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Descent of Darkness [Immortal Sun Mist Emperor 2] By ImperialSun Characters: 6076

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**Solar Note: The following list is currently under construction. The Images here are meant to give an idea of how the character looks like and the pics were collected from the internet with that in mind.**

The main character and the youngest of the Lan triplets. His dream is to become the Magus Maximus, the highest rank of magicians a.k.a. the Emperor of the Universal Empire. He is looking forward to advancing beyond Novum Magus to Novum Magus Secundo, of which he now will get his first chance at. His magical powers are wind and lightning. His wand can transform into a pair of turquoise butterfly knives.

Age: 16 (as of the final arc of N.M.) I.V.A.: Yuuki Kaji Sex: Male Birthday: September 29, 2186. Skin Color: Light brown Hair: Short honey brown with a single braided pony tail Eyes: Turquoise, downturned Height: 5 '3 Weight: 125 (lean) Country of Origin: Wahkan Clans/heritage: Leiji, Rios, Wahkan, Xian

Son of the previous ruler of Mina, Yuanjun Wǔdì. He's the next in line after his uncle, Huang Wǔdì. According to him, he has had fifty-three girlfriends. He enjoys flirting with pretty girls, especially mature looking girls. He skipped a grade. Has Earth, Lunar, and Dragon magic. His wand can transform into a katana and a bishamon style yari with the head of a dragon at the bottom of the hilt. Seems to have crushes on both his female teammates.

Age: 15 (Turned between the events of N.M. and D.o.D.) I.V.A.: Jun Fukuyama Sex: Male Birthday: December 21, 2187 Skin color: olive Hair: long blond, tied up in a single knot Eyes: Diamond yellow Height: 5'5 Weight: 130 (muscular) Country of Origin: Mina Clans/heritage: no Mikoto, Wudi (broken apart from Xian over 10, 000 years ago)

Teammate of Lei and one of the four main protagonists. She is half Native Wahkan from her father's side. She has Water and Light magic. Her wand can transform into an ocean blue pudao. She and her mother seem to know a lot about the ruins in Ryuu no Yama for some reason.

Age: 15 I.V.A: Yoko Hikasa Sex: Female Birthday: July 11, 2187 Skin color: beige Hair: Navy Blue Eyes: Sapphire blue Height: 5'0 Weight: 110 Country of Origin: Wahkan Clans/heritage: Wahkan, Taiyang

A girl with a past with both Lei and Iah. She is glad to finally get to see Lei for the first time in seven years, however she's not so glad to see Iah. She's a priestess of her clan, the Xiān. She inherited the title of High Priestess of Xian following the death of her mother (and father) when she was still young. She is known to have Fire, Wood, and Metal magic.

Age: 15 I.V.A: Ai Kayano Sex: Female Birthday: April 14, 2187 Skin color: pale beige Hair: pink Eyes: Ruby red Height: 5'3" Weight: 120 (lean) Country of Origin: Xian Clans/heritage: Xian, Rios

Lei, Wanikiya, Yen, Hikaru, and Zelde's classmate from middle school. He was apparently childhood friends with Orion. He bullied Lei during elementary and middle school, often making fun of Lei's asthma. His bullying brought Wanikiya and Lei together. He comes off as a lonely

person. Despite bullying others, in actuality he's a rather nice person. He's very protective of his younger siblings, Reain and Muna. He also has an older brother who lives in Stella. He is also oddly polite to strangers. He dislikes his own magic, as it resulted in others bullying him, including his own parents. He has Insect magic.

Age: 15 I.V.A: Yoshimasa Hosoya Sex: Male Birthday: May 31, 2187 Skin Color: light brown Hair: Black Eyes: Blue Height: 5'5 Weight: 125 (muscular, but looks lean) Country of Origin: Wahkan (born in the city of Stella) Clans/heritage:?

Lan Family (minus Lei, Kun, and Yen)

Father of the Lan triplets and Shǎndiàn. According to Lei, he's a stern father. He's one of Lei's idols. He is Eri's master and was his guardian following the disappearance of the 'Mikado' siblings' parents. He has Lightning, Sound, Wind, and Earth magic. He bares a striking resemblance to Tetsuya Kuroriku.

Age: 35 Sex: Male Birthday: November 12, 2167 Skin color: Being Hair: Blond Eyes: electric blue Height: 6' Weight: 140 (lean) Country of Origin: Leiji Clans/Heritage: Leiji

Team Eien

Middle child of the Triplets. He was believed to have died at the hands of his best friend, Hikaru. The reasons behind their fight have yet to be disclosed. He is one of the 'Shards of the Goddess', working under orders of Nahimana who is currently acting leader until they can locate the person destined to lead them. Has Earth, Wind, and Light magic. His wand can transform into a broad sword. His wand serves as the body of the 'butterfly' union spell, with the wands of the others serving as the wings (Lei's wand being the top of the wings, and Yen's making up the bottom part of them).

Age: 16 (as of the final arc of N.M.) Sex: Male Birthday: September 29, 2186 Skin Color: light brown Hair: White Eyes: Turquoise, down turned Height: 5 '3 Weight: 125 (lean) Country of Origin: Wahkan Clans/heritage: Leiji, Rios, Wahkan, Xian


(Yutika was Yen's old name, need to update my banner for her xD)

Lei and Kun's triplet sister. She's the older of the three. She's close to her brothers, and often is the one making sure they're okay.She has Wind and Sound magic. Her wand can transform into a smaller pair of butterfly swords compared to her brother Lei's.

Age: 16 (as of the final arc of N.M.) Sex: Female Birthday: September 29, 2186 Skin Color: light brown Hair: Honey brown Eyes: Turquoise, downturn Height: 5'3 Weight: 125 (lean) Country of Origin: Wahkan Clans/heritage: Leiji, Rios, Wahkan

The youngest of the three "Mikado" siblings. He's close friends with Lei and Yen, being raised by the latter's parents. He doesn't talk much about it, but he still wonders why his parents left Eri, Yuzuki, and him with Yen's parents. Like Zelde and Wanikiya he has a power he can't control. He has Time, Light, and Lightning magic.

Age: 15 Sex: Male Birthday: March 19, 2187 Hair: Brown Eyes: Hazel? Height: 4'9" Weight: 100 Country of Origin: Wahkan Clans/heritage: no Mikoto, Hoshi(?)

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