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"Nice job, " Iah complimented.

Ryuusei dropped the boulder-sized clumps of earth back down. "Thanks, " he said, grinning. He dusted himself off. "I think I finally got a handle on it."

"You'll need much more if you seek to become stronger than that Akito kid, " I interjected. Iah and Ryuusei turned around and saw me seating at the edge of the water fountain. "You don't even compare to the green-haired girl."

Ryuusei lowered his head. "I know. That's why I want to become stronger! My father will finally acknowledge me when I do."

I scoffed. "Your Father?"

The kid simply nodded.

That Korgermu, he really was a lot like my own father...


"Hit harder!" Father yelled at the top of his lung. He shook his head as he caught my punches with a single hand. Despite not being a mage, he was fast and strong.

I took a step back to catch my breath.

Father sighed and furrowed his brow at me. "It's bad enough that you look like a girl, but punching like one? You might as well been born a girl." He shook his head at me.

"Father, " called out my older brother.

Father glared at my older brother, Hotah. Hotah was tall for his age, seventeen at the time, and had a muscular physic. His brown hair was long but not as long as my dark blue hair was.

"If you got an issue with my teaching then feel free to take over. Unlike you this child has no talent, " Father responded, walking away.

I turned away and sobbed quietly, afraid that my father would've noticed.

A rough but soft hand ran through my hair. "Cheer up, little bro. Father can be rather strict but he's doing it for your own good." I glanced up at him, he was smiling but his eyes were serious.

"You're returning to school soon, aren't you?" I asked.

He nodded.

I glanced at the small house I called home for the past nine years. Father and Mother could no longer afford to pay the mortgage on it. If it weren't for brother's scholarship then he too would have had to change schools in such short notice.

"You'll be fine, " Hotah assured me. "I'm sure that you'll make some friends."

I gave my older brother a tight hug. "I'll miss you the most."

Brother hugged me back. "As will I, Aya."

"I knew it!" yelled someone.

I half expected it to be a girl. Instead, it turned out to be a black haired boy with bright blue eyes like mine. His hair was shorter than brother's but long enough to tie into a ponytail.

Houta let go of me. His face turned bright red. "Sirius, what are you doing here?"

Sirius? If I recalled correctly, that was the name of the guy brother used to bully during middle school.

"You do have a nice side to you, " Sirius continued, chuckling. In his hand was a bag of bread. He held it out to him. "I brought this for you, to say goodbye."

Brother looked away. "We'll still be seeing each other around at school. Plus I don't expect to move to Caelum once I finish high school. I'll be staying here in Stella."

"Sirius, " called out a girl from across the street. "Dinner is ready!" A red haired girl waved at him from the doorstep. For some reason her belly was round. It reminds me of my mama's own belly.

Sirius turned around. "See ya!"

"Is that girl pregnant?" I blurted out.

Sirius nodded and smiled. "I'm going to b

y is now doing great harm to it and to the world. Our very existence is now under threat thanks to you."

I grimaced as I recalled what happened the other day. "I think I understand you. Those shadows destroyed the camp with ease."

The girl took in a deep breath and leaned against the wall. "Aria told me about it. She said that there was barely ash left behind from those who perished."

I shook my head, it would've been too incredible to believe if had not seen it in person.

The door clicked open. In walked Ren and the Akiyama twins. Following them closely behind were the three who had captured me.

"Guys, " I said, standing up. To my surprise, the white cloaks didn't see the need to handcuff me. Though that was likely due to my lack of prana at the moment.

"We're here, " Yuuto yelled. "Now what are you going to do with us?"

The blue haired boy grinned. "We need you to help us fix this." He held his hand out. He turned to look at Yuuto. "I'm coming with you to speak to the regnant. Shin'en seems to know you."

"Only issue is that Shin'en isn't here, " said the girl guarding me. "He's currently in Kyuu-Hanabira, watching over the sophomore exams."

"The high school?" the blond haired boy asked. He smiled. "In that case, we'll have our other two members contact him."

"The freshmen are also taking their advancement exams, " Yuuto said. "We had planned to relay a message to him through the gate foxes. However, that won't be necessary, the true ruler is currently at the castle."

I tilted my head. "The true ruler?" My green eyes widen. "Wait, you mean to say that..."

He smiled. "Yeah, you'll be seeing your ex soon enough."

**Solar Note: I hope that you enjoyed this chapter :). Are you looking forward to seeing Mayu reunite with her ex? I know I'm certainly excited to write it xD. Speaking of exciting to write, I enjoyed writing the flashback scene a lot. I plan to one day tell more of Sirius and Stella's story (as part of Lost to the Ages or another book) :).

Btw, for those who are curious, this is more or less how I imagine the suite's living room to look like (it's only missing that golden paint on the edges of the walls)-


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