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"Do you hear that?" Adela asked as we were fixing our beds.

I looked up from my blue covers and turned around. Slowly, I approached the window as Adela pulled the navy curtains open by a notch. The sun was barely rising so a lot of things were covered in shadows. "Is it a bird?" I asked, trying to see what was outside.

Adela formed some vines around the window as she narrowed her red eyes. She was glaring at whatever, or whoever was outside. "No way. What are they doing back here? Did they escape?" she asked.

I pulled the curtain away completely. Two teen boys stood on the balcony. One of them, the one with circles under his eyes, waved from the other side with a slight smile on his face.

"Yuuta..." I said. Memories filled of the time we had spent talking about crafting magical tools flashed back... bu so did the pain of his betrayal. I had grown to trust him... trust that he was a friend. Even though it had seemed that we had truly grown close, that wasn't true. If it was then that friendship wasn't strong enough to dissuade him from attacking me and the others.

Adela's focus was on the other boy, Ren.

"Go and warn the others, I'll distract them, " I ordered. I cut the vines and slid open the glass door and raised my hands into the air.

"I didn't think that we'll see each other so soon, " Yuuta said as soon as I opened the door. He flashed me a gentle smile. The same gesture that would once put me at ease whenever I thought of the possibility that he was one of the eight who wanted to kick us out of Nine Petal Academy. An ease that was unwarranted, for Iah was right in having suspected of them.

I took out a newly made seal.

"What do you want?" I asked, leering at him. "Four months have passed since we last fought, I think I can take you on by myself now."

He raised his hands into the air. "I'm not here for revenge. I came here under the orders of Prince Boukyaku's friends."

"Why would the prince send you here?" Was Boukyaku not actually on our side? Or was it Lucette who wasn't?

"Well, I'm not actually sure if they are his friends, but one of the girls who took us here told me that he asked of them to watch over the darkness following the destruction of the tower during our clash four months ago. You see, a great darkness is heading to Nine Petal Academy from the frontier, " he responded as he collapsed to the floor. "Please...believe us."

I dashed forward and caught him in my arms. "Yuuta? Hey, open your eyes. What do you mean by 'great darkness'? What happened to you?"

"We teleported here, " Ren responded for him. "The others used all their strength to send the two of us to the Kyuu Seishinian capital. However, we were attacked by Mr. Obi. Currently he's fighting Yen and her friends. Two of which teleported us to this realm to retrieve you, the same two who supposedly received the order from the prince to protect Kyuu Seishin from the darkness."

"Why should we believe you?" Adela asked, appearing next to me. She grabbed Ren by the collar. "You eight did nothing but make our first days in Nine Petal horrible. Even until the end you laid a trap for us at your secret hideout. Lei, Nyima, and I nearly died! I told Mayu that if any of you dared to hurt Lei again that I would kill you! That applies to the rest of my friends as well."

I pulled Adela away from Ren. "Calm down. Let's hear them out before slaughtering them."

"Good luck trying to convince the others to hear them out, " Adela snapped. "Hikaru, Ulissis, and Wanikiya especially."

"We won't know until we try, " Ren said. "Plus, Hikaru and Wanikiya already know what's

I summoned my blue raindrop necklace and held it out to Ryomi. "Here, something to remember me by. Consider it a constant reminder to strive for your goals. Don't disappoint me when we meet again."

Ryomi hugged her bear tightly. Tears swelled up as she grabbed the necklace. "Th... thanks."

"That necklace, " Yuuta said.

I nodded. It was the same necklace that the two of us had made.

Ryomi glanced up at Yuuta. She sniffed the air. "You smell similar to mommy."

Yuuta smiled. "Do I? Is she a Kyuu Seishinian too?"

Kyuu Seishinian?

Ryomi nodded. "Well, grandmommy is. She wasn't born there, though."

Wait, so my partner all this time was a Kyuu Seishinian?

Yuuta patted Ryomi's head. "I get a sneaking suspicion that I've met your mother. That green hair of yours brings back memories."

"We're ready to go, " Lady Koukyuu announced.

Lei, Adela, and Ayawamat finished giving their partners mementos of their own.

"Let's go!" Lei said. "Time to save the world."

Yuuta nodded. "If only we could go to Zionia before this..."

"What's there?" I asked. But before he could answer, we were hit by the bright light of the sphere.

The light vanished and we were back in the plaza in front of the white castle.

"Let's get going. We're all in danger, " said a white-cloaked girls. She was accompanied by another white-cloaked girl.

"You two made it back safely, " Ren said.

"White cloaks?" Lei said, rubbing his chin. He gasped and glanced up at them. "Are you two friends of my brother, Kun?"

Suddenly the ground shook with immense strength. "No, it's already starting, " I yelled. The shadows were wanting to escape their prison. A prison that they've spent the past eight years in.

"Your third test begins!" Lady Koukyuu said. "Your job is to fight the shadows and protect the school!"

"Hey, Nyima. On the way there, tell us what else you know about these 'spots', " Iah said.

"Alright, that'll save us time!" I responded.

We rushed toward the mountain where our dorms were built, on the other side of them were the ruins. The very ruins which could lead to the demise of not only Kyuu Seishin, but of the entire realm.

**Important Solar Note! : Sorry for the lack of updates these past few days. I have been feeling a bit under the weather as of late (still do, so the quality of this chapter might've suffered a bit...). Either way, I hope that you enjoyed it :3**

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