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   Chapter 17 NO.17

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My teammates and Kun followed me down the mountainside. We traversed the highly dense forest for what seemed to be half an hour.

"Are we there yet?" Hal asked as he glanced around. "This place is giving me the creeps."

"It's not as dense as Xian's forests, " Xue pointed out.

"That's true, " Kun said. "I still remember getting lost in that place."

"Hey, do you know how Lei and Adela met?" Hal asked, glancing over at him.

Sarah narrowed her eyes. "We're not here to gossip." She turned to look at me. "So, how long until we arrive at the village?"

"We're here, " I said, holding out my hands. The forest in front of us rippled until it vanished, revealing a small town.

"Woah, that was awesome, " Kun said, running on ahead.

"Hey!" I snapped. "Come back here or you'll get killed!"

As if on cue, several arrows flew toward Kun. The middle triplet dodged them with the grace of a dancer.

"Well that's a warm welcome, " he yelled, glaring at the direction of the arrows.

"Who are you?" a sixteen-year-old-girl yelled as she jumped off one of the straw roofs.

"I'm Kun Lan, " he responded as he suddenly grinned like an idiot. The guy was a lot like Lei, but at least the younger triplet wasn't difficult to read.

"He's my... classmate. The rest of these are my friends, " I responded.

The girl, Guang, leaned against one the hut whose roof she had just leaped off of. "Ah, so the weakling returns. I was sure that you would stay in Kyuu Seishin for the rest of your life."

Xue, Sarah, Hal, and Kun all glared at her.

"An might not be the nicest guy, but he's strong, " Kun retorted.

"Yeah, he might be a pervert but he isn't weak, " Sarah added.

Had she still not forgiven me for that little accident?

"Not to mention a goofball, " Hal pointed out.

"And a little dense, " Xue added.

I smiled. Ignoring those insults, they were all good friends, including Kun.

Guang snickered. "Yeah, right, " she said as she drew her bow and arrow at me. "Hurry up and finish your task here. You know very well that foreigners are forbidden in these lands."

Kyuu Seishin wasn't the only country where xenophobia was prevalent. A similar, or perhaps even stronger sentiment existed among my people. Not only in this town but in the capital and in various other cities too.

"Let's go, " I said.

Guang stepped in front of them. "You can only bring the Uanian gir

the ring and took out some black leather armor from the compartment. In addition, I grabbed a red bladed, two-foot long, golden hilted sword.

I pulled out a purple ring from my pocket to store the various items within its hyperspace.

Once I finished covering up the mat, I ran back out of the room. Xue was alone.

"Xing left, " Xue responded before I could even ask. "You should seriously put some charms around this place to keep intruders out."

"I'll keep that in mind, " I said. "Let's go. We've wasted more time here than I had wanted."

"Are you going to change?" she asked.

"Oh, right, " I said, pulling my shirt off.

Xue's face flushed. "Hey, not here!"

"I can't waste time, go outside and tell the others to get ready to depart while I change."

She rushed outside and closed the door shut. I put on my black, leather plated armor, including the black metal helmet. The helmet covered my entire head except for my face.

I swung the door open and warped over to my team.

"Did you just use magic to get here?" Guang asked as she kept an eye on my friends.

"I don't care about the silly rules right now, " I snapped. "We wasted enough time walking to this village as it is."

I surrounded my friends and warped back to where the rest of our colleagues awaited.

"Everything went well?" Alto asked.

"No time to talk, " I said. "Ying, ascend."

Ying levitated himself off of the ground and continued its journey northward to Shui.

**Solar Note: What did you think of An's hometown? Why do you think that An and his missing sister are regarded as renegades?**

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