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I did as Iah had asked, telling those accompanying us about the gates that linked the different realms to the Abyss.

Taiyang legend spoke of multiple gates existing in each world. Those gates were said to have been areas that weren't sealed during the creation of our Universe by the twin couple, Namiko and Nagimaru.

It was the same situation with the realm of Wynaga, when the Triumvirate of dragons created it. Likewise for Zionia, and their creator god and goddess. The reason for why these areas weren't closed by the creators of the three realms was unknown to us.

Regardless, the portals were closed by my clan, following the orders of our divine ancestors. We built temples and other buildings over them, not just in this realm but in Wynaga, Zionia, and many others.

Our ancestors warned us not to tamper with these temples. They served as portals for the darkness, but at the same time they were not to be destroyed for doing so would unleash a great shadow over that nation. That's if the darkness was restrained to a nation.

"I see, " Adela said, closing her eyes. She sped up.

"Those visions she had, could they be coming true, " Lei muttered as he gazed up at her.

Vision? Was he referring to the words she said months ago on the boat? If I recalled correctly, she mentioned something about the world burning.

"Lei, if we fail to stop the darkness here, I want you to accompany me back to Wahkan. My parents should assist us at keeping it at bay in Kyuu Seishin."

"Something is coming, " Iah warned. "Adela, come back."

Adela leaped back. "What's wrong?" Suddenly the ground rumbled with even more force than before. A massive wave of pitch black energy pierced the barrier shielding the island and ripped through the heavens.

Lei backed away. "T..."

Iah and Adela slowed down as they approached the edge of the cherry blossom grove. The beam of darkness lost power and came falling down where it had come from. As it did an eerie pulse of shadows swept the island.

"What was this?" Lei said as he hugged a nearby tree.

I cupped my hands together. "Lumen." A sphere of light radiated from my hands causing the darkness around the school grounds to vanish.

Adela ran back toward the school, not that she needed to. Those still at school had already begun to come out.

"What in the world was that?" Miwa asked. Accompanying her were Kun, Sarah, and their teammates. Also with them were several kids.

"That was an Erebus, " I answered, as I crumpled to the floor. "It's a beam of highly concentrated darkness. That beam has the power to create powerful versions of beings called 'Creatures of the Abyss'."

I stopped to spit out blood.

I wiped the blood away. "We got to seal it."

"This is bad, " Nahimana said, gasping at the

arah and Nuk's groups will go with Koukyuu, prince Eien, Miwa, and Mr. Obi to find the creatures that fell into the region around us."

"We'll also split into groups, " someone else said. While everyone else split into their own groups the twenty of us joined our assigned teachers.

"Barrier duty, huh?" Iah said. "I always did wonder what this thing was for. Though, was it made to truly protect it from the darkness? Or to keep it at bay?"

"I'm unsure myself, " Ms. Key said. "And I was there when it was made. Only our former queen knows the answer to that question."

"I see, I should ask mother to ask her for me."

The former queen of Mina was friends with the former Kyuu Seishinian queen? How odd, considering the history of their countries. Or were they merely acquaintances?

My team plus Yuuta, Mayu and Ren followed Mr. Suzuran's lead.

He escorted us to the western edge of the island, the place where Adela had nearly killed Youko months prior.

"The source of the barrier is here?" I said, glancing at the white sandy beach and gentle waves. It seemed so peaceful. A little too peaceful if one asked me. This sight, it was like the calm before the storm.

Adela and Iah touched the sand. "There's a power radiating from under here, " Adela said, watching as the fine sand slipped between her slender fingers.

"It's coming from an underground facility made out of stone and what seems to be orichalcum, " Iah said. "It goes down thirty feet."

Mr. Suzuran stepped back. He took out a jade stone necklace from his pocket. "By the name of the guardians of this land, I call upon the spirits of this land to heed my call. Open the door into the origin of the holy barrier." The necklace let out a jade glow that enveloped us all.

**Solar Note: What do you think will happen to Nyima and the others in the source of the barrier?**

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