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"The Realm of the Dragons will be the first to fall"

Previously on the Immortal Sun Mist Emperor Saga- The test to officially advance to the rank of Novus Magus Secundus has begun! Nyima, Iah, Adela, Ayawamat, and I are traveling with Koukyuu to the Dimension of Dragons, Wynaga, for the first part of the exam!-Lei


A blue light enveloped us completely. When we opened our eyes we found ourselves in a black marble lobby, much like that of Wanikiya's home. However, I knew that I wasn't back home. Flying in the sky above us were dragons, as in actual dragons, not those elemental imitations we mages made.

"This place, it's overflowing with ki, " Iah said, looking around the place. He touched the window and glanced up at the dragons flying toward us. "This really is the dragon realm."

"Let's go outside, " Koukyuu said, waving at us. "The children should be waiting for us there."

"Where exactly in Wynaga are we?" Adela said, taking in the sight. Below the building we were in was a vast forest that seemed to run forever.

"This is Ryoski." Lady Zettai came to a stop in front of the door.

A green haired girl holding a stuffed bear ran into the building alongside three other kids. All of them except for the boy with navy blue hair and green eyes had a dragon. They were all around five.

"They're here!" the green haired girl said, jumping up and down. "Look, I'm not the only mage here anymore!"

Nyima raised an eyebrow. "These are our 'partners'? Also, this girl can use magic?"

Was she part mage? She could clearly control a dragon without the use of magic, so she had to be from this realm.

The little girl nodded. "A little." She extended her hands out. "Arbl Draco." A wooden dragon emerged from her hands and attacked Nyima.

Nyima dodged the dragon with ease but was shocked when the dragon broke through the marble floor, and came back up. She grinned. She easily slashed the wooden dragon with a sword made out of light. "Pretty good."

The girl mimicked Nyima smile. "Not done yet. Rami!" Her real dragon, a small pink snake-like thing with a green face, leaped toward Nyima.

"Light Dragon!" Nyima chanted. A light dragon emerged from her hands and flew upward.

The little girl held back the light dragon with her bare hands. "Light?" The dragon deteriorated. "Light is my domain!"

"Ryomi, " said a boy with dark blue hair. He looked up nervously at us. "Should we tell them why we had them come here?"

"What do you mean?" I said, causing the boy to flinch. "Aren't we here as part of our exam?"

He opened his eyes. "That's right. However, Ryomi volunteered us so that you may battle with us."

Iah scoffed. "Battle with you? You're five-year-olds."

Nyima sighed. "I hate to admit it, but at least this green haired shorty is strong."

Ryomi bowed as if she had just received a round of applause. "Thank you very much kind strangers. I'm Ryomi Sumeragi. These are-"

"Wait, " Iah interrupted her. "Sumeragi? That's the family name of the nobility of this realm, practically this world's version of the no Mikoto."

Ryomi chuckled as she hugged her bear tightly. "Correct. I'm also a no Mikoto."

"She's the granddaughter of my late mother's good friend, Saya no Mikoto, " Adela said. She eyed the children with a worried look on her face.

What was bothering her?

"Correct. You hear that bear? These people know of us." She embraced the stuff animal. "Ryomi is going to show them that she's not a simple kid!"

"Who's my opponent or partner? Whatever these kids are to us, " Ayawamat finally spoke out.

"That'll be me, " a child's voice boomed. A boy with icy blue hair walked in.

"Seron!" Ryomi yelled. "You came just in time."

"Come on, let's begin!" said the dragon-less boy.

"I will try my best, " said the last child, a red-haired girl. The girl had a dragon with a solar symbol on top of its head. The dragon screamed 'fire-type' with its flame-like markings above the sun.

Adela gulped.

I patted her shoulder. "If you want I'll take her on."

"Sorry, but your partners have already been decided, " Koukyuu said. "Mr. Obi made the decision. Now, try to give these children the battle they asked for."

I sighed. At least one of these fives are nobility, so we couldn't say no to them.

"Who's my partner?" I asked.

"That'll be me, " said the dragon-less boy.

The soft-spoken boy went with Iah, while the red-haired girl went with Adela.

I glanced over at Ayawamat who was facing the icy-eyed boy. The mere thought of him possibly losing to a four-year-old made me laugh.

We were taken to an aerial arena.

"Who will go first?" Ryomi said.

The soft-spoken boy walked away. "I'll go last."

"You will do no such thing, Ryuusei!" a voice boomed. A tall man with dark blue hair entered the room accompanied by who I assumed to be his wife, oldest son, and daughter. He directed his eyes toward Iah. "My son and you will battle first."

"But, father, " the boy shrieked out. "I don..." The man's cold stare quieted him down.

Iah stepped in between the boy and his angry father. "Fine, we'll battle first, " he said, giving the man an equally cold stare.


I continued to glare at the man. Seeing Ryuusei and his father reminded me of some of my family members. I couldn't speak out against uncle Huang, but I certainly could speak out against this man.

"So don't give the child that hateful look, " I continued.

The man scoffed. "Interesting. No child has ever talked back to me like that." With a vice-like grip around my neck, he slammed me against the adjacent wall.

Nyima and the others stood there in shock. Only Lady Koukyuu and the man's wife weren't baffled.

"Let that child go this instant, " the wife ordered. "He's our son's opponent, not yours."

"Tsk." The guy let's go of me without warning and turned his back to me.

I stood up slowly, taking my breath. I would not allow myself to be embarrassed like this. I formed rocks and sent them flying toward the man.

He swung his hand, snapping the rocks with ease. He scoffed again. "Your vengeful spirit is weak." He directed his eyes toward his youngest son. "Don't lose to this weakling."

I turned my hands into fists. I wouldn't take this lying down. I was going to punch him but a hand stopped me. I turned around and saw the man's wife. She shook her head as if telling me to let it go.

I took in a deep breath and released my fists.

Ryuusei's mother let go of me and sat down next to her other children. She grabbed her husband's hand. "Sit down, Korgermu. Please don't be so harsh on little Ryuusei."

"Ha, that's why he's the way he is. Takara, you've spoiled our youngest son."

She sighed. "Be quiet."

Ryuusei smiled warmly at his mother as she waved at him.

I couldn't help but smile myself, as I was reminded of my cousin Azure's and his own mother.

"Let's begin, shall we?" I asked.

The timid child nodded. "Let's." His black dragon floated behind him as if weren't even there.

"Go Ryuusei!" Ryomi yelled. "Show the big kid what you've got."

He smiled weakly at his friend. "Okay... Here goes." He vanished into the shadow and reappeared behind me.

I covered myself in earth, blocking the child's attacks. I bound his arms and feet with rocks. Then I finished him off quickly by hitting his pressure points.

The child crumpled to the ground like a doll. I caught him. "Sorry, " I muttered. I touched the pressure points again, allowing him to move again.

Ryuusei looked up at me as I released him from the rocky binds.

I offered him a hand. "Are you alright? I didn't hurt you too much, or did I?" I said.

He accepted my hand. "Thanks." Once he was up on his own two feet he ran out of the room.

"Wait, " Takara said, chasing after her son.

☉Solar Art Time!☉

So I am not the best artist in the world but I can(?) draw dragons! Here's Ryomi's dragon (I drew it when I was thirteen so don't judge too harshly xD.).

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