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   Chapter 24 Marry me..

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Updated: 2018-01-26 16:09

"I love you, marry me! Please."


"Where are you taking me Salvador", Alicia asked in?an annoyed?tone. I had planned this day for over three weeks now, I just hope it goes according to plan.

"Almost there my sweet", I replied as I?led?her down the path. I hope you like it, my love.

"Salvador, seriously. I don't like being blindfolded, the last time you did that was in bed and...ugh never mind, I love being blindfolded." Alicia said which caused me to chuckle.

"We can do that later baby", I whispered lowly in her ear which caused her to shiver.

Pulling off her blindfold, I inhaled deeply. Her gasp indicated that she may like the surprise, "Salvador, I..oh my, what's all this?" She questioned in awe.

I took a look around the small hidden garden that was a mile down from the Romano's mansion, I decorated with lights all around and put up a tent to spend the night here. It was already ten in the evening, we just had dinner and kept Anna with mom to take care for the night. This night?was meant?to be?remembered for many years to come, I wanted her to say yes in a heartbeat.

"Oh my Salvador, it's so beautiful." She stated as she walked into the tent.

"Shit is going down huh?" She questioned as she laid on the bed.

I was getting nervous, she leaned on both her hands while crossing her legs. She moved the right hand towards me, "Well, I don't all day. Get down on your knee and ask me Salvador." She stated as a smile grew on her lips.

I smirked happily, "Thank you, lord, I thought I had to convince you to say yes but I still want to say the speech that I?prepared?for you." I replied as I got on one knee.

She pulled herself up as I took her right hand in my hand. She placed the left hand upon my cheek, "I don't know where to sta


This man was a sweetheart, kind and gentle in every way. "Yes, he or she is giving me a hard time. Always wants to eat, I'll become a hippo by the end of this pregnancy." I stated as tears fell.

Salvador caught me crying and rushed out. He was by my side in no time, "What's wrong my sweet, why are you crying?" He asked confusingly.

Christian laughed loudly while shaking his head, "it's normal my son, don't worry." He said as Salvador wiped my tears away.

Xavier walked out with a sad look in his eye's as he stared at my big round belly. The baby kicked hard causing me to moan in pain, "He's a wild one I tell you." I said I tried to get up with Salvador's help.

"Santos and Emily will come later this evening along with?Frederic?and Zena and?Aroldo?and Emma. I just have to call Pedro and Joseph to see if they can make it." Salvador said which caused me to chuckle.

Just thinking about them brought so many memories. "Hope the house is big enough for them to stay in, " I said while Sophia walked in.

"They can stay in the Romano's mansion if there's no space here.

We were getting everything ready for the big day. Just couldn't wait to see them once again.

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