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"Aria, execute them, " my division boss commanded me. He was at the gaping hole in the ground, where a boot camp for juveniles used to be. Dark blobs had reformed in the bottom of the creator.

I summoned my wand and transformed it into a set of needles.

"I'll handle them." I struck the cores within the shadows, causing them to vaporize.

Master leaped down, accompanied by another. He sliced through most of the remaining shadows with his katana. Meanwhile, the little boy used explosives to blow up the last remainder.

I glanced back at them. "It seems that we have to put finding our true leader to the back of our 'to do list'."

Master shook his head. "According to Kun and Nahimana, those two have already located our master. They'll protect her until she awakens her true powers. Though we should hurry up and return to Nine Petal Academy. We've been absent long enough."

I removed my mask. "Will you be fine? Last time we were together Kun and you nearly destroyed the place."

He sighed. "Perhaps I did over


I glanced up at the dark sky. "I wish that reuniting with him and the others were the only concern. One of the pillars of this world has crumbled, the others are soon to follow."

Master solemnly nodded. "Let's go, Aria, Ry. Kun and Nahimana's guard duty is about to come to an end."

I took one last glance of the debris around me. Those shadows were more dangerous than I had ever imagined...

"Aria!" Ry called out.

"Coming!" I ran after them. I had already wasted enough precious time. In a few days, the shadows were to expand across all of Kyuu Seishin...perhaps even the entire continent...

I sped ahead of Ry and our team captain. Kun, Nahimana. Please keep our leader safe until we can arrive.

**Solar Note: Immortal Sun Mist Emperor continues! So, what did you think of this prologue? Any guess as to who this 'Master' is?

The video above, for those who skipped the 'Solar Note' at the end of Novus Magus, was made by Aventadoodlez upon my request. Be sure to tell him what you thought of the video :3.**

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