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"We've been waiting for a long time, " a familiar voice called out as soon as we exited the building.

I stepped back. "Hikaru."

Hikaru glanced at me, and jumped back. "Mayu?" He summoned his wand and pointed at me. "What are you doing here?"

"Relax, " said the blond haired boy, Ry, as he removed his hood. "We won't allow her to harm you."

The blue haired guy removed his hood, it was Tahoma. But why was he doing this?

"Sorry about being late. I forgot that idiot had us volunteer for this 'bonding test'."

"Idiot?" Yen asked.

"Your brother, " Tahoma responded.

She glanced at the cloaks of the four. "I'm assuming you're talking about Kun. I know that you're Ayawamat's cousin, but we didn't meet you until recently. I had no idea that you were that close to Kun. How do you know him?"

Tahoma smiled. "Seems that idiot does know how to keep a few secrets." He sighed. "I met him when the other idiot got lost."

Yen glared at him. "I won't allow you to call my brothers idiots."

The boy scoffed. "You might be one too."

What in the world is going on here?

Hikaru sighed. "Before you say anything, why is Mayu here?"

"Haven't you watched the news?" asked Ry. "The camp these guys were staying in was attacked by a sha..."

"Ry, " Tahoma said, glaring at him.

Yen waved her hand in the air. "It's fine. We know about the shadows. Brother and Nyima's mother mentioned them while we were fighting in the old ruins in Kyuu-Hanabira Island."

"Nyima? You mean that blue-haired girl in Lei's group?" the boy said, glancing at me.

"Yeah, Nyima Taiyang Yahto. What other Nyima do you think I mean?"

He shook his head and struck himself in the forehead. "What an idiot. I can't believe that I didn't make that connection earlier. Then...that makes her the heir of..."

"Is Nyima special to you?" Wanikiya asked Tahoma as he kept an eye on me.

Tahoma nodded. "Yes, she'll be essential in the salvation of this world. Do you know of where she currently is?"

"She's with Koukyuu in the dragon realm, " responded Mr. Obi as he joined Yen's group.

Yuuto smiled. He was probably thinking that Mr. Obi would help us out.

Mr. Obi glanced at us and grinned. "Oh, so you're alive. Good. Hand over the delinquents to me, I'll assure that they have their punishment."

Tahoma grabbed me by the arm and pulled me away. "And if we said no?"

What does he plan to do with me? Use me as a hostage? Well, he sort of already did that to lure the others here so...

Mr. Obi gave him a toothy smile. "You'll face the same consequences as

k the handkerchief from her hands and wiped my face with it. "Sorry. You didn't need to see that." I snickered cynically. "I guess that I still got a ways to go if I seek to come off as cool."

Natsuki smiled. "You are pretty cool. All of you are. Though out of all five, I think that you're the coolest. You protected Akito as if you two were life long friends."

I stood up and handed her back the handkerchief. "I forgot about Akito! Did you see him?"

She shook her head. "Nope. The last group I saw was Iah and Ryuusei heading down."

"They went downstairs? What kind of items are there?"

"Not sure but Adela followed them. We nearly got all the items except for the stones and the dragon scale."

"Ah, I see, " I said. Note to self, head downstairs once you've found Akito.

"I brought you your partner, " Nyima announced as she stood by the door, her arms crossed. "What was with you? Leaving him like that?"

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to." I lower my head. "I'm sorry, both of you."

Nyima walked over and touched my head. She lifted it until our eyes meet. "Why do you three continue to flee from the past?"


"Adela and Iah avoid my questions while you run off when I bring up the past. Ayawamat appears to be the same as you. If the five of us are a team then we should start to trust one another."

I removed her hands from my face. "Adela once said, 'being a team doesn't mean giving all your secrets away'. So stop prying into the lives of others and care for you own." I signaled for Akito to follow me and left the room filled with various stones.

**Solar Note: I hope that you enjoyed this chapter :). What do you think of the relationship between Nyima, Lei, and Ayawamat?**

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