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After having restarted the barrier, we joined up with my sister's group, Ulissis, and Vermeil.

"Those should be the last shadows, " Ms. Key said, slashing through a bird-like being.

"Amazing. No wonder you were hired as a teacher here, " said Ren, mouth agape.

Ms. Key smiled. "Of course. Though I'm not as amazing as Alto's brother."

"Let's go, " sister yelled. "We should return to Wahkan."

Nyima looked down at her phone. "I called my mother. She has started the preparations for the cleansing of the region. Sadly she can't do it alone. Is there any way for us to warp to the islands?"

"Sadly all of our teachers are busy taking care of the shadows outside, " Ms. Key responded. "I can warp you a hundred miles or so south of the border with Mina."

"That works, " Iah responded.

"But it'll mean that she won't be able to help us. Teleportation is exhausting, " Yuuta pointed out.

"Right, you're still recovering, " his brother said, giving him a sad smile.

Was the one who attacked Nyima and Iah four months ago in this very spot Yuuto?

Iah nodded. "That may be. But making it back to my hometown will be a shortcut."

"What do you mean?" Nyima asked.

"The capital is landlocked, " I pointed out.

Iah chuckled. "You'll see once we've arrived."

"I can also head to Xian from there, " Adela exclaimed.

"If all is decided then let's head out, " Ms. Key announced. Her metallic white wings extended outward as silver rings of metallic prana surrounded us.

"Lady Adela!" yelled Renshu as he and the other exchange-sophomores ran up to us.

"You're late, " Iah said, smiling.

Orichalcum directed a glare at the blue haired girl next to her. "It's because she went to search for An."

"An already left to the capital, " Ms. Key said as she spread her rings to the other two. Our bodies felt as they were fading into the world around us and just as quickly reforming anew.

I looked around. We were in a small farm town in the middle of the mountains.

"This is Nobu's hometown, " Ren exclaimed as he glanced at the field of mushrooms around us.

"Where are the others?" Ms. Key asked.

"They were left behind, " Yuuta responded.

Renshu shot Yuuta and his friends a dirty look. "You three will be going back to your punishment after this."

"Four, " Yuuto corrected. "You see, I am one of them too. In fact, it's Yuuta who is innocent."

"Brother!" Yuuta shouted, frowning.

The older twin lowered his head. "My younger brother was never truly one of us. He believed that we should be open to foreigners." He shook his head. "No, now is not the time to speak of this."

Nyima smiled at Yuuta while nodding. "Right."

Yuuta glanced back at her and smiled back.

"Follow me, " Ren said, running on ahead.

As we walked, I glanced over at the Akiyama twins.

So it was Yuuto who attacked us during our first class all those months ago. Yuuta must be like my own siblings.


"What was that?" Kun asked, running over to the living room from the kitchen.

I stared at the blue shards in front of the television.

"Uh, " I said, backing away. I glanced around, eyes filled with panic.

Yutika rushed downstairs. "What was that?" Her eye


I smiled as I waved goodbye.

As they left, the dark puddles in the burnt mountain began to slowly reform.

I held my twin swords tightly and raised them toward the sky. "Time to clean up." The shadows were already half reformed with their lizard like tails, hands, and feet bubbling back into place. "Don't take too long, guys."

I ran deeper into the mountain, getting the shadows' attention. As they shifted their attention toward me they began to come together. Their bodies merged into a black mass with majestic golden eyes that radiated power.

I had to get them to someplace where I could destroy them at once. Someplace where I would have the advantage. The best terrain for wind spells would be what?

Staring at my hands, the thoughts of storms came to mind. One of the most dangerous wind related weather events on land was the tornado. Those kind of phenomena covered the most area and could do the most damage in flat areas.

Where could I find one like that?

As I neared a meadow, the shadows morphed from their giant blob state to that of a panther. The golden eyes remained, their piercing glare even more dangerous than before.

"Lei?" I heard Wanikiya yell.

I turned right and saw him running toward me. Looking behind me, the shadows were gone.

"Wanikiya, what are you doing here?" I asked.

"I decided to help out. I saw a massive wave of shadows a moment ago. Did you finish them off?"

I glanced behind me. "No. Just now they were behind me but perhaps you scared them off."

He touched his chest. "Is this power that frightening?"

I chuckled. "Why are you so concerned? I wish that I had a spirit of my own." Though this body of mine would likely be too weak to have handled one.

"Let me help you hunt them down, " Wanikiya said, summoning his wand. He swung it downward and grinned. "If they are scared of me then that should make it easier on us."

"I'll appreciate it!"

**Solar Note: If anyone is curious about who Eri wanted Lei and the others to meet, the answer will be in the 'My Story' arc of Lost to the Ages :).

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