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I mixed the items into my personal cauldron. The water inside it bubbled thanks to the energy being radiated by the stones. Next, I poured in the various herbs that we'd gathered, causing the water to turn the same light green color as the cauldron.

"Woah, " Akito said as he stared directly into the liquid.

"Move away, " I advised him. Akito stepped back as the boiling liquid started to reach the surface.

Taking in a deep breath, I surround the inside of the cauldron with my prana and compress the liquid from all sides. A pang of pain flashes through my head as the bubbling doesn't die down.

"Akito, the scale."

The kid nodded and took out the greyish green scale from the basket in his hands.

I levitated the scale over to the liquid while simultaneously compressing said liquid. Once the scale touched it, the bubbles grew in size and amount.

The pang of pain intensified.

'You can do this, just a little longer and the pill will be complete, ' I told myself.

I surrounded the liquid with two hands made out of prana. The hands pushed the scale entirely into the prana bubble and covered the entire bubble as the liquid turned into steam.

Blood from my mouth splattered the floor.

"Lei. You're using too much prana, " Adela yelled as she too struggled with her own pill.

Why was making this pill harder than the others of its kind? Did Lady Koukyuu had Korgermu gather ingredients that were different than the ones we used before? Or perhaps it was because these ingredients were grown in their native world.

"Lei, " Akito said in a sad voice. He closed his eyes and held his hands toward to the sphere of gas. Green energy flowed out of his body and into the sphere.

Could chi even do that? Wait, Adela said something about how chi and prana were very similar. Damn, why couldn't I remember?

"Ryuusei?" Iah said. He too was struggling with his pill.

"We can't fail. I said that I would help you make a better pill than Ryomi's group could."

Iah smiled. "Thanks, kid."

Ryomi was using her prana to help Nyima, allowing her to contain it the best out of all of us.

"I can't hold it, " Akito said, coughing out blood.

"It's fine, " I yelled as the sound of steaming gasses filled the room. "It's best that you run." I closed one eye. "It's dangerous here."

"What is going on?" Lady Koukyuu asked as she looked at all ten of us. She glanced over at Korgermu. "Did you do something to the ingredients?"

He shook his head. "No. But the issue is wi

has come to an end, " the former Dragon Emperor said as the world turned white. "Wake up now... she's worried about you, Ventus."

"I told you that the name is Lei!" I shouted.

"Lei?" Adela said, stunned by my outburst. She wasn't faced for long as she wrapped her arms around. "You're awake!"

"Oww, you're hurting me, " I said, wincing.

She let go of me as she snickered. "Sorry."

My face flushed. "Uh, did you pass the test?"

"We all did, " Nyima responded, smiling. "We're going to start the final part tomorrow. Rest for now, tomorrow will be a long day."

"Alright, night." I laid my head back down on the soft pillow and closed my tired eyes. Why did that guy call me Ventus? Then again, mom did always say that I resembled our famous ancestor. Well, in terms of appearance, because when it came to personality, that guy was rather shy during his youth.


"We're here, " Aria said as she leaned her back against a tree. The sun was barely starting to rise. "Kun's brother is somewhere on this island, I can feel it. So Nyima must be here too."

"Think that we'll be able to find him?" I asked.

"We'll find them, we have to, " Yuuta said, wiping sweat off his face. He grabbed my hand and warped us to the top of the mountain on the center of the island.

My heart beated fast. Soon I would be seeing Adela again... how would she react to seeing me?

**Character Section**

Ryujin Sumeragi- Sex: Male Age: ??? Powers: Wind and others Titles: Savage King, He Who Ruled for an Age, Sixth Dragon Emperor, Ruthless One, Founder

**Solar Question: What did you think of Dragon Emperor Ryujin? Why do you think he called Lei, 'Ventus'?**

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