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My team, Kun's group (minus Ayawamat), Tahoma's group of white-cloaks, Boukyaku, and Koukyuu had traveled to the capital. I used my hawk/falcon familiar, Yang to take us there, after leaving the kids in the care of the school president of course. It was all Kun's fault that they got involved in this mess. He should've sent them back to their home when he could.

"Father, " Boukyaku yelled as soon as Yang landed in the wide plaza in front of the castle. "Thanks for resuming the regnant's duties while I dealt with Mayu and the others."

What had happened here anyway? It was so odd that Yutika was with all of those cloaked folk.

"Is something the matter?" Shin'en asked his son as guards quickly surrounded us. "There was a shock wave detected on the school grounds. But we've been unable to get anyone to teleport to check it out. Is it safe to assume it's because the barrier was weakened?

His sister leapt out of Yang's back. "That's correct. Brother, we need the best soldiers we got, " Koukyuu said. "Shadows of the Abyss have reappeared."

He shook his head. "I feared as much. Fine. I'll mobilize our forces as quickly as I can." He turned towards a woman with grey hair. "General Fujiwara, gather our best soldiers in the area to be to prepare for combat against unconventional forces. Also, alert all other generals in the country to stand on guard in case anything occurs. Lock down the capital. Only military personnel may be allowed to leave and come in. It's of out-most importance that we stop the darkness from spreading anew."

"Yes sir, " General Fujiwara said as she saluted him.

"That she related to Shiori?" Xue asked, mouth wide open.

Right, Shiori Fujiwara was his full name.

"She's his older sister. The sixth, seventh, and eight branches all have members in high places, " Koukyuu said, her arms crossed.

Shin'en tapped his sister's shoulder. "Koukyuu, tell me, what exactly happened on the island?"

"It'll be better if we talk about this inside." She glanced at Shiori's sister. "I rather not have these many people listen in."

"Alright, you four come with us. You must be tired from your flight."

"Good, I could use a nice rest, " Hal said, stretching his arms toward the sky.

Sarah stretched her shoulders back. "I never thought that An's familiar was that difficult to deal with, I thought we would fall off."

"I did too, " Kun said, ruffling his wavy white hair.

I snickered. "Sorry about that. Seems that I still got a ways to go to completely earn his respect."

Eien's father smiled at us. "I heard this bird was the one that defeated Yuuta and fought Shiori to a virtual draw."

General Fujiwara's ears rose at the mention of her brother. She handed a soldier some papers before walking over to us.

"Sir, I've sent out the orders as commanded, " she explained before glancing back at us. "Sir, I don't mean to step out of place, but should you really be inviting these individuals into the castle? I realize that one of them is a princess of Shui, but the others? Shouldn't they at least stay here, where we can watch them?"

Koukyuu shot her a dirty look. "No need to watch them yourself. I'll make sure that they don't leave our side until we've returned here."

"Please do so until they leave the capital, or even the country."

Hal chuckled. "I see it, the family resemblance. You're just like that disgraced brother of yours, aren't you? You better be careful or you might also disgrace your family."

General Fujiwara flashed him an angry smile. "Such an insolent brat. I see why my brother wanted to teach you foreigners a lesson, you are all so unmannered. Please pardon me, Sir. I'll be taking my leave now." She vanished in a vortex of wind.

Hal's smile vanished. "Gods, why must we deal with those guys again?"

"Ignore it, " Sarah said. "We have more pressing matters than dealing with some bigots."

"Who are you calling bigots?" a familiar voice ranged out. Wind spiraled around Yang and vanished just as quickly as it had appeared. Standing on top of Yang's head were General Fujiwara's brother and a girl with strange eyes that reminded me of a horse's.


All of us got back on Yang and left the capital. We flew over dense forests which gave way to rice paddy fields on mountainsides, and eventually an entire mountain range.

As we passed the border between Kyuu Seishin and Aief, Yang slowed down.

"Kid, since we're going to what could possibly be a war you should get your war gear, " Yang said.

"Good idea, " please descend near here.

"Here?" Sarah asked.

"Why here?" Shiori questioned. "Is your village's location a secret?"

I laughed. "No such thing, it's only that there's no place for Yang to land in my village or in many other places in this country for that matter."

Yang landed on the barran side of a mountain on our side of the Laxum mountain range, the range that runs from Mina through Uan, Xian, Aief, and down the middle of Lacevia until it reaches the southern border of that country.

"You can stay here, I won't take long."

"I'll go with you, " Sarah said. She looked around.

"Me too, " Xue said. "I'll like to see your family's school."

I grinned. "Fine come here, we'll warp there."

"Me too!" Kun yelled, raising his hand like a kid on a field trip.

"Sure, " Sarah answered before I could say no.

"Leaving me all alone with the Kyuu Seishinians, white cloaks, and Sefans?" Hal asked.

"Want to come?" I suggested.

"Nah." He squatted down to pick up some blue flowers, a plant we Aiefians call 'Adoring Blues'. They're used to create sleeping medicine for insomnia, as well as anesthetics. "There are some nice herbs here. This is a good time for us to brew some potions."

"Who are you going to put to sleep?" Arima asked. She was gathering some red grass, plant that was rather common in this part of the continent. It allowed for quicker and easier creation of potions.

"Maybe some of us will get insomnia, or perhaps we can use them to put these two to sleep." He pointed at Shiori and Kohaku.

Kohaku glared at him. "Listen here kid, we aren't here because we want to bother you. If it were up to us we would rather be in prison rather having to deal with you."

Hal crushed the flowers in his hands and unleashed a small wave of pollen over her. "Go to sleep."

Kohaku covered her nose with her uniform's tattered sleeve.

I ran over and grabbed Hal. "Come, you're not staying here to make trouble."

"Let me go, I'm not a kid!" he yelled as he kicked up a dust cloud.

"Then act like an adult, " Sarah snapped, grabbing his other arm.

"Goddess, you're more immature than me, " Kun said, shaking his head.

"You're hopeless, " Xue added as she grabbed him by the collar of his blazer.

**Solar Note: What did you think of An's actions in this chapter? This is the first of several chapters in this book that will told from An's perspective ^_^**

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