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"Where are we?" I asked, looking around. Before me stood a majestic city with buildings whose surfaces glimmered like silver and whose windows shone like top rate gem-quality quartz.

"Kun?" Sarah said, turning the corner of a building. "What are you doing here?"

"Same goes for you, " Eien stated, taking in the view. "So we were taken the realm of angels." He smiled. "Being here brings back memories."

"Hello, " someone called out. Walking toward us was a girl covered in a fur coat. Along with her was a little boy dressed similarly.

"Isn't it too warm to be wearing fur coats?" Hal teased them.

The girl glanced up at him and kicked him.

"Ow, what's you issue?"

She narrowed her eyes. "I don't take nicely to teasers like you."

I chuckled. The girl reminded me of my little brother, actually, they were the same age. Though Shandian was way more kind and adorable.

"Sorry, we're late!" yelled a green haired girl. She was dressed in a black summer dress. Following her were two boys and another girl.

"It was Aerkain's fault, wasn't it?" the fur coat girl suggested.

The green haired girl nodded. "Yup, like always."

Aerkain was a blond young man who for some reason had no shoes on at all. "I was hungry!"

"Should little kids really be roaming the streets alone?" Mr. Suzuran questioned.

"Don't worry, we got our angel tools, " the last boy said, pointing to his sun shaped necklace. He was dressed in shorts and a button up shirt. He had bright red hair and icy blue eyes that contrasted with his fiery aura.

I side eyed Eien.

"What?" he asked.

"That boy and you... what's your connection?"

Eien shrugged. "He's my cousin." He waved at the boy. "Hello, Kaede."

Kaede smiled. "Hello."

"We're missing three, hopefully they didn't get lost, " said Mr. Mizu no Kinzoku our proctor, glancing around. He was a man with long silver hair and cyan eyes. He was our Zionian teacher. Maybe that fact was why we were chosen to come here. We did speak the best Zionian out of the first-years.

"They're later than us, " Aerkain said, snickering.

The fur coat girl shot him an unamused look.

"I think I'll partner up with the blonde, " Hal said, chuckling.

"I'll take the icy-eyed girl, " Sarah said, nodding to herself.

"Sorry we're late, " yelled a raven haired girl with deep violet eyes. Accompanying her was a blue haired boy who resembled our proctor.

"There's my other cousin, " Eien said, waving at her.

The boy bowed. "Sorry, gramps."

Gramps? Just how old is our teacher?

Mr. Mizu no Kinzoku patted his head. "It's fine kiddo. I'm sure tha

d. "Why haven't I heard of this before?"

"That's because the queen wanted to keep it a secret, " Yuuta responded. He glanced around to make sure that no one was overhearing. "Let's go someplace else."

I summoned my house key. "We can unite at my place."

"Where do you think that you're going?" called out a voice. "Aria, Ry, apprehend the idiots who caused this mess!"

A white cloaked girl charged at us with a single sword at hand.

Ren stopped her blade with his psychic magic. "Who are you people?"

"Read our minds if you want to know!" yelled a short boy. He was also donning the same style of cloak. "Lightning Dragon." His hands became embedded in yellow lightning prana which coiled away, taking the shape of a dragon. "Attack them!"

Yuuta and Yuuto blocked his attack with walls of sand.

I glared at the older boy who simply stood by. He removed his hood, causing his long, sky-blue hair to fall over his shoulders. "Come with us peacefully. We'll help you fix your stupid mistake.

My left hand curled around the tree's trunk. I channeled what little prana I have left into it. "First, tell us who you are."

"Don't try that, " the young man said. His hands were around my neck. He was fast... dangerously so. "Now..." He turned toward the others. "Come with us if you care for her." Light surrounded the cloaked trio and me. "I'll be waiting for you on top of Kin Tower."

**Solar Note: Did you think that introducing the kids so close together was too much? Please let me know. I'll try to space them out some more if so ^^. Btw, what did you think of Mayu and Co returning? :

The song used is 'One Day too Late' by Skillet. Yes, I used this song during Novus Magus too xD. I just find it fitting for Mayu...**

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