to the pine needle-littered floor.

"Come with us, " Iah said. "You need to rest."

I glanced back as the others dashed off. "I'll be fine. We can't stop now. The darkness must be eradicated. Letting it fester beyond today will destroy the world."

Adela took in a deep breath. "Come with us to Xian. I'll have our potion masters brew you up a few potions."

"If only I had some left, " Mayu said, as she continued on her way. "Come, the more we argue about this, the worse the situation becomes."

I nodded, letting Iah support me. Thank you Ayawamat, for having stopped me.


The darkness quickly returned, its panther-like eyes watching us attentively. With one movement of its legs, th

bjects covered me until even the faint green light of the core was out of sight. Even my best friend's voice didn't reach me...


Darkness covered me. It was as if my body were suspended in black, oily water.

"Where am I?" I asked, closing and opening my eyes to make sure that I was awake.

"You still have consciousness?" a voice called out.

I blinked once more and rose my head. I made out the outline of a hooded man holding a black wand. "Who are you?"

The man snickered as he turned his back to me. "I am he who has been long forgotten by the various worlds. Rest, child. Slumber away in the everlasting darkness."

Whoever this man is, he isn't normal. Is he one of those creatures?

My eyes felt heavy and my consciousness began to fade once more.


"Lei, " I yelled, glancing around the mountain on the Xianian-Kyuu Seishinian border. I had felt Lei's presence here a few minutes ago, yet it was now gone. Both Lei and Wanikiya were nowhere to be seen. "Where did they go?"

"Sister, " Kun's voice called out. I glanced up and saw An's familiar with the rest of our class.

"Get on, " Tahoma said. "We're flying to Wahkan."

I got on Ying's back. "Have any of you seen Lei?"

"No, we haven't, " Kun said. His face was covered in sweat. "Brother." He groaned. "Lei is in danger... something bad happened to him."

"What happened?" Hikaru said.

"This is bad, " I said, panting. The pain my chest had intensified. It was even worse than when Shiori had stabbed him. "Lei, I can't feel his presence!"

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