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After eating at Sierra's place, I headed to the outskirts of town in search of an opening to The Abyss. I recalled uncle Eri speak of a portal here in the outskirts of the capital of the Kuroriku.

"Where are we going?" asked Sarah, trailing behind me. She was accompanied by Kaede and Ivonne.

"I told you to stay behind, " I said as I jumped on top of some trees. "This is no place for children."

She narrowed her blue eyes as she chased after me while remaining on the ground. "I hope that you're referring to these two and not me."

I snickered. "Maybe I am."

A water sword flew past me. "In that case I won't allow you to escape."

"Scary..." I said, holding my hands into the air. "Fine, fine. You can come but the kids will need to stay behind."

Her eyes sparkled. "Really?" She turned to look at the kids who were still following after us. "Uh, could you two stay here, we'll be right back."

"Eloping, aren't ya?" Ivonne suggested, crossing her tiny arms.

How does a little girl even know such a word?

Sarah's face reddened as she turned to look at me. "We're just going to check something out."

I nodded. "Yup, and then we'll elope!"

Water splashed my face, causing me to have to jump down. "Don't say weird things!" she scolded, her face deep red.

I gave her a toothy smile. "Aww, but you're so fun to annoy."

"Right?" called out a voice. Sarah crafted another water blade and threw it at the direction of the voice. The sword sliced the top off of a pine tree as the voice's owner somersaulted in the air.

"My, how rude, " said her teammate as he landed gently behind us.

"That was awesome!" exclaimed Aerkain as he trailed far behind Hal.

"Where are you going?" asked another voice, this time it was An. He pointed his sword at me.

For the longest time the guy has kept an eye on me, not sure why considering that Hal was no less mysterious.

"To elope, " I responded with a grin.

Sarah grabbed me by the arm and squeezed hard. "What did I just say?"

"I give, I give!" I yelled, wincing.

She pushed me to the ground and grinned smugly. "Now maybe you'll listen. Let's go check out this path to the Abyss!"

"Abyss? What abyss?" An asked.

"The world on the other side, " I responded as I slowed down and glanced back at where An and Hal had come from. "Where are Eien, Miwa, Xue, and Nahimana?"

"Seems that we left them behind while catching up to you elopers, " Hal said, chuckling.

Sarah narrowed her eyes again. "You really do want to start a fight, don't you?"

Hal snickered as he walked to the forefront of the group, glancing around at the forest. "So this 'Abyss' is the same place as the one that Nyima's mother mentioned, right?"

Sarah and I narrowed our eyes. "How do you know that?" I asked. "I thought that you had left."

He put his hands around his mouth. "Opps, I guess I spoke too much." He gave us a sly grin before running off into the forest.

"That guy is such an enigma, " Sarah said, crossing her arms.

"Yeah, he sure is..."

"Like you're one to talk, " An snapped as he followed his teammate.

I rolled my eyes. Did I ruffle him the wrong way or something? Lei and Yen had said that he was a nice guy... So much for that.

"Hey, " Sarah said, grabbing my arm. A few inches from my face was the trunk of a tree. "Don't day dream."

I smil

others had emerged from.


The white cloaked boy slapped the mask that he had donned before Mr. Obi had come. "Shut it. Your spell could break at any time now. I need to keep my identity secret." He sighed. "I shouldn't even have shown my face you guys." He removed his white mask to reveal a handsome chiseled face. His red eyes darted around the crowd. "How can you hold the spell for this long?"

"His powers are at work too, " Orion said, pointing at the injured Hikaru. "Seems that our magic is synchronizing."

"Interesting, " Ry said. "It's like a union spell in that case."

A union spell? They're spells made by groups of people in unison such as those me and my brothers can cast when we're together, but never have I seen one without its creators purposely working together.

Orion's grey eyes darted to Mr. Obi whose tails were slowly starting to move. The boy stepped back. "He's... breaking the spell. Put on the mask!"

Tahoma quickly putting it back on and jumped back.

"So this is the power of a master mage, " Hikaru said, glaring at our proctor.

"Let's hope that the girls can get to Nyima, " Ry said as he finished pouring the liquid which had already closed the majority of Hikaru's wound.

Why is Nyima so important to them?

Suddenly, the ghost soldiers grabbed a hold of all of us, including Orion.

"Nice try, " Mr. Obi said, giving us another toothy grin as his tails slithered around him like snakes.

Zelde looked at us as the ghost soldiers started to lift us into the air. "Let... let go of them, " she yelled as flames surrounded her hands.

Mayu took advantage of a distracted Mr. Obi to kick him and run over to Zelde. "Do as she says or I'll tell them your secret, " our former enemy ordered.

"Wanikiya, take care of them, " Mr. Obi commanded as he vanished into thin air.

Wanikiya glanced up at us and then at Zelde before raising his ice swords into the air. He clenched his eyes shut. "Sorry..."

**Solar Question(s): What do you think of Mr. Obi's magic? Also, what do you think that his secret is? Think that Wanikiya will help our Zelde and Mayu rescue the others or do you think that he will continue to do what he must to advance to Novus Magus Secundus?**

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