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   Chapter 5 NO.5

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"A man with eyes of gold, ruby red hair, and ivory wings..."


Lei staggered back as he blocked Ayawamat attacks.

"So he learned fighting magic, " Koukyuu said as she watched Ayawamat's continued onslaught against Lei.

Akito also wasn't doing so well. Seron had frozen both of his arms and one of his legs.

Lei's partner closed one eye as his dragon, Dracoeon, desperately tried to protect him. Dracoeon winced as its own body became encased in ice by the chilly breath of his opponent.

"Master, it is done, " Seron's dragon said, bowing.

Seron patted his hat-shaped head. "Nice job." The kid formed two icy blades and charged at them.

"No, you don't!" Lightning destroyed the ice blades while a gust sent the kid flying into the barrier.

"You coward, " Ayawamat taunted as he slowly approached the two. "Hurting a child? Who knew that you had it in you."

Lei narrowed his turquoise eyes. He twirled his butterfly swords and charged at him. "At least I protect my partner! You can't even do that!"

Akito stood up and flew into the air using a strong gust of wind. "Lei, let's do a combination attack!"

Lei grinned. "Good idea, those tend to help the hero defeat the bad guy."

Ayawamat shook his head and sighed. "Stupid children. This isn't an freaking anime." His long dark hair grew longer and attacked us.

"What is this?" Akito said as hair latches into his arms.

"Silk!" Lei said. He slashed the silk with a thin razor wind but it was to no avail. It couldn't be cut!

"Tsk. You won't ever learn... you can't defeat me, loser." He kicked Lei in the gut and sent him flying into the other corner of the barrier.

Blood rolled down Lei's mouth as he tried to push himself off of the ground. His arms... Ayawamat had damaged one of them during his earlier barrage.

Akito stood still as Ayawamat passed him. "I don't like to hurt children..." He turned around and kicked the air. "Huh?"

"Over here, " called out a adult's voice.

In the ceiling stood a golden eyed Akito. His Ki had shot up several levels for no apparent reason.

"Who is this boy?" I asked, eyes wide.

"A nobody, " Korgermu responded. "Or so we thought. The child is simply a friend of my son. As far as I know, he isn't even of noble lineage."

"You got to choose... if you choose right then I can end this war for you, " a voice echoed.

I gasped as Akito slashed Ayawamat like a beast. The child was jumping around on all fours. His blue hair was pointed back like a wolf's.

"Adela, are you having a vision?" Nyima asked. She glanced back. "Though there's no fire."

I grasped my head. "Angel wings...golden eyes...dragon powers."

"You stupid brat!" Ayawamat yelled as he kicked Akito into the edge.

"Gotcha, " Lei said, grabbing him.

The boy turned. His golden eyes seemed to peer directly into Lei's soul. "I can handle this by myself. So, stand back."

Lei shook his head. "Ayawamat is my rival. I can't have a child like you defeat him."

Akito chuckled. "Your rival? My, you've fallen... I remember when I used to be your rival?"

Lei tilted his head. "You aren't Akito..."

The boy laughed maniacally. "Correct... though you aren't the one I'm talking to."

Lei growled. "I don't get you." He stood up and blocked one of Ayawamat's attacks with his good arm. "Though you should never let your guard down around this guy."

Akito smirked as wind danced around him.

I stood up. The boy's ki levels...they were fluctuating too much. "Stop!" I screamed.

The boy turned his eyes toward me. Looking at them directly made my head ache.

Akito seemed to have the same reaction to mine as he let out a weak grunt and fell to the floor.

Ayawamat grinned. "I don't know where all that energy came from but it's gone now!" Bees emerged from his cloak and stung Lei.

Lei closed his eyes as the sleeping properties of the species of bee used took hold.

"The winner is Ayawamat, " Korgermu announced.

"We're too late, " lamented Ryuusei as he returned with Iah.

"I found him, " Iah said, tapping Ryuusei's head.

"Ryuusei, " Takara said, returning. "I thought that you went to your room."

Ryuusei shook his head. "I went to train. Now, if you excuse me." He leaped into the floating platform and walked over to Akito. "His he alright?"

"I don't know, " Ayawamat said, walking away. He suddenly stopped and whispered something to the boy before jumping off of the platform.

Ryuusei glanced at Akito and smiled slightly. He grabbed Akito and wrapped his arm around his waist. "This isn't the place to sleep." He glanced over at Lei. "Same goes for you


"I'll handle this one, " Iah said, grabbing Lei.

"Only one more match left, " Korgermu stated, glancing over at the red-haired girl and me. "Natsuki versus Adela."

Natsuki and I stood up.

"We know how this will end, " Natsuki said timidly as she jumped into the platform.

I nodded even as I was paying attention to Lei.

"Don't worry. He'll get over this loss, " Iah said.

"Ayawamat... he didn't care for his partner at all." Lying unconscious at the edge of the barrier was Seron. I curled my hands into fists. "The guy is no better than those we fought months back."

Iah sighed. "Don't let him get under your skin too."

"What's wrong with you?" Nyima questioned. She had grabbed Ayawamat by the arm. "Take care of your partner. Even if you don't care, do it for the test."

He narrowed his light-blue eyes at her. "Let me go."

Nyima noticed Seron shift as she approached him. "He's waking up."

Our insufferable teammate sighed. "No duh." Several purple ethereal butterflies flew away from Seron and returned to Ayawamat.

He gave Nyima a sly grin. "Don't jump to conclusions."

"That guy..." Iah said, glaring at him.

"Its fine, " Nyima stated, turning away from Ayawamat. She held out a hand toward Seron. "How are you feeling?"

Seron smiled, taking her hand. "I've been better."

Once everyone was gone, Natsuki and I began our battle.

Natsuki's dragon launched fireballs.

I adverted my eyes and ducked. I'll end this as fast as Iah did.

Maneuvering leaves past the flames, I wrapped Natsuki with sleep inducing foliage.

"Learning this spell came in handy, " I whispered to myself as I caught the girl.

"Solar Flare!" her dragon yelled.

I shielded myself by bending the flames around me. I formed multiple metal swords and threw them telepathically at her.

She dodged the swords and sent out more flames.

I closed my eyes and fell to the floor. The image of the boy with the red hair and golden eyes returned.

Just...who is this guy? Why does he keep appearing?

"Are you alright?" asked the dragon as she tapped my shoulder.

I took a deep breath. "I'll be fine." I stood up. "Let's continue." I grab the dragon by the crest on its head and slam it into the ground. "Sorry..."

"The winners are the Xelerian teens, " Korgermu announced.

I stagger back and fall to the ground.

"Adela, " a voice called out... I glance up and see two hands held out toward me.

I grabbed both their hands. "Thanks, you two."

"No need to thank me, " Akito said, smiling at us. "Lei, is she your girlfriend? She's really pretty!"

Lei's face flushed. He waved his hand frantically while shaking his head. " Why does everyone think that?"

"You seem very close, " Natsuki said, opening her eyes.

"We are childhood friends. Though we met when we were older than you are now."

"How did you two meet?" asked Akito.

Lei smiled. "I'll tell it to you but first let's get some rest."

"I want to see more of the world outside, " Nyima said, fidgetting.

"I can show you around!" Ryomi suggested, jumping up and down.

"I promised Ryuusei to train him, " Iah responded. "So, go on ahead without me."

Nyima punched his shoulder playfully. "You would make a pretty good father."

Iah blushed. "Why do you say that?"

She snickered. "I've seen how you are around kids. Their eyes brighten up and so do yours. Your cousin looks up to you."

He gave her a flirty grin. "Well, do you wish to be the mother of them one day?"

She looked away. "No."

"Still a tsundere I see."

"Be careful kid, " Ayawamat warned Ryuusei. "You might become a player if you hang out around this guy too much."

Iah snickered. "You're just bitter because no girl will turn to look at you. Hmm, you don't seem to pay any girls attention... are you into gu..."

"I'm not, " Ayawamat retorted, rolling his eyes. "I just don't need a girlfriend in my life right now. Once I'm Magus Maximus I'll be able to make a harem for myself if I so desire."

Nyima glared at him. "Even if you have a lot of power I doubt that many would want to stay close to you. You aren't exactly... charismatic."

He shot her a dirty look. "I'm out of here, we're just going around in circles."

"Let's get going, " I called out from the hallway. "or we'll leave you alone."

"I think that I'll stay here, " Ayawamat responded, walking away.

Lei stuck out his tongue at him. "Go ahead! You'll do us a favor!"

**Solar Note: What did you think of Akito's surge in power and Adela's visions? Did you enjoy the ending section? I get that it became filler-like toward the ending xD**

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