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   Chapter 25 5 years later...

Anything My Sweet By MarillaGarden Characters: 6937

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5years later...


"Aww baby, push, push harder", I yelled as sweat formed on Alicia's forehead.

"Why the fuck am I back here? I said no fucking babies after Christian jr, why am I having another you bitch. I'm going to kill you Salvador. Daddy takes him away, I don't want to see him. Papa, please push him for me." Alicia shouted and cried as she tried pushing as hard as she could.

"I so fucking hate you, your face annoys me so much. Someone kill him, he did this to me. Where's the fucking epidural, I need it now!" Alicia cried out as the nurses rushed in.

"If you checked your iud when I told you to, none of this would have happened, you wouldn't be here but did you listen? No! You kept fucking like bunnies until a little bunny decided he wanted to slip through and settled in your womb." Midwife Claudia said.

Did I mention that Claudia was Marco's wife? No? Thought so, we'll let's just keep it short and tell you how they met. Marco visited Alicia when she delivered our healthy 8pound 3 oz baby Christian jr about five years ago.

Claudia was a perfect fit for Marco ever since they've been married for three years now and expecting their first newborn. Liz and Vlad are still a couple, getting married by the end of this year. Ryan and Lena went off to Vegas and had their wedding there, they've been together for a while now but no babies on the way yet.

Did I miss anyone? Oh, yea! Brad is just living the life without a care to the world. Anthony hook up with Julie which made me pretty happy for them, Pablo is worrying about his teenage daughter Elena that grew so beautiful. Wild and sixteen without a care in the world, "Where the fuck did you drift off you idiot." Alicia yelled as her teeth bit down on my finger so hard I thought I heard it pop.

"Jesus, what's wrong with you woman? I still need my finger." I shouted as I hopped up in down in pain.

"I'm tying this bitch up, no more babies Salvador. There will be a shutdown security code locked after this baby is out. It's gonna be dead and gone, dead and gone. You

gazines and runways making it difficult for her to see Anna on a daily basis.

"Mommy, can I hold him?" Anna asked as she pulled me out of my thoughts. "Of course you can sweetheart, here. Hold him in your hands like this." I said as I placed Necco in her arm's.

She smiled happily as she held him, "I'm going to be the best big sister ever mommy." She stated as she kissed his nose.

"I know you are and will be Anna. I love you baby girl." I said as I kissed her cheek.

Salvador walked in with a sleepy Christian jr in his arms, he placed him on the bed as he walked over to Anna's side. "Daddy little princess is holding her baby brother so well, have you be practicing?" Salvador asked as he kissed her.

She giggled while looking down at Necco, "I love him, I love all of you so much." She gushed as her sleepy eyes were heavy. I took Necco from her and placed him in his bassinet bed that was beside my bed.

Anna laid on the bed as she drifted to sleep. I sat back on the bed and faced Salvador that was smiling happily.

"Thank you, my love, for making me the happiest man alive. You've given me more than I could ever imagine Alicia, just remember I'll do anything for you my sweet." He stated as his eye's held nothing but love towards me.

"I love you Salvador, love you so much, " I confessed as I leaned in for a kiss that he met halfway.

The end...

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