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Wanikiya stopped a few inches from Zelde and spun around. "I... can't do this, " he said, shaking his head. His swords clattered to the ground.

"Hmph, and here I thought that you had finally grown as a mage. Sadly, I was mistake, " Mr. Obi said.

The Wahkanian prince grimaced. "What good would passing the test do me if I hurt my loved ones?"

"Pah! Pathetic emotions cloud your way. A true mage need not care for others. Instead a true wizard cares for nothing but power above all. Why else do you think that we spend years upon year honing our craft, ignoring the petty disputes held among the weak? You must know that those you fought at Nine Petal Academy weren't even our strongest students. The truly strong don't even bother looking at the rest of you."

"Is... that so?" he asked.

"That's not what strength is!" I yelled.

Wanikiya stared at me with his light blue eyes. "What is strength?" he asked with drooped-down eyes.

Mr. Obi snickered. "It certainly isn't that which the youngest triplet thinks it is. That child's path will lead him nowhere. Is arrogance will be his downfall."

I clenched my fists and shot the man daggers. "You dare say that about Lei? When you yourself are arrogant?" I asked.

The proctor put a hand on his chest. "I can back it up. That boy has exactly what to show for it? He lost against Iah in the tournament. He lost against Ren, against Shiori, and I'm certain that he lost against many of you."

I raised an eyebrow at him. "How did you know that he lost against Ren and Shiori?"

He scoffed. "Ren told me of course. As for Shiori, I was watching as that battle unfolded."

I took a step forward. The ground trembled as vibrations passed through my feet. "You saw how Adela, Nyima, and my brother nearly got killed and didn't step in to do a thing?"

Mr. Obi smiled. "Oh, it was enjoyable... watching that boy get what was coming to him."

Sound-waves ripped through the concrete sidewalk and shook the buildings around us. "You bastard!" I yelled

giving him a puzzled look.

"Yes, " Ms. Key said, grimacing. "Including Zydeco... and a lot of others..."

"A lot of us are linked to the events of nine years ago. All of Lei's teammates are. There's a reason for why my aunt took an interest in that boy..."

Suddenly the ground started shaking.

"What's going on?" Ivonne asked, gripping one of the chains.

"An earthquake?" Kaede said, holding onto another chain.

"No, " I said with both hands pressed against the marble floor. "At least it's not a normal one. The shadows, they've begun to bubble. Soon they will descend upon us all like they did nearly a decade ago, and half a decade prior to that event."

Eien shook his head. "You mean that..."

"Yes, " I said, closing my eyes. "This is the start of a descent of darkness." I summoned a white sphere and threw it against the ground. Once the light cleared, we were in Nine Petal Academy once more. There too, the earth rumbled but with far more ferocity than at the shrine in Zionia.

"We're...back?" Sarah said, gasping at the sight. Soon her gasps were to be directed at something different. Something far more sinister.

**Solar Note: I hope that you enjoyed this newest chapter :3. I added this chapter to make the plot smoother as previously it had skipped over how Yen and Nuk's groups had returned to the school.**

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