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Previously on Descent of Darkness: The Novus Magus Secundus Advancement Exam is underway. After some quick magic fights with their partners, Lei's team is moving on to the second part of the exam.


Stupid... why did I keep getting into others' business? That was the reason for why I had no friends during middle school...

"Ryomi found the stones!" Ryomi yelled, running up to me. Her smile faded as she noticed my concern. "Is Nyima fine?"

I chuckled upon hearing her refer to the two of us as if we weren't present. "I'll get over it, " I said, rolling my arms. "Let's go."

Ryomi hugged her bear with her freehand. "What's that Beary? Nyima seems worried?"

Ugh, the girl was starting to remind me of myself. "Beary doesn't know what it's talking about."

The princess pouted. "Beary knows everything!"

I snickered. "Really? Then tell me, Beary, what is Lei so afraid of?"

Ryomi stared into her bear's eyes for some time. "Hmm, it's a secret."

I patted her head. "Come, let's go."

She smiled and nodded, running after me.

AS we walked down stairs, we ran into Ayawamat and Seron.

The guy glanced up but quickly adverted direct eye contact. "Following me now?" he asked, his hands tightening around the rail.

I walked past him. "You're full of yourself. Ryomi and I are looking for another item. Thus far we got the stones and the blooms." The clock above us indicated that only fifteen minutes remained. "Damn, we're going to cut it close."

Ryomi hugged her bear and her dragon emerged from it. "Be... I mean, Rami. Find the leaves and the crushed flowers."

The small pink dragon slightly bowed and flew off to the floors below.

The dragon was the one responding to her?

"Something the matter?" Ryomi asked. She gave me a smug grin. "Don't ya worry. Rami will easily find the leaves and the crushed flowers. She does have a connection to plants, though she isn't technically a 'wood-type'."

"That's great, so the only item that will remain will be the scale."

"Got that covered, " she responded, summoning a pink and white scale out of thin air. "Rami wants you to have this. Hmm, not sure why but she seems to like you." She pouted. "Don't think of taking her."

Rami, attached to me? I had no idea as to why she would be considering that we barely met.

"Seron, let's follow that dragon, " Ayawamat yelled, running past me. He jumped over the rails and into the darkness below as webing shot out from his hands.

"Woah, " Ryomi said, her eyes shiny. "He's like a superhero!

I shook my head and ran down the stairs. "Nope, that guy is more like a villain. We got to stop him from taking our items."

Ryomi shrugged. "Rami can take him on. She won't be fighting you

to our family, " father stated, his eyes cold. "You even allowed yourself to get picked on by those triplets."

"Only two of them! I'm stronger than the youngest one, " I corrected.

"Only because he's a fish without water. One day he might surpass you too."

I kicked the floor, and looked up as Rami handed over the items to Ryomi. Lei didn't even bother to look down at me.

Had I truly become pathetic?

"Hey!" Seron yelled. He handed me a shiny scale and some crushed white flowers. "Rami spilled some of the flowers. As for this scale, my dragon found it on the way here."

I smiled at the kid. "Thanks but we're missing the leaves. We only got a few seconds left." I snickered as I glared at the items. "It's over."

"You give you rather easily, don't you?" asked Nyima as she came running up to us, or rather me. She slammed her hands against my chest. "Here, they're yours."

Leaves fell to my feet as she removed her hands. "Adela found some more."

I squatted down and carefully picked them back up to not crush them further than Nyima already had.

"Time!" Koukyuu's voice roared throughout the vault. "Return to the starting point."

"Come, " Nyima ordered as she turned the corner into another hallway. "We'll settle this dispute by determining which of us makes the better pill."

I rubbed my chest as I walked on ahead. "Tha...nks, " I responded, looking to the side.

Nyima raised a hand to her mouth, stifling a giggle.

"What...what's so funny?" I demanded to know, narrowing my eyes at her.

"No...nothing, " she said, letting out a cute giggle.

I wanted to wipe that smile off of her face and at the same time, I didn't...

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