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I rubbed my eyes before opening them. We were in a building made up of wood, not at all the stone and orichalcum that Iah had predicted.

Hanging at each corner were round jade bells, unmoving due to the lack of wind. Actually, there were no doors at all. Was teleporting the only way to get in?

"Where are we?" I asked. "Is this the right place?"

"This is the so called 'Tomb of Orochi'. It's said to be where your clan's liege was said to have struck down our own liege, Orochi, 'The Eight Headed Serpent', " Mr. Suzuran responded.

"Liege?" Nyima asked.

"What do he mean by that?" Adela questioned further.

"The one who struck down Orochi was my..." Iah started to say before stopping himself.

I stepped forward. "You mean to say that it was your uncle?"

Iah laughed and crossed his arms. "So, you figured it out?"

I nodded. "Yeah, awhile back. That's why you carry the title of 'no Mikoto'. You're the son of Tsukumu no Mikoto, the triplet brother of Takehaya no Mikoto, the first Magus Maximus."

"Tsukumu?" Nyima questioned. "Wait, isn't that the Yueliang clan's... Ohh that explains as to why Xue keeps calling you 'master' and 'lord'."

Iah summoned a mirror out of thin air. "This is all the proof you need."

"That's the mirror that you were showing off to that brat, " Ayawamat said.

He showed Ryuusei the mirror? Wonder what for.

Mr. Suzuran glanced over at the mirror. "Yata no Kagami, the Mirror of Souls. So, you are related to Tsukumu in some way. Why do you have such an important item? Also, why didn't you utilize it against my daughter?"

Mayu nodded. "You could've easily defeated me."

"Or against me, " Ren suggested.

The mirror dissolved into tiny silver shards in Iah's hands. "Yata is fragile in my hands." He signaled for us to follow. "Come. We have little time to waste, the ground is still uneasy. We can't allow those shadows to get further into the continent."

"Hey, " I called out. "If you're the son of Tsukumu, then do you know why your grandparents didn't seal these portals during creation?"

"I don't. I didn't even knew about the Abyss and the gates to this realm of eternal shadows until now. I'll be sure to ask Father when I can. But even than, I'm not sure how much he knows."

We went down a set of wooden stairs that led to another room identical to the one we had just left. We repeated the same process for a while, going from identical room to identical room. Finally we stopped upon seeing a girl with long, wavy, jade green hair. Her long skinny face resembled that of the Suzuran's.

"Father... Mayu?" Hisui said, running up to her family.

Mayu smiled. "Please continue with what you were saying."

She nodded. "I'm glad you're here. Something is going on underground. The barrier is being corrupted."

The building suddenly shook. The sound of rocks collapsing so

out some more medicine from her bag and administered it for her.

"She did it, " Mr. Suzuran's serpent said. "The barrier is coming back to life...the darkness that remained is fleeing the island."

"Wait, what was that?" I asked. "It's escaping?"

"The school is now safe, " Iah responded, closing his eyes in dismay. "But we appear to have endangered the outside world."

Mr. Suzuran jumped over Nyima and Adela and grabbed the core. Green prana flowed out of him at an amazing rate. "We got to close it quickly. How much of the darkness has escaped?"

"Twenty percent if you only count the darkness that remained following the initial outpour, " Nyima responded. "Eighty from the initial outpouring escaped. In total eighty four percent of the darkness from the original Ereb is currently outside of the barrier's radius."

Mr. Suzuran let go of the core. "Damn, we got to alert Sonata and Koukyuu about it." He staggered to move from his spot. "Adela, do you have any more prana potions on you?"

"I just used them all up, " Adela said, revealing a now empty vial. "I don't have the ingredients necessary to make any more." She glanced at the ceiling. "I'll help Mr. Suzuran walk. Ayawamat, can you carry Nyima back? Iah, prepare to dig us out of here."

"I'll help too, " Ren said, his eyes now brown.

"Me too, " Yuuta volunteered.

"I can deal with it myself, " Iah snapped as he picked up and carried Nyima bridal style before Ayawamat could.

"Clingy guy, " Ayawamat whispered under his breath.

"What should we do once we reach the surface?" I asked.

Adela's red eyes glowed. "I'll be heading to Xian. I can feel the darkness heading in that direction."

"I better go check up on Mina too, " Iah said as he ran upstairs. Lei, head to Wahkan with Ayawamat and Nyima once she awakens. We'll need her family's help."

**Solar Note: What do you think will happen on the outside?**

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